Samsung, Monster, Beats, HP, Xelio, Microsoft - Tablets, Consoles, Cell Phones, Mixed Electronics - 1419 Units - Latest Models - Untested Customer Returns - Retail $120,817.00

6 Pallets, 1419 Units of untested customer returns from a large online DOTCOM retailer. The functionality on these loads typically exceeds 85% on plug and play. An even higher percentage recovery for the customer that can perform basic repairs. Majority of items are contained in their original retail box.

Listed On: Jan 21st, 19:46


MSRP: $120,817.00

Lot ID 11017

Lot Description

  • Inventory in UNTESTED condition is inventory that has been sold to an end user and returned through a retails storefront, manufacturer, website and/or distribution center.
  • No testing or repairs have been attempted on the listed products.
  • The packaging may be in various states including: New, opened, distressed and/or missing.
  • There may be units that lack essential components, accessories and documentation.
  • Typically UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURN inventory has a 75% plug and play success rate.  That means that most likely 75% of the product will be in working order.  This is not a guarantee that 75% of the product functions it is simply an estimate based on our experience with this type of inventory.
  • Warranties not valid on any UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURNS inventory.
  • All UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURNS are sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed.  
  • Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary to a maximum of 2%.
  • The actual boxes/pallets may be adjusted or combined to save space and cost on shipping.
  • The weights listed are an estimate and may be adjusted.
  • You must adhere to all data privacy terms as outlined in section 9.1 & 9.8 of the Terms of Service and User Agreement
  • You must adhere to all waste electronics recycling terms as outlined in section 9.9 of the Terms of Service and User Agreement
Manufacturer Model UPC Condition Retail Price
14' CAT5e Networking Cable ELECTRONICS 80095317865 Untested Customer Returns $ 1.97
.com 4-Port USB 2.0 Travel Hub Assorted Colors Color Red ELECTRONICS 68113104126 Untested Customer Returns $ 3.47
NCAA Football 08 PS2 ELECTRONICS 1463315401 Untested Customer Returns $ 4.51
Hot Shots GolfOpen Tee 2 PSP ELECTRONICS 71171986932 Untested Customer Returns $ 4.67
LocoRoco 2 PSP ELECTRONICS 71171987312 Untested Customer Returns $ 4.96
Parappa The Rapper PSP ELECTRONICS 71171987022 Untested Customer Returns $ 4.96
Dinastia Quintanilla Beto Y Chuy Quintanilla ELECTRONICS 75020120172 Untested Customer Returns $ 5.00
Alfred Hitchcock Classics ELECTRONICS 9600970209 Untested Customer Returns $ 5.84
Coneheads Widescreen ELECTRONICS 88392930358 Untested Customer Returns $ 5.86
Hot Shots Tennis PSP ELECTRONICS 71171987012 Untested Customer Returns $ 5.94
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Gel Skin Green ELECTRONICS 70843133301 Untested Customer Returns $ 5.99

Shipping & Other Information

Grade: Untested Customer Returns
Type: Pallet
Unit Count: 1419
Number of Boxes: N/A
Box Dimension: N/A
Box Weight: N/A
Number of Pallets: 6
Pallet Dimensions: 48"x40"x60"
Pallet Weight: 3,000 LBS
Location: Waco, TX
Restrictions: None
Shipping Terms: Buyer arranges shipping
Packaging: See Description
Accessories: See Description
Picture Title Condition QTY Type MSRP Location Listed On  
Laptop Computers - Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Gateway, Samsung and More! - Assorted Models! Refurbished GRADE-C 404 Pallet $182,004.00 Kentucky September 30  MAKE AN OFFER
Computer Monitors - Dell, AOC, Acer, HP, Samsung, Gateway and More! - Assorted Models Untested Customer Returns 181 Pallet $27,469.70 Kentucky September 30  MAKE AN OFFER
Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 32GB, Wi-Fi, 8" - Black - UPC 884116137399 Refurbished GRADE-A&B 543 Pallet $148,822.00 Kentucky September 30  MAKE AN OFFER
Apple iPods & iPads - Latest Assorted Models! Refurbished GRADE-A 50 Box $11,329.50 New Jersey September 29  MAKE AN OFFER
Assorted Laptops Compaq F557WM, HP G61-429WM, DV6-6119WM and more - Assorted Models Refurbished GRADE-B 7 Pallet $3,589.00 Arkansas September 26  MAKE AN OFFER
Assorted Laptops Acer E1-572-6829, Compaq CQ58-BF9WM, HP 2000-BF69WM, and more. Refurbished GRADE-A&B 7 Pallet $3,576.00 Arkansas September 26  MAKE AN OFFER
LG VN250 Cosmos Pre-Paid (Verizon) Cellular Phone UPC - 652810814843. Brand New 70 Box $5,241.60 Arkansas September 26  MAKE AN OFFER
HP Laptops 15-n019wm, 2000-2D19WM, and more - Assorted Models Refurbished GRADE-A&B 10 Pallet $3,730.00 Arkansas September 26  MAKE AN OFFER
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