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JBL JBLENDURDIVERED Endurance DIVE Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Red – Certified Refurbished

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90-Day Warranty

Items receive a rigorous multi-point functional and cosmetic inspection to ensure they work flawlessly. These products are certified and rigorously tested to mint condition which are compliant with the highest data-wiping standards & updated with the newest software. Battery health and charging capabilities are verified & original accessories are included. Products are also carefully cleaned and sanitized.

Certified Refurbished (may include grade B product).

JBL – JBLENDURDIVERED – 050036354875

In-Ear, Waterproof, Bluetooth/MP3 Sport Headphone with Play/Pause/Volume Touch Control and auto switch on/off

Thanks to the on-board 1GB memory, you can easily store and access more than 200 music tracks directly from your headphones.

Secure fit ear hook design, which automatically turns the power on/off when putting on or taking off the earphones

Shipping and Other Information

  • Condition GRADE A
  • Brand JBL