Where to Buy Pallets of Refurbished Televisions Wholesale Online

Buying merchandise at rock bottom prices without compromising on quality is what every customer is looking for. However, when you factor in wholesalers’, retailers’ and everyone else’s mark-up, this isn’t really possible, especially when it comes to modern technology like televisions.

Screen tech is changing rapidly. LCDs, OLED screens, UHD models, acronyms galore: all these usually translate into high prices. According to the U.S. Consumer Technology Association, television sales enjoyed two years of record revenue and unit sales growth. The report notes that $K UHD units were at the forefront of the sales growth last year with an estimated 17 million units sold (7 percent increase). The OLED units are expected to show annual sales growth to be in the double digits through to 2023.

But what if you are in the resale game, and would like to cater to a market that consists of buyers looking to save some cash on TV purchase? Here is an idea: look into the refurbished televisions market. 


If you find the right supplier and get the price right, you are giving yourself the best chance to make a profit while making a significant number of customers happy. A happy customer is a returning customer and the best free advertisement that will help you expand your customer base.

In this article, we will look into the refurbished televisions market, what it is, and where to buy refurbished televisions without breaking the bank or compromising quality.

  • Like many products, televisions get returned for a number of reasons. Many are refurbished and readied for resale.
  • Buying pallets of refurbished televisions will bring the purchase cost per unit down.
  • Properly refurbished units are as new and are appealing to the market. 
  • Finding the right source is essential. Choosing the right supplier is more than half a job done.
  • Be responsive to your customer base: word of mouth is still the best free advertising.

What are Refurbished Televisions?

When you are looking at refurbished products, in this case, televisions, this means that the units have been thoroughly tested. Considering 70% of all returns are not due to items being damaged, often no other work is needed.

Sometimes TVs are returned with problems though. The issues can range from dead pixels to blemishes or even a broken panel. The issues may have occurred during transportation to the customer that then shipped the unit back to the retailer.

During the refurbishment process, any repairs that are necessary to fix functionality are performed, and the TV is then re-tested. Only televisions that are now fully working without issue are then sold as ‘refurbished’. I want to clarify that most refurbished televisions are without issue, and have simply been tested to ensure functionality.

The reasons for any potential damage can vary widely and these are not really the focus here. The thing you should be focusing on is who is selling the refurbished units and who did the refurbishing. Refurbishment is a process that involves testing the unit, replacing damaged or failed parts, bringing it to ‘as new’ condition, and packaging it back for sale.

Now retailers are seeing increased sales during the Coronavirus outbreak as restrictions are put into place and people are ordered to stay home in order to curb the spread of the virus. This led to an increase in online purchases, which also resulted in a higher number of returns. In short, some 30 percent of all products ordered online get returned to the seller.

With the throughput volumes, top retailers like Walmart, Target or Amazon have, this represents a significant number of items returned. 2019 figures for the 4K UHD televisions were forecast to hit over 100 million units in 2019. Only a year before some 60 percent of all televisions sold in the U.S. featured UHD technology, with global sales growing over 50 percent. 

These are large figures and a portion of these items gets returned. While retailers can refurbish these items, they often rather opt to pass the hassle to a third-party that can handle such volumes and the job at hand. They do it because it is a logistical hassle, with returned items taking up space which can be used for brand new merchandise.

Therefore, products returned to retailers are sorted and packed up into pallets and readied for liquidation. 

Where to Buy Liquidated Refurbished Televisions?

Some people hear the word ‘liquidation’, and immediately assume the merchandise is scrap. However, in the case of refurbished products they would be very wrong. Liquidators like Direct Liquidation have the capacity to take the merchandise liquidated by major retailers, often in truckloads. They have the capacity to handle the merchandise, review it, repair where necessary and repackage for resale. 

And to be honest, the way the market for OLEDs, QLEDs, thin, curved units and even 8K units is developing, refurbished and liquidated products are the only way many consumers mortals can get their hands on such expensive products.

Here are a few pointers on how to find the right supplier for your refurbished items. Work with companies that have a history in the business, have built a name for themselves in this industry and have a large following of satisfied customers. Browsing online reviews written by actual customers will give you an idea of which liquidator has the best track record.

Direct Liquidation will provide you with quality service, a large selection of refurbished products, a comprehensive distribution center network, and payment options.

But why would you buy liquidated refurbished items? Because this is the way you can buy pallets or even truckloads of merchandise at prices below MSRP. As noted, buying in bulk drops the cost per unit down. This provides you with a chance to stay competitive in a market while potentially securing a healthy profit margin.

At Direct Liquidation, we make sure the units on offer are refurbished properly. Each TV is power-on tested, with repairs done where needed. No dead pixels can be found on the units we refurbish. All units are packaged in original boxes or in plain-generic new boxes in case the original one is damaged or missing. Additionally, you will find that the majority of refurbished units will come with the full list of accessories. 

After refurbishing you will not find any dead pixels on any of the units and the grading that you see concerns the shell and more the cosmetic side of the unit than the actual functionality. All units are brought back to their ‘as new’ condition by our refurbishing department.

The purchasing process is easy. You can register onto our site and browse all the lots. You can either bid on them or use the buy now option if the price is right for you. Once you make the purchase, you have the option of arranging the delivery yourself or you can enlist our help as we are often able to provide you with unbeatable quotes for delivery.

How About the Quality?

As noted above, finding the right supplier is half a job. This is because the right supplier will provide you with quality service, refurbishing and products. Of course, no one wants to brag about buying a new 4K unit for less than half its retail value only for it to stop working a few days after the purchase.

Direct Liquidation sells refurbished merchandise with a 90-day warranty. For additional security, you can review the manifest that is provided with each pallet of merchandise. This is essentially a packing list showing you the type of merchandise, the quantity within a pallet and condition of each unit. This is where the mentioned grading can be found, and it concerns the external appearance of the products, not their functionality.

Also, Direct Liquidation works with major retailers who have a reputation to uphold. This means that they are motivated to ensure that their products are up to their high standards of quality. Still, it is worth noting that, when purchasing refurbished televisions, aim to secure respected brand names because these will have the highest quality of products to start with.

Cost Saving Potential of Buying Refurbished TVs

While liquidated merchandise is sold below wholesale prices, there are ways you can save even more when buying from liquidators. 

One way of cutting your costs is to look through the list of distribution centers and buy from the center that is closest to you. While the COVID-19 effects have limited the movement of people, we have also taken precautions and limited access to our facilities. This means that you are not able to pick the merchandise up yourself, but you can have the merchandise delivered from the nearest distribution centre, cutting down delivery costs.

You can additionally save some cash if you are buying merchandise strictly for resale. If you’re buying merchandise for the purposes of resale, you should be able to get a resale certificate that exempts you from paying tax on the purchase which additionally lowers the purchase costs. Enquire at your local tax office.

Look After Your Customers

Now that you have made a purchase and the units are delivered to you, make sure you review each unit and inspect them thoroughly. See that all the connections and ports work, all the cables are there and that the unit functions properly. Check if there are any major cracks on the casing and make sure you document everything.

Provide a thorough description of the item when reselling and make sure to snap a few good photos to use for the listing.

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