Buying Amazon Overstock Online

Buying Amazon overstock from a major retailer via a top-tier liquidator is a great way for resellers to get their hands on brand-new products for a significantly lower price. One of the major suppliers of overstock is Amazon, who sell their unwanted overstock to online liquidation marketplaces such as the one operated by Direct Liquidation.

Why Buy Amazon Overstock Online?

  • Overstock is usually brand new merchandise in its original packaging.
  • Though the price may be slightly higher than other liquidated goods, the condition of the products makes them highly desirable to customers.
  • Buying from Amazon offers a high level of quality thanks to a proliferation of brand name products.
  • Buying Amazon overstock online cuts down on your stocking costs.

Amazon is a name you can trust.

The Seattle-based company is more than an e-commerce juggernaut with its business spreading into cloud computing, digital streaming services as well as artificial intelligence. The company is now the largest retailer in the United States and is a globally renowned name. 

However, with the changing nature of the market and products going in and out of fashion at lightning speed, Amazon is bound to have large amounts of overstock merchandise that do not sell before new trends hit the market. 

Getting your hands on this merchandise could significantly help you stock up your business, especially if you can buy in bulk, by the pallet or truckload at a fraction of the retail value. How? By simply buying Amazon overstock merchandise through a major liquidation platform like Direct Liquidation. 

Amazon – One Of The World’s Retail Giants

It’s hard now to imagine a world before e-commerce and giants of the industry such as eBay and Amazon. Started as a humble online bookstore back in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is today one of the world’s most successful retailers, with its share of the entire US retail market rising to a staggering 41% of all purchases made in the country by 2018.

The company’s share of the retail market is vast and keeps growing year-on-year. By expanding from being a bookseller to selling pretty much anything you can imagine, Amazon has taken a big slice of total yearly US retail sales. Far and away the company’s most successful share of the US retail market is consumer electronics. As well as brand name products from companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung, Amazon has its own tech and accessories lines such as the Alexa-powered Echo and Dot, the Kindle and Kindle Fire and its Basics range. This has allowed the company to achieve consumer electronics sales of over $65 billion a year.

With its share of the clothing and accessories market topping nearly $40 billion and its share of the health and beauty market racking up sales of $16 billion, Amazon can rightly be called one of the giants of the retail world.

What Is Amazon Overstock?

Not even a massively successful company gets everything right. Like all other retailers, Amazon over-orders some products – in particular electronics. With the lightning pace of development of new tech, guessing how many products to order in relation to how many a retailer is going to sell is an inexact science, especially when it comes to tech which is superseded by new models seemingly every six months.

As a result of this over-ordering on both tech and other product lines such as fashion and health and beauty products, Amazon regularly finds itself in possession of overstock it needs to sell to make way for newer products. It’s part and parcel of the regular big-name retailer cycle.

In essence, overstock is still brand new merchandise that has to be taken off the shelves or out of the warehouse and sold quickly. Over recent years, this merchandise has become more and more attractive to those who make a living out of buying and reselling merchandise online. 

The Advantages Of Buying Amazon Overstock

Even with its vast warehouse capacity and distribution centers, Amazon’s overstock would very quickly take up space that should be housing newer stock were a solution to its disposal not found quickly. 

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In order to sell on this merchandise as quickly as possible, Amazon, like many major retailers, enlists the services of liquidation companies or liquidation platforms. They do this because running an integrated liquidation business would require additional warehouse space for overstock merchandise at least for a period of time before it gets shipped to buyers, in addition to extra manpower. This is why letting liquidation companies handle part of this side of the business is a more viable and cost-effective option.

Top-tier liquidators operate liquidation websites through which companies such as Amazon, Target and Walmart can sell their unwanted surplus stock – be that overstock, closeouts or customer returns – direct to resellers.

There are several advantages to buying Amazon overstock direct from the company via an online liquidation marketplace. For example, because this is stock that Amazon wishes to liquidate quickly so it doesn’t take up valuable warehouse space, the company is prepared to sell it to resellers at a price that is considerably lower than resellers will find elsewhere.

Many resellers – in particular, those dealing with the buying and selling of consumer electronics – are wary of buying second hand, plain packaged or refurbished products because their customers often want new or nearly new products in their original packaging. The advantage of buying overstock from Amazon is that, in the vast majority of cases, the products will be brand new and in their original, unopened packaging.

The condition of most overstock products means they are more desirable to customers looking for top-quality merchandise, but who don’t want to pay top dollar for it. This offsets the higher wholesale price of Amazon overstock, because customers aren’t put off paying slightly more for your products because they know they’re buying new.

Another advantage of buying Amazon overstock from a top-tier liquidator is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re buying directly from one of the most trusted retailers on the planet. In this day and age when manifests are easily manipulated, pallets of goods are cherry-picked and counterfeit goods are palmed off as the real thing by unscrupulous suppliers, buying direct from Amazon via an online liquidation marketplace guarantees excellent quality, authentic brand name and Amazon’s own-brand products at a price resellers simply won’t find elsewhere.

Another advantage is the network of warehouses operated by Direct Liquidation. For resellers, cutting down on purchase costs is of major importance. Buying merchandise and being able to either pay less for delivery or picking it up from the warehouse yourself frees up profit margin that can be used on resale to establish a favorable position over the competition or simply bring in more profit. 

Buying Amazon Overstock Online

The best place to source Amazon overstock at the best possible price is Direct Liquidation. Direct Liquidation is a Better Business Bureau-accredited online liquidation specialist with over ten years’ experience in the industry. Direct Liquidation handles Amazon’s stock in large volumes, quickly and effieciently, so we can offer pallets and truckloads to resellers for best prices.

If you wish to buy Amazon overstock via Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Once you do, you can head over to the Amazon dedicated vendor page to see what boxloads, pallets and truckloads of Amazon overstock are currently available to buy.

You can buy Amazon overstock via live auction or for a fixed price. Auctions are easy to enter. If you’re the successful bidder, all that’s left to do is pay and arrange shipping.

If you would rather pay for a fixed price, look for a ‘Buy it Now’ button on each lot. If it’s there, you can bypass the auction and pay straight away. You’ll still pay way below MSRP value, but this means you can get Amazon overstock quickly without having to wait or compete with other bidders. And you can always approach the sales team, and let them know what you need. They have access to merchandise not currently listed on the site, and can prepare custom manifests to send over to you.

However you choose to buy Amazon overstock on Direct Liquidation’s online marketplace, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re buying the best-quality products for the lowest possible price from one of the biggest and most successful e-commerce retailers on the planet.

Furthermore, the quantity of merchandise you buy is not limited to pallets. If you wish to buy truckloads of Amazon overstock merchandise through Direct Liquidation, it is a simple task of setting the search parameters to only show merchandise being liquidated by the truckload. That is a sure way for a retailer to get larger amounts of merchandise out of their warehouse and for a reseller to stock up their business quickly. Or again, you could message me or any other member of the sales team, and we can sort out custom truckloads, just for you – no bidding required. 

You are again only left with the shipping to be arranged. You are free to arrange your own delivery option or you can have Direct Liquidation handle the logistics and delivery. Direct Liquidation has deals with major delivery companies and each listing gives you access to a delivery cost estimator that will give you a quote based on distance between the warehouse location where the merchandise is stored and your Zip Code.

In case you would like to handle the delivery yourself, you may take advantage of Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers, which are conveniently located near major highways in Blacksburg, South Carolina, Bentonville, Arkansas, Greenfield, Indiana, Frankfort, Kentucky, and Rogers, Arkansas. Finding the one closest to you will let you cut down on the overall delivery costs and the time it takes for the merchandise to get to your location. 

So if you are looking to buy Amazon overstock online, Direct Liquidation is the perfect source that can help you stock up your business with the right merchandise at significantly lower prices. 

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