Buying and Saving with Wholesale Apple Products

Last Updated: March 7th, 2020

Becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) and selling iPads and other iOS devices to your customers will prove to be a very lucrative business. As an authorized reseller, you will be able to establish your own return and refund policies. Besides, there’s always the freedom of running your very own successful business.

Once you start to sell these wholesale products to your customers, you will notice a sudden and positive change in your sales. If these reasons still don’t tempt you to become an Apple wholesale products reseller, the following section may change your mind.

Why You Should Invest in Apple Wholesale Products

With so many products available to sell, new and seasoned liquidators alike may question why they need to invest in this particular line. To give you a taste of what Apple devices have to offer, take a look at the following facts.

Apple is popular among students and teenagers because its laptops and desktops have the ‘cool factor’ that other popular brands lack. In fact, more users are turning towards iOS because they feel that Apple’s operating system is a lot better and sleeker as compared to others.

Apple’s retail stores are the best performing stores in the US and generate more than 4.032 USD per square foot in a year. Therefore, buying Apple products and selling them won’t just benefit you through the sales percentage, but it will also give your company the growth space that it needs to be heard in this huge market.

Because the giant company is targeting upper-level consumers, these people are more than ready to spend extra cash to get the best design and high-quality product. Therefore, when you offer your regular customers the chance to buy wholesale iPads and iOS products, you are telling them that you have now moved on to more serious merchandise, which boosts the value of your company in their eyes.

Selling these products on eBay or your eCommerce website for promotions or prizes will help you get a large number of people into your store. In fact, there are already hundreds of smart resellers who buy these products either brand new or refurbished and sell them at a discounted price to attract customers.

Even if you are selling Apple wholesale products at 80% price of retail, you still get the chance to take advantage of 10% profit and offer 10% discount to your end customers. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for you, as well as the people buying the product from you.

Reselling brand new, refurbished or even used Apple products is recommended because you’ll never run out of merchandise to sell. No matter what kind of products you decide to sell to your customers, you can always be sure that you’ll find someone who is willing to sell this Apple merchandise to you. However, you need to be extra careful when buying used or refurbished equipment. Always check and recheck it so you can be sure of the quality provided.

What You Need to Become an Apple Authorized Reseller

One of the worst but common mistakes that new Apple wholesale products sellers make is to buy the merchandise from people who are neither authorized or licensed as Apple wholesale stores. As a result, these people often end up losing thousands of dollars on scams. If you don’t want to be one of these people and want to sell authentic products on eBay and other such websites, here are a few requirements you should gather before you can start selling.

Apple is very picky about the people who they allow to re-sell their products, which is why a lot of interested people don’t make the cut. However, if you want to be eligible, the first thing that you must do is to not just have an eBay store but a brick and mortar company as well. This is one of the requirements of Apple and must be fulfilled if you want to have even a small chance of making it as a reseller.

The only way you’ll be able to operate as an Apple products reseller is if you have a business license along with a general liability insurance certificate. These licenses and certificates ensure Apple that you are legitimate and serious about your business, which increases your chance of getting noticed. Along with a liability insurance certificate, you’ll also need a tax exemption certificate if your entity is exempt from state or provincial sales tax.

Finally, for you to be an iPad or iOS product reseller, Apple requires that you have an annual turnover of $100,000 at the very least. However, if you think that you don’t make this amount right now, you can simply start buying refurbished Apple products wholesale from other trusted sellers and you’ll be able to become an authorized reseller in no time.

Useful Tips for Selling Apple Products

Now that you have finally decided to sell Apple merchandise, you must learn some important tips to ensure that your products are getting the marketing exposure that they require. Here are some useful tips which will help you in setting up.

The first tip that expert Apple wholesale resellers give to newcomers is to sell only one kind of product in a particular lot. People who buy these wholesale products often prefer lots that have the same product as compared to a mixed wholesale lot of iPads, iPhones, iPods and other iOS merchandise. Therefore, even if you are investing in a mixture, make sure that you present lots of the same product because these will have a higher chance of selling.

Whether for business or other purposes, a new emerging trend is customers’ ‘preference for buying smaller lots as opposed to bigger quantities. So if you have two lots where one has 20 iPads and the other has 50 iPhones, you’ll notice that people prefer to buy the 20 iPads wholesale lot. Selling these smaller lots will also be beneficial for you because you’ll be able to make more profit.

When promoting these wholesale products, you must make sure that you are marketing the features as well as the benefits of using the product. Remember: you aren’t the original company selling the product so you’ll need to get at least some edge over brand new iPads and iPhones.

A lot of consumers buy products only when they know what they can do for them, so point out what makes the Apple product different, how it increases productivity and the different ways in which it enhances the overall quality of life.

Because you are a reseller, you can add some additional information about your Apple product so that it is easier for the customer to use it. Don’t make the mistake of making the customer guess; instead, include unpacking and using instructions that will help them use the product in a more effective way.

To sell your merchandise in a better way, you should also look at your competitors and learn from the techniques that they are using. For example, you will find that among the thousands of people investing in and selling these products, some focus on the packaging of their wholesale merchandise while others spend time writing detailed and unique descriptions that help their buyers understand what they are purchasing.

The internet and social media are your best friends no matter which business you are investing in. So even if you have a small scale business, make sure that you market your wholesale merchandise and products online and you’ll begin to notice an almost instant increase in sales.

Before you start selling wholesale products on a full scale, you can test your marketing strategies just to make sure that everything is working. Start out by selling small and only decide to go for bigger orders when you are sure that the plan you made is going in the right direction.

Finally, even if you think that you have done your required research and know everything there is about wholesale marketing, you should still make it a point to learn from the pros of the industry. There are a lot of seasoned general and specific wholesalers out there who will be more than happy to share their experience with you.

So get in touch with these people online via blogs and forums and start asking them questions that’ll help you. If you don’t have any direct questions or don’t know how the matter should be approached, you can also just explain the situation to them and they’ll offer some advice and tips.

Alternatives to Becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller

If you think that you won’t be able to make it as an Apple Authorized Reseller because you still have a small scale business, there is another option that you can consider: buying refurbished, used or remanufactured Apple products from trustworthy suppliers. However, there is always a chance that you will be scammed by a dishonest seller. Luckily, you don’t need to become a victim; here are a few tips that you should follow when buying from an Apple merchandise’s seller.

When deciding on a reseller, make sure that you make it a point to research and find as much about them as possible. Don’t jump into a deal and start buying used iPads in bulk from the first iPad or iOS provider that you encounter because you’ll regret it later. Instead, ask around in the business circles that you move in and get some references as well as the contact numbers of the professional suppliers available in the industry.

Always make sure that the supplier you are thinking about is ready to get paid by credit card or PayPal. Don’t fall for the tricks of someone who tells you that they want you to present a cashier’s check because they want to provide you with the best product. This payment mode is not as safe as digital methods.

With credit cards and PayPal, you can always inform your bank or credit card provider and ask them to do a chargeback the cost if the merchandise you were supposed to get doesn’t get shipped to you.

Before you confirm a deal with any Apple products seller or any US Apple wholesale distributor, you must make sure that you know the kind of products that you require. An easy way to do this is to analyze the type of people or audience that you cater to and find out exactly what they are looking for.

For example, if you have a following of young and teenage customers, you may want to look into a supplier from whom you can buy Apple iPhones and iPods in bulk because these are the most popular items amongst that generation.

One rule that you should always follow when trading with a dealer for the first couple of times is to make a small order. Even if a reseller guarantees great products, try ordering samples from the provider before you go forward and make a large order of more than $500-$600k. Once you are sure that the samples and smaller orders are of quality, you can be sure that the dealer is legitimate and begin working with them on a larger scale.

There are many alternatives to becoming an authorized reseller, but like every other aspect of business, you have to tread carefully and not do things in a hurry because these will often lead to dire consequences.

The Final Word on Wholesale Apple Products

Buying and selling iPad, iOS and other Apple products can be greatly beneficial for your sales, customer satisfaction levels as well as the future of your business. However, in order for you to be successful in this venture, there are few tips that you should follow and things you must consider.

Remember that even if you aren’t able to become a licensed Apple Authorized Reseller, you can always buy and sell refurbished products. Even though you may not realize this in the beginning, these products are able to bring their liquidation sellers a huge amount of profit.

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