Buying Refurbished iPhones in Wholesale Lots for Resale

iPhones have the highest resale value of any smartphones. So buying refurbished iPhones in wholesale lots for resale could be a great business option.

Certain markets require you to work hard to achieve goals and make a profit. Some require you to put more effort into advertisement while others lose value very quickly. The development pace in the gadget world is a major contributor to the fact that items like smartphones can lose their value quickly. Reselling older models does not seem to be lucrative as companies make sure that they cater to every potential customer in terms of pricing range. There is something for everyone’s pocket.

But there is one company that offers a certain something, a social status emblem but also great performance, and above as research shows, iPhones have the highest resale value. So make a perfect product line to focus on to make money on resale.

Liquidation platforms such as Direct Liquidation could be your ideal source for such products, but there are certain things you have to pay attention to.

Why Buy Refurbished iPhones for Resale?

  • Apple as a brand name means quality to many people. Apple products are always of high quality and represent a sort of a social statement as well.
  • No other smartphone holds their value as well as the iPhone.
  • The market for refurbished electronics has been growing steadily.
  • Apple smartphones are refurbished by Direct Liquidation’s expert refurbishment teams and come with a 90-day warranty.
  • Buying wholesale lots lowers purchase costs, and wholesale lots of refurbished iPhones are available.
  • The ability to work with a reliable source. Make sure you work with a reputable company like Direct Liquidation. 

Apple Means Quality

When it comes to memorable and easily recognizable brand names or logos, Apple is certainly at the top. If you don’t have an iPhone, you probably want one. And if you are a part of the Apple ecosystem, you probably have multiple other products. It is not just that the products are interconnected and work together perfectly, but also all these products are of the highest quality. In terms of development, Apple is at the forefront of the game.

The company has built its name and reputation around products that are simply better than anything else on the market. The company clearly set out a goal to design and build better products than the competition. If this is not possible, the company won’t do it.

And there is one other thing. Apple knows their marketing. Everything is made to a high standard, from the products to the accessories and even the packaging. Customer service is top-notch and the stores are all developed in such a way that you feel detached from the world and immersed in the Apple universe as soon as you enter the door. The hype it can create when it launches a new iPhone is best illustrated by the fact that people start camping in front of Apple stores days ahead of the launch, just so they can be the first ones to show off their new gadget. There are few companies and brands capable of having this effect on consumers.

iPhones Head the Value Retention Game

Due to the quality of the product in the first place, iPhones keep their value better than any other smartphone on the market, despite new models entering the market in regular one-year intervals, around September. While every new lineup has various spec options, each model is of such high quality that even models from two years ago are more than capable of performing better than many brand new smartphones. This is the reason iPhones hold their value so well.

The brand appeal plays its part as well. Those who can’t afford brand new models are looking to buy older models at discounted prices. The majority of models can be updated to the latest operating system without loss of performance.

For someone looking to buy wholesale lots of iPhones for resale, this is good news because Apple products have an eager customer/fan base that is either looking for a bargain or an upgrade from their previous model. 

What Are Refurbished Products

You have probably already heard of refurbished products. These are pre-owned products that have been inspected and brought back to ‘as new’ condition.

Products that get returned for various reasons may go through a review and repair process, known as refurbishment. These products come out of the process ‘as new’ and undergo tests that verify their functionality. Many manufacturers and even liquidators will slap on a new warranty on these products. 

However, buyers might have had bad experiences with this kind of merchandise if they have dealt with unreliable sellers on eBay or elsewhere. But if you do your research properly and buy merchandise refurbished either by the manufacturer or a top-tier liquidator, you should have no issues with the merchandise, which often comes with a warranty. 

Direct Liquidation’s ‘Certified Refurbished’ Ensures Quality

Direct Liquidation puts the pre-used products through a rigorous refurbishment process, and the company notes that the refurbished units are up to the fuctionality standard of brand new units.

Our Refurbishment Process

When dealing with brand names like Apple, making sure products are up to the standard is of utmost importance for Direct Liquidation.  You are able to buy Apple Refurbished iPhones in wholesale lots from Direct Liquidation to resell.

Buying Wholesale Lots Lowers the Purchase Costs

Buying in bulk has always been the go-to strategy when it comes to keeping purchase costs low. With the option of buying wholesale lots through a liquidation platform like Direct Liquidation, this has become even easier to achieve.

Liquidated merchandise comes at prices below retail. It is also possible to buy by the pallet or even a truckload, depending on availability.

But it is not just buying iPhones in bulk that will keep your purchase costs down. Direct Liquidation has a network of distribution centers that are conveniently placed near major routes, which makes shipping and delivery easier. You can check which of the distribution centers is closest to you, order from there to keep the costs down. And if our distribution center is close enough, you can pick up the lot yourself.

Buying in Bulk Limits Stock Shortage

Buying in wholesale lots also means you will be stocked up for a certain period of time and don’t have to worry about shortages. Electronics, and iPhones in particular, are not seasonal products. However, you can expect a steady cycle of new models to appear each year. This means there is always refurbished merchandise on offer as people either trade in their old models or simply return them for whatever reason.

Besides our distribution center network, Direct Liquidation offers a number of payment options and also have dedicated sales managers who can help you in your search for the products you need. Make use of the live chat feature on the site if you need any help with an order or to buying process.

Additionally, Direct Liquidation works with certain shipping companies, which we have longstanding relationships with, and can give you a quote for the delivery of your products. This may often be lower than what you would be able to find individually. You will find a shipping calculator on each listing, just enter your zip code for an estimate.

Work With a Reliable Source

Buying something from a company, just because it has the Apple logo could be a recipe for disaster. With the emergence of e-commerce and companies taking to the internet to sell their merchandise, a number of opportunities opened up for people who are looking to scam buyers out of their money.

This is why it is of utmost importance that you do research on any source you are looking to buy from. The basic rule of thumb is that if a company has been around for a while, they must be doing something right. Besides that, the internet is a great place to search for customer reviews.

Working with a company like Direct Liquidation that has Apple refurbished products on offer means you are not only getting what you paid for, but you are getting it for a lot less than retail or even typical wholesale. Research has shown that the market for refurbished electronics has been growing steadily, and is expected to continue to do so, as consumers are looking for cheaper ways to get hold of top branded electronics. This represents an smaller but quickly growing market for these types of products. So if you are looking to start a business reselling refurbished iPhones, or you are looking to stock up your existing business, then you’re in the right place.

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