Why You Need to Buy Pallets of Customer Returns for Your Flea Market Stall

There was a time when the best way for a flea marketer to source cheap wholesale merchandise for their stall was to buy pallets of goods from a wholesale supplier. However, as the price retailers charge has veered ever closer towards wholesale price, the chances of turning a profit on goods bought this way have dwindled considerably. So, what are your options if you want to continue making money from your flea market business? Well, many flea marketers are turning more and more to online liquidators, purchasing pallets of untested customer returns. Should you do the same? Let’s take a look at the advantages.

What Are Customer Returns?

In a nutshell, customer returns are goods that have been returned to both online and bricks and mortar retailers for a variety of reasons. The goods may simply be unwanted, or they may have developed a fault or been an unwanted gift. Whatever the reason a customer returns a product, the result is the same – the retailer is left with an item they cannot sell as new. So, what do retailers do with the millions of items that are returned to online marketplaces such as Amazon and high street stores every year?

Well, there’s always the option of offering these items at a discount. However, in the case of stores, that means devoting an awful lot of store space to discounted items that could be taken up with brand new products. A retailer such as Walmart, for example, is not a wholesale discounter, so it will look to pass the goods on to a partner company, such as a reputable online liquidation business like Direct Liquidation, a goTRG company.

Why Customer Returns Benefit Your Flea Market Business

As we’ve already pointed out, buying wholesale the old-fashioned way has become less and less reliable as retail prices in many products are already very low, due to competition. One way of dealing with this is to buy lower quality wholesale products. However, this can hit your bottom line as your customers may notice the drop in quality and stop buying goods from you.

There is a way to avoid this scenario: by buying customer return pallets from a reputable online liquidator. An increasing number of flea marketers have discovered the advantages of sourcing stock this way, and it’s not hard to see why when we look at the considerable savings that can be made.

So how does it work? Well, by dealing directly with platforms such as Direct Liquidation, a company like Walmart can sell its customer returns straight to you, the reseller. This cuts out the wholesaler and dramatically reduces the price. The reseller can buy high-quality merchandise at a fraction of its MSRP value.

This means one thing: by cutting out the wholesaler, a company like Walmart – which has its own storefront on Direct Liquidation’s online marketplacecan offer you pallets of top quality product. You’ll make huge savings because you’re not going through a wholesaler. These savings will translate into a healthy profit for your flea market business. Put simply, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

What Can I Expect When I Buy Customer Returns from an Online Liquidator?

Unlike wholesalers, liquidators take in pallets and truckloads of customer returns in a so-called ‘virgin’ state and sell them on in that state. Pallets of customer returns sold through online liquidation partnership programs are untested, so there’s no guarantee that products such as electrical goods will work. However, because the liquidator does not go through each pallet cherry-picking working and as-new items, they can offer the pallets of untested stock at a much cheaper price.

At this point, you may be wondering why you should take a great leap into the dark and buy a pallet of untested customer returns. What if nothing works and everything is in fact just scrap? Well, a company such as Direct Liquidation has a reputation to uphold. Yes, the liquidated stock you purchase will be untested, but they must still reach Direct Liquidation’s exacting standards. This means that there will indeed be a certain quantity of wastage in each pallet, but there will be plenty of untested returns that are good to go, pretty much brand new or just in need a quick fix before being resold.

And it goes without saying that a company such as Walmart also has its own set of standards and a mighty reputation to uphold. By buying customer returns through Direct Liquidation’s Walmart storefront, you can rest assured that you’re receiving goods from two companies that are working in tandem to provide you with the very highest quality merchandise. And unlike a wholesaler, the liquidator isn’t creaming the best stuff off the top and leaving you with the dross.

Using Liquidators to Maximise Your Flea Market Profits

In conclusion, when you buy from a reputable online liquidation marketplace in partnership with a major retailer, you’ll have the guarantee that the liquidator is bending over backward to make sure you receive the right type of merchandise at the most competitive price possible for your flea market business. If you choose to buy from Direct Liquidation, a team of advisors will be on hand to answer any queries you might have, and each pallet of merchandise purchased through the marketplace comes with a ninety-day guarantee.

Of course, you’ll still have plenty of research to do before you make your first purchase of customer returns wholesale, such as what sales taxes you’ll be liable for in your state and what exactly you should be buying to maximize your profits. But once you’ve done all that, we recommend purchasing customer returns through a reputable online liquidator. It’s easy to sign up for an account, you’ll have the reassurance you’re buying from a company partnered with some of the biggest names in the business and you’ll always get the lowest price possible.

Sourcing merchandise to sell through to your customers at the lowest possible price is the name of the game if you want to turn a profit in today’s highly competitive retail world. An online liquidation marketplace offers you the chance to do exactly that.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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