Stock Your Business with Liquidated Customer Returns in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky

There are a few ways of keeping your costs down when stocking up your business. No matter if you have a physical store or you sell merchandise online, buying it cheap in the first place is what secures you that nice profit margin everyone strives for. But buying merchandise cheap is not the only way of keeping costs down. You can shave off a few more bucks by buying merchandise from a location near you, which means you won’t have to shell out too much money for delivery, or a place that you could even go visit and pick the merchandise up yourself.

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Now, no matter what the merchandise is that you’d like to buy and sell, but if you live in or around Frankfort, the capital city of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you could be boosting your business significantly. It is a small town in Franklin County but it hides a place that will be able to provide you with quality merchandise at low prices. You can get pallets of items from the likes of Amazon, Walmart or Target which means you are buying from reputable retailers.

This all sounds good, but how does merchandise from these top retailers help you boost your business and keep the purchase costs down? Well, if you live near the distribution center in Frankfort, Kentucky, or even in larger cities like Louisville or Lexington you could buy merchandise at prices below wholesale and keep your delivery costs to a minimum. This all contributes to a higher profit margin and opens the doors for your business to play with the top competition in any market. This is because the distribution center in Frankfort specializes in customer returns and merchandise liquidated by giant retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Target.

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While you may think that liquidated merchandise does not go together in the same sentence with quality, you may want to read this article to the end because there is a lot you might be missing out on.

Benefits of Amazon, Walmart or Target Liquidations

Amazon, Walmart, and Target are certainly names everyone is familiar with. At some point in your entrepreneurial career, you must have tried to work out a deal with any of the three to buy their merchandise at wholesale prices in bulk. But the targeted benefits of such a venture went out the window as soon as these retailers presented you with the minimum required purchase. So instead of buying from the source, you had to make deals with wholesalers that buy the same merchandise by a truckload and sell it on to you with a markup. But this got your business nowhere since prices of single items online are bordering wholesale and buying from a wholesaler does not give you the desired profit margin.

This is why you should look into purchasing merchandise that retailers end up liquidating through platforms such as Direct Liquidation. You see, such companies have a huge throughput of merchandise and a fairly large portion of it gets returned. The reasons for the merchandise to be returned vary, and the generous return policy put in place by the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Target allows the buyers to return merchandise within a 30-day period after the purchase for a full refund. The fact is that a significant portion of this merchandise is returned in brand new condition, in its original packaging and unopened. But due to laws and regulations, this merchandise, although new, can’t be put back into the market as new and has to be classified as B-Stock. Since retailers have no use of such merchandise, most of them decide to liquidate it.

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This means that you are able to buy brand new merchandise at prices well below MSRP and even below wholesale. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you in terms of resale. But the best thing, especially if you live near Frankfort, or somewhere along the Interstate 65 in Kentucky that travels for 191 miles across the state connecting major cities like Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, and Ashland. It also intersects with Interstate 65, Interstate 71, Interstate 264 and Interstate 265 in Louisville, and Interstate 75 in Lexington and provides easy connection to other major cities like Indianapolis, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

This means that buying from a distribution center that is connected to all these locations can save you on delivery costs and further boost your profit. Direct Liquidation’s distribution center in Frankfort, Kentucky is exactly the place you need. It deals with merchandise liquidated by Amazon, Walmart and Target and provides you with a chance to cut costs significantly and boost your profit margin.

In addition to the low price and the potential delivery cost-cutting, it also has to be said that the throughput that top retailers have means you are highly unlikely to ever run out of options available for purchase. All you have to do is get your hands on the next pallet of liquidated B-Stock.

How To Buy Liquidated Merchandise from Frankfort

The process of purchasing Amazon, Walmart or Target liquidated merchandise is fairly easy. Basically you can check the availability of merchandise at Frankfort and no matter where you live around the town or in the state of Kentucky you have the option of picking up the merchandise yourself or having it delivered. Due to the location of the distribution center and its connection to major interstates and cities, the delivery costs will not be severe and eat into your profit margin.

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As noted above, the availability of merchandise, whether you are buying clothing or electronics will not be an issue. If it is not readily available at Frankfort, it certainly will be available in a day or two. All you have to do is register for an account at the Direct Liquidation online platform and browse through the Frankfort inventory to find the pallet or a lot, or maybe even a truckload of merchandise you need. How you pick up the merchandise or have it delivered is left at your own preference.

Quality Concerns

No matter how much the likes of Direct Liquidation, Amazon, Walmart or Target work on their reputation, mentioning liquidation merchandise always raises eyebrows. But as said above, the liquidated merchandise is often in brand new condition. There are certainly many reasons for the merchandise to be returned, however, you will always have a manifest at your disposal, showing you exactly the type and the amount of merchandise in any given pallet as well as its condition. You will see merchandise listed as brand new, or even refurbished and graded accordingly.

What you will also find is merchandise being listed for sale ‘as is’. This means that the merchandise is shipped directly from the retailer’s distribution center and has not been reviewed and graded by the liquidator. In any case, you will know what you are buying and there will certainly be no cherry picking of the items as it is the case with wholesalers.

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