The Demand for Apple iOS Accessories

A fairly recent analysis of Apple’s newly introduced revenue breakdowns showed that the company has made more money from iTunes and accessories than any other mobile phone company aside from Samsung. According to the numbers of the first fiscal quarter of 2013, Apple’s total revenue for just iTunes and its accessories was more than $5.5billion which is a lot more than Nokia, Blackberry, Sony and HTC. This analysis and numbers show that selling a variety of Apple iOS accessories would be a lot more beneficial for your liquidation business because these products are in demand.

Why People Buy Apple Accessories

The reason why Apple accessories are being sought after these days is that when iPhone or iPod users lose their earpods or lighting chargers, they don’t want to spend a hefty amount on buying brand new products. Therefore, instead of purchasing an entirely new package of an iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple products, they prefer buying the accessories instead.

Therefore, if you decide to sell Apple iOS accessories along with everything else in your liquidation business, rest assured that your customers will be interested in buying them from you. However, before you start to think about buying and setting up these products, you must know which ones you need to invest in.

The Range of Accessories You Should Sell

In order to sell the Apple iOS accessories successfully, you have to understand the products that your target audience is looking for. Here are three of the top options that you should go for.

Smart Covers

One of the first accessories that almost all your Apple products users will be looking for are good quality smart covers. These covers are an essential need for every user; and the more variety you provide, the more your customers will be interested in buying them. However, you must make sure that the covers you are selling are durable otherwise the customer will never return to buy more of the Apple iOS accessories.


Another highly rated iOS accessory that you will find in demand is the cables and chargers. Because you only get one pair of cables when you buy an Apple product, a lot of people need extra cables and chargers while traveling or for their offices. Therefore, if you want Apple users to really buy the bulk of products that you are offering them, you must ensure that you also provide these quality cables.

Ear Pods

If you ask young and old Apple users, they are all likely to tell you that the among all other Apple iOS accessories, ear pods are ones that they tend to lose the most. Because these ear pods are so tiny, they are easier to misplace, which is why they will be selling like hot cakes if you offer them all the other products you are offering your clients.

So don’t hesitate to buy these Apple accessories from a reliable source and sell them to your customers because they will surely bring you a much larger profit than you had anticipated.

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