Walmart, Target, Amazon Liquidations: Why It Makes Sense To Buy Truckloads Rather Than Pallets

If you’re in the business of buying merchandise wholesale for resale to the public, you may be at the stage where you’re thinking of upscaling your operation. Most resellers start small, buying pallets of merchandise from local suppliers or small-scale liquidation operations before moving on to find better suppliers elsewhere. These can be larger scale liquidation companies who can regularly supply their businesses with top-quality stock at a far better price than local suppliers and smaller scale liquidators can offer.

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If that’s where your business is at, you might want to consider upscaling from buying single pallets of stock to buying truckloads of stock. In particular, it’s time to consider buying truckloads of Walmart, Target, and Amazon liquidation stock from Direct Liquidation – a trusted, Better Business Bureau-accredited, top-tier liquidation specialist with over ten years’ experience in delivering excellent service to its ever-growing customer base.

What Direct Liquidation Can Offer Your Business

Unlike smaller-scale liquidators and local wholesale suppliers who often struggle to offer their customers decent stock at reasonable wholesale prices, Direct Liquidation has partnered up with some of the giants of US retail. Direct Liquidation offers companies such as Walmart, Amazon and Target a space on their online liquidation marketplace through which these retailers can sell their unwanted customer returns, overstock and closeouts to resale businesses.

Because Direct Liquidation cuts out the middleman and deals directly with the big-name retailers, it is able to offer its business customers top-quality merchandise at prices well below their MSRP value. That means that if you’re looking to upscale and start buying truckloads of liquidated stock from Direct Liquidation, you’ll find you’re paying considerably less than you were with your previous supplier. And so your chances of making more profit on the goods you buy wholesale will increase.

Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re buying truckloads of returns, overstock and closeouts from some of the most trusted names in retail. The chances of ending up with counterfeit goods vastly decrease, and your business won’t fall foul of unscrupulous practices such as manifest manipulation and pallet cherry-picking, all of which plague the smaller-scale wholesale supply industry.

A Huge Range Of Top-Quality Stock

Thanks to the partnerships Direct Liquidation has nurtured with Walmart, Amazon and Target, you’ll find its online liquidation sales platform has a wide range of top-quality merchandise to buy by the truckload.

From Amazon, you will find truckloads of goods in categories such as books, office supplies, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, health and beauty products and industrial supplies, to name but a few.

From Target and Walmart, you’ll find truckloads of wholesale merchandise in categories such as consumer electronics like wholesale phones, furniture, homeware and home improvement supplies, sports and fitness equipment, clothing and accessories, garden furniture, toys and much, much more.

And because these are returns, overstock and closeouts from the warehouses of some of the country’s best-known retail giants, you won’t find brands you’ve never heard of or cheap knock-offs. Thanks to the truckloads of liquidated stock coming direct from Amazon, Walmart and Target, you’ll find branded goods from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers such as Bosch, HP, Fisher Price, LEGO, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Skyrocket Toys, Disney, Sony, GoPro, Google and many, many more. In other words, you’ll find the brand names on Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace that your customers desire, thus increasing your business’s chances of selling the goods you buy and increasing your profits.

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The Advantages Of Buying Truckloads Over Pallets Of Merchandise

If you have a growing customer base, enough storage space and the staff capacity and ability to unload goods quickly, you might want to consider upgrading from buying pallets of liquidated stock to buying truckloads. There are several advantages to doing so.

Firstly, by buying truckloads of stock, you’ll drive down your purchasing costs because the price per unit tends to fall the more merchandise you buy. This means that you’ll be able to charge your customers less for the goods you buy in bulk from Direct Liquidation without cutting into your profits. You will also have more units to sell thanks to buying more, meaning there is the potential to make more money as you will have more product to sell to more customers.

Secondly, you’ll also be able to significantly lower your shipping costs by buying truckloads of wholesale merchandise from Direct Liquidation. Shipping individual pallets or partial truckloads incurs more cost because you’re having to re-order products more frequently. By bulk-ordering an entire truckload, you have only one delivery charge to contend with, and less trucks that have to be sent to your warehouse means less fuel costs and less shipping charges. These lower shipping costs will also help you keep your prices low, thus making your business more attractive to customers than your competitors.

And don’t forget that when it comes to shipping truckloads of Amazon, Walmart and Target liquidated stock, it may be cheaper to let Direct Liquidation handle the logistics instead of a third party. It’s always best to check the shipping calculator under every truckload Direct Liquidation sells on behalf of its partners to see if your company can save even more money. Most companies prefer to handle their own shipping, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the most cost-effective method. That’s why it’s best to check before arranging your own shipping.

The difference between a full-truckload, Less-Than-Truckload and a Partial Truckload:

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Upgrading To Truckloads – The Way Forward For A Growing Resale Business

At some stage, a growing business is going to have to look seriously at upscaling its operation if it is to meet the demands of an expanding customer base while keeping its costs as low as possible. By buying truckloads of Amazon, Walmart and Target liquidated stock from Direct Liquidation’s liquidation auctions, you can meet your customers’ needs, lower your wholesale purchasing and shipping costs and ensure your business continues to make a healthy profit. Looking to upscale your operation by buying truckloads of liquidated customer returns, overstock and closeouts? Then look no further than Direct Liquidation. They’re ready and waiting to help you grow your business today.

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