How to Buy Amazon Customer Returns Pallets Online

Making online purchases is the new normal nowadays and sellers keep competing for a market share in every segment. Online platforms such as eBay or Amazon are the best place to look for a product and more and more retailers open online stores on these platforms, in addition to their own websites, to gain access to a wider, global audience.

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But with a global reach come global issues. Online purchases are convenient, quick and easy. However, the other side of that coin can turn into a logistical nightmare for the seller: customer returns.The reasons for product returns are plenty and in fact, 30 percent of all online purchases get returned, whereas just 8.9% of goods are returned to brick-and-mortar stores. Around 49% of retailers in the United States now offer a free returns shipping policy and customers – especially younger online customers – now expect this.

This has led to an explosion in the amount of products being returned across the whole retail sector, with 62% of customers now saying they would be more likely to shop with a particular retailer if it has a free returns policy. This in turn generates more and more returns, and those returns have to go somewhere

Retailers and Amazon sellers do not put a large portion of these returned products back on sale as new, even though many of these products return unopened. Instead, they look for other ways to sell that merchandise: they liquidate it.

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So if you are in the market for Amazon Return Pallets packed with either random merchandise or sorted in specific categories, you should continue reading and check for yourself how you can buy Amazon Customer Returns and extract the maximum gains out of these Amazon return pallets.

Where to Look for Amazon Return Pallets?

The best way to buy Amazon return pallets is through liquidation companies. Now, liquidation is often associated in people’s minds to scrap, broken goods and used merchandise that is sold at rock bottom prices, due to their poor quality. Essentially, a large portion of liquidation merchandise is unsorted customer returns, and often scrap that can be only used for parts. But, if you look carefully, you will find companies and platforms such as Direct Liquidation that do a lot better than that.

When searching for a merchandise source, you are advised to look for the most reputable seller. This is best reflected in customer experience. Therefore, you should look for the advice of other online resellers who have sourced their merchandise through those companies. The best way of getting this is by looking for online reviews, which tend to give a clear picture of a company’s services and product quality, which in turn reflects on a company’s reputation.

Direct Liquidation is a highly reputable company that strives to and succeeds in keeping customers satisfied while forging and developing partnerships with major retailers. This means that at Direct Liquidation’s online platform you will be able to buy not just Amazon returns, but merchandise sourced from other retail giants like Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States.

How to Buy Quality Amazon Return Pallets?

Research is crucial if you want to be successful in this business. Reputable liquidation companies offer certain benefits to their buyers. The story of only scrap being sold through liquidation companies comes from customers who jumped at the first opportunity to buy cheap merchandise, without doing any research on the seller, the merchandise or anything else beforehand. This is a cardinal sin in the business and should never be done. Always do your research.

Choosing to buy Amazon return pallets from a reputable seller like Direct Liquidation means half of your job is already done. Nonetheless, you should always look for the manifest of whatever lot you are interested in. For most lots, Direct Liquidation provides manifests, a list containing all the relevant information about the merchandise contained in a pallet, such as its condition.

Direct Liquidation generates all the manifests it provides on its online liquidation marketplace using various methods such as scanning Universal Product Codes and feeding them into our own software to ensure each manifest accurately describes what is contained within each pallet.

wholesale pallets

Where available, the manifests Direct Liquidation provides to its business customers contain valuable information that will help you choose the merchandise you need as well as plan how to market it. Depending on your target market and your customer base, you will be able to determine what products you are getting, even in a pallet of returned merchandise. Whether you decide to buy unsorted customer returns, that are at the lowest price point, or closeouts and overstock merchandise that have the highest resale value, but also cost a bit more, depends only on your personal preference and business needs.

Buying Customer Returns Pallets from Direct Liquidation

Returns pallets are typically sold for considerably less than each pallet’s overall MSRP value because the pallets are offered for sale ‘as is’, meaning they won’t have been touched or inspected by us. Usually, an untested pallet of Amazon returns will have up to a 75% success rate, meaning up to 75% of the items in the items in the pallet will be in a sellable condition right out of the box. This is an estimated figure based on Direct Liquidation’s experience dealing with untested pallets of returns.

If you wish to buy Amazon returns pallets, the process is incredibly simple. First of all, you’ll need to sign up for a free account before you can purchase returns from Direct Liquidation.

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can use the website’s search function and drop-down category menus to find the pallet of Amazon returns you wish to bid on. Or you can head directly to Direct Liquidation’s dedicated Amazon vendor page, which shows you every boxload, pallet and truckload of Amazon Liquidations that Direct Liquidation currently has for sale.

After finding a pallet of returns you like the look of, it’s just a matter of entering bids and seeing if you’re the winner of the auction. If you are, all that’s left to do is pay for your goods and arrange shipping. Payment for pallets bought via Direct Liquidation’s website can be made via bank wire, credit card or via a credit account.

If you do not wish to take part in live auctions, many of the pallets Direct Liquidation sells can be bought for a fixed price. If a lot has a ‘Buy it Now’ button, it can be purchased immediately. Simply click on the button and you’ll be taken straight through to purchase.

Tips On Upscaling Amazon Returns Pallets

Once you’ve purchased and received a pallet of Amazon returns, you’ll want to maximize your potential profits by upscaling as much of the pallet’s contents as you possibly can. As discussed, Amazon returns pallets are typically untested, meaning the merchandise each pallet contains will be in a variety of conditions. Some of the merchandise will be retail-ready, while some of it may need some repairs.

To increase your chances of squeezing as much profit from each pallet purchase, there are several things you can do:

Sort and Bundle

First of all, you’ll need to sort through your pallet to see exactly what you have. You’ll need to separate out what can be sold straight out of the box, and what needs your attention. Some items are more attractive to customers if sold together as a bundle. So you need to check what items make sense together as a bundle.

Repair and Refurbish

Many items are returned to retailers because they are faulty (this particularly applies to electronics). Try to repair and refurbish as much of this type of merchandise as you can, either doing the work yourself or using a third party. Often, faults can be minor and easy to fix, and doing so brings products back up to factory specifications and adds considerable value.

In pallets containing several faulty items of the same model, components can be taken from one model and used in another to bring that model up to spec. It’s always a good idea to keep hold of broken products that cannot be repaired or refurbished as they can often be used for spares and repairs.


Sometimes, products are returned because they are missing accessories such as chargers or headphones. These are usually easily and cheaply replaceable, and selling a product with its full list of accessories adds value to the product.


If the packaging that a product comes in is damaged, try to get hold of replacement original packaging or repackage the product. Believe it or not, poor packaging can affect the value of the product, so make sure your products are always packaged in either good quality original packaging or pristine plain packaging.

Inspecting and Grading

Make sure to inspect all your products thoroughly and grade them accordingly. As a rule of thumb, you can place your products into one of three graded categories which we’ll call A, B and C. Grade A products will be ‘as new’ or refurbished to factory spec with all accessories present and no damage to either the product or the packaging. Grade B products will be superficially damaged, bearing light scratching or feathering. Grade C products will be visibly damaged, bearing highly visible scratches and dents. Price these graded products accordingly to attract customers on a wide variety of budgets. Be clear about what condition all your products are in, to reduce returns for your business.

Finally, remember to never include an original manufacturer’s warranty in the products you resell. The warranties will not be valid, so make sure to check if cards are included with the products you plan to sell, and discard them.

Buying Amazon returns pallets from Direct Liquidation is a great way to purchase merchandise at prices below typical wholesale values, setting yourself up for a chance to maximize your profit on resale. Just make sure you do your research right, find the right market and the right products to resell, and buying Amazon return pallets through Direct Liquidation will help you be on your way to success.

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