Where to Buy Truckloads of Amazon Returns Online

When looking for a source to buy truckloads of Amazon returns online, resellers need to check what Direct Liquidation can do for their business. At Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace, resellers can find customer returns items that have been sourced directly from Amazon’s distribution centers. In this article, we will explore what these items are, why they are returned, why use a liquidation marketplace and why it makes sense to buy Amazon returns by the truckload.

Why Buy Truckloads of Amazon Returns?

  • In line with the huge sales numbers, there are a lot of returns coming back in.
  • Between 45 and 70% of products returned are in a completely unused condition.
  • Sourcing return stock from Amazon, the largest Ecommerce company in the world, offers top-branded products, including their own brands.
  • There are 450 Amazon own-brands or brands sold exclusively on Amazon, and you won’t find these returns anywhere else.
  • Buying by the truckload reduces your per-pallet shipping costs, increasing your margin for profit.

What Are Amazon Returns?

Amazon is the largest Ecommerce company in the world. With their online sales business selling more than 4000 items per minute in the US alone, and with the returns rate of online sales at around 30%, the amount of returned items Amazon needs to deal with is enormous. The types of returns vary greatly. Amazon sells more than 120 million different products, with electronics, clothing and home items making up the largest sectors.

Customers in the U.S. returned about $351 billion worth of items in 2017, and this amount is projected to reach $500 billion by 2020. There are various reasons as to why customers are returning these products.

With free returns, it is not unusual for a buyer to simply change their mind, and to return the item unopened. It is also common for buyers to use the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Amazon on many products and simply use the item, pack it and ship it back before the guarantee period expires, either for a full refund or an exchange of a new item.

There are also mistakes when sending products. 23% of online retail returns in the US are due to the wrong item being shipped, with another 22% describing the product they received not looking the same as it did online. These numbers represent a large proportion of goods being returned by consumers in a completely unused condition. In fact, only a fifth of those returning items have done so due to a fault or damage.

Whatever the reasons customers have for returning these items, the result is the same. Amazon is left with lots of products, often products that are, in reality, new. However, retailers such as Amazon are reluctant to sell anything returned as new again when they cannot be absolutely certain of the condition the items are in.

The testing required to resell these items can be a huge logistical headache. All of these products end up taking up space in Amazon’s warehouses, and that’s the space they could be more productively using to house new merchandise. It also takes up the valuable time of Amazon employees, in warehouses that Amazon is already heavily investing in to become more efficient.

So, what does Amazon do with all of these returns? One method they employ is to use the services of liquidation platforms. These platforms, such as Direct Liquidation can manage huge volumes of returns, taking care of this huge logistical task, with the smallest impact on Amazon’s operations. Amazon works with high-volume platforms to reduce the number of operators they need to coordinate with, and as a result, streamlining their liquidation management.

Direct Liquidation works with Amazon to acquire this stock, that we can then sell to resellers, and small business owners, like you.

Why Buy Amazon Returns from Direct Liquidation?

  • Stock sourced directly from Amazon.
  • Great variety of goods.
  • Accredited BBB service with an established company.
  • The ability to buy pallets in bulk, including full truckloads to save on shipping.
  • A service entirely created to provide you with liquidated products, the staff at Direct Liquidation are the experts in providing liquidated stock to small businesses and resellers.
  • Partnerships and special rates with shipping companies to help you get your stock, anywhere in the country, for the best possible price.

How to Buy Amazon Returns on Direct Liquidation

The first thing you can do is to check out what pallets and truckloads of Amazon return merchandise are currently available for purchase. You don’t need to register to view current listings. It is easy to compare the sizes of lots using the filter options on the left of the screen. You’ll see Buy-Now and auction format listings, and a comparison with the current price and the MSRP of the total contents when new. You can also filter by location, so you’re only looking at the stock that is closest to you.

If you are interested in purchasing truckloads of Amazon customer returns and overstock for a fraction of their original retail price, the process couldn’t be simpler.

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First, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to bid on the auctions or place a buy-now order. If a lot has been sorted, you’ll find a full manifest in the listing, which you can download, listing all items included in the lot. You will also find unmanifested lots of customer returns. These are raw returns, straight from the Amazon warehouses, and have been left completely untouched. The MSRP guide given on a listing, in this case, is an estimate based on the volume of stock in the truckload.

It’s also worth checking out what the other retailers have to offer at the same time, as similar lots of untested returns can be found coming from other retailers. Once you’ve found a truckload that is to your liking, all you have to do is click on the ‘Buy it Now’ button, or win an auction lot and you’ll be taken straight through to payment. Then it’s a simple matter of paying for your truckload of Amazon merchandise and arranging freight shipment.

If you use a third-party freight carrier to ship your goods, make sure to first check Direct Liquidation’s shipping calculator first. It is often cheaper to use Direct Liquidation’s shipping partners as opposed to a third party, so be sure to check as it could save your company even more money. Some locations allow you to pick up the products yourself if you have a suitable vehicle. Let the support team know via the live chat feature if you plan on doing this before placing an order. However, it should be noted some locations require a dock height truck or you will need to hand load the goods.

Pallets of Amazon liquidations also come up for auction. If this is the case, you can choose to enter bids for a lot as opposed to paying a fixed price. Once the auction starts, all you have to do is enter bids and wait to see if you’re the winner. If you are, you’ll be notified and all that’s left to do is pay and arrange shipping.

The Advantages of Buying Amazon Returns by the Truckload

  • Large quantities of stock available as required.
  • Wholesale merchandise coming directly from one of the country’s most trusted businesses.
  • The total price paid is well below the truckload MSRP value.
  • Buying in bulk lowers acquisition costs leading to increased profit potential.
  • More convenient shipping than organizing the logistics of buying multiple pallets from different locations.
  • If using a shipping company, you’ll see cheaper per-pallet shipping costs than for less-than-truckload sized orders, allowing more room for a profit margin.

If you have a growing customer base, sufficient storage space and the ability to manage and sort the goods, you may want to consider switching from buying pallets of liquidated stock to buying whole truckloads of merchandise. There are several advantages to this decision.

You will reduce your per-unit purchasing costs. This means you can charge your customers less for the products you buy in bulk from Direct Liquidation, without having to reduce your profit margins. This enables you to be more competitive.

wholesale pallets

If you’re able to sort and prepare the stock quickly, you can also resell it in greater volumes. As you’re buying returns in bulk, this gives an opportunity to scale up your business.

Purchasing multiple individual pallets or partial truckloads takes more time to prepare than a single full-truckload. Finding different auctions, bidding and waiting for auctions to close takes time. You will also have to re-order products more often to keep your business stocked up. When you place a bulk order for a full truckload, you only have to deal with one delivery charge and prepare for one delivery.

And don’t forget that when it comes to shipping truckloads of liquidated goods from Amazon, you can also let Direct Liquidation handle the logistics. It is always best to check the shipping calculator for each truckload that Direct Liquidation sells. Many companies prefer to handle their own shipments with 3rd party companies, but that does not mean that this is the most cost-effective, or time-effective method.

One more tip is to look for stock that is shipping from the closest location to you. Sorting the lots by location before you buy is a good habit to get into. The closer the location to you, the less you’ll be paying for shipping. This can be a major factor in generating a profit or loss from your purchases.

If you need large volumes of specific items, or to set up recurring truckload orders, let us know, and we can help you out.

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