Should I Buy Walmart Liquidation Pallets?

If you’re running a small retail business or thinking of starting one up, you’ll need to find the cheapest and most reliable source of wholesale merchandise you can to keep down costs, ensure you have a good variety of products to sell and, most importantly, increase your business’s chances of making money. One great source of wholesale merchandise is pallets of Walmart liquidated stock bought from Direct Liquidation.

The Advantages Of Buying Walmart Liquidation Pallets

  • Direct Liquidation provides a steady supply of Walmart liquidation pallets.
  • Pallets to suit all budgets, from overstock and closeouts to customer returns and refurbished electronics.
  • The peace of mind you’re dealing with a Better Business Bureau-accredited top-tier liquidator.
  • Pallets of Walmart liquidated stock are sold for well below each pallet’s total MSRP value, thus increasing the likelihood of making a profit on pallets sourced this way.
  • A great way for smaller businesses to test out new product lines without having to spend a small fortune on stock that might not sell.

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What Are Walmart Liquidation Pallets?

A whopping 90% of all Americans shop at Walmart annually, and the company estimates that 160 million people visit its stores and website weekly. That’s a lot of customers generating a massive amount of sales, which explains why Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world. However, there’s a downside for the company of all those customers and all the sales the company generates – a huge amount of surplus.

Every year, Walmart has to deal with large amounts of surplus stock for a variety of reasons. This surplus stock broadly breaks down into the following categories:

Customer Returns

By far the biggest category of surplus stock Walmart needs to deal with is customer returns. Every year, thousands of products are returned to Walmart for a variety for reasons. As most returns are not classed as new – even when they are – Walmart looks to bundle them up and sell them as quickly as possible so they don’t take up valuable space in the company’s warehouses.


As the name suggests, overstock is stock the company has over-ordered that has now become surplus-to-requirements. Ordering stock is never an exact science, not even for the biggest companies. This means there is usually a surplus of products that need to be sold, in particular seasonal stock.


‘Closeouts’ is the name given to surplus stock that comes from closing stores or stores that are being restructured. With no room to house this stock in other stores, it again becomes surplus-to-requirements and needs to be sold.

Direct Liquidation also refurbishes Walmart electronics and sells them via their online liquidation marketplace.

A Huge Range Of Walmart Liquidation Stock

On Direct Liquidation’s dedicated Walmart vendor landing page, you’ll find Walmart liquidation pallets in a wide range of categories. Make sure to regularly check categories to see what’s available and what’s been newly added.

You’ll find a large range of both brand name and own brand wholesale merchandise listed on Direct Liquidation’s Walmart page. You’ll find big brand names. You’ll also find Walmart’s tried and trusted own brand products, such as the company’s Blackweb electronics and Mainstays homeware ranges.

Should You Buy Walmart Liquidation Pallets?

For many sellers, the answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Nowadays, it can cost as little as $1000 – $5000 to start up a retailing business from home, and as little as $3000 to start a retail micro-business. Walmart liquidation pallets are ideal sources of wholesale merchandise for those looking to sell online, via flea markets and swap meets, through classified local ads and for those operating a discount retail unit in a physical store.

For those just starting up a reselling business, buying pallets of liquidated Walmart stock is an ideal way to get their hands on a cheap, reliable source of wholesale merchandise that won’t break the bank, but will increase the likelihood of making a decent return on the price of a pallet.

Most of the Walmart liquidation pallets Direct Liquidation has to offer its business customers are categorized as ‘untested’. This means that while the majority will come with a manifest which will tell you both what’s in the pallet, you’ll have to sort through the pallet to see what condition everything inside is in. An untested pallet of liquidated Walmart returns will contain a mixed bag of stock, some of which can be sold right out of the box, and other items that will require some care and attention, plus some wastage that either needs to be discarded or can be used – especially in the case of electronics – for spares and repairs later down the line.

For smaller businesses and startups, buying pallets of Walmart liquidated stock is also a great way of testing out new product lines without spending a lot of money bulk buying stock that your customers might not be interested in. Because pallets are sold so cheaply, there’s very little risk in taking a chance on a Walmart liquidation pallet, then trying out new lines on your customers that you previously hadn’t thought to stock. If your customers like the new lines you’re selling, that’s great news. If not, you’ll only take a small hit; indeed, you might not take a hit at all as there are always other selling avenues to explore such as Facebook Marketplace and Shopify to dispose of this surplus merchandise.

Direct Liquidation also refurbishes Walmart returned electronics products. You’ll find pallets of refurbished Walmart electronics on Direct Liquidation’s dedicated Walmart vendor landing page. Refurbishment is the process of testing the products, and repairing them back to functionality where necessary. The products are then graded, depending on their appearance. All refurbished items, irrespective of grade are fully guaranteed to work functionally as new, and are often repackaged. Direct Liquidation offers a 90-day warranty to all refurbished items.

The pallets of electronics Direct Liquidation’s team of tech specialists refurbishes and sells are graded into three categories:

Grade A

Grade A electronics will have been returned to manufacturers’ specifications and will come with a full set of accessories, or replacement accessories to the same original standard. The products will be in either their original packaging, or good quality replacement white or brown plain packaging. The products will be in pristine condition bearing no scratches or blemishes.

Grade B

Grade B refurbished are as above, but with the difference that the products will bear some superficial damage such as slight scratches to screens or almost imperceptible dents to metal surfaces, etc.

Grade C

Grade C refurbished products are as above, but they will bear more visible damage such as visible scratches and dents. While this will lower the value of the product compared to Grade A refurbished electronics, there are still customers out there who are looking for cheap, fully-working consumer electronics who are on much tighter budgets, or don’t care about things like dents and scratches.

All of these grades of electronics will be in fully-working order.

Americans are buying more and more electronics online. Indeed, alongside books, electronics are one of the things Americans now prefer to buy electronics online over physical store purchases. And with a customer base of 220 million digital customers and growing, tapping into this market is vitally important if smaller sellers and startups are to thrive.

Buying pallets of Walmart liquidated stock from Direct Liquidation is a great way of stocking your small business or startup with cheap, reliable supplies of wholesale merchandise and refurbished products that won’t break the bank, will give you the chance to test out new product lines and will increase the likelihood of your business making money. If you’re on the lookout for wholesale merchandise coming direct from one of the biggest retailers in the United States, look no further than Direct Liquidation. We’re here to help your business grow and thrive.

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