Buying Bulk Apple Liquidations vs Stocking New Apple Goods

They’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world and stocking and selling Apple products if you’re a retailer specializing in consumer electronics is a no-brainer. With a range of products that include the highly desirable iPhone range, the popular iPad tablet and the much sought-after MacBook and Mac laptop and desktop computers, Apple’s cutting-edge technology has changed the game, with customers all over the world practically falling over themselves to get their hands on the company’s products.

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But, as any electronics retailer knows, selling Apple products comes at a price. Apple products are some of the most expensive tech products on the market, with a 256 GB iPhone X, for example, costing over a thousand dollars per unit. That’s a hefty price tag, and not all customers eager to get their hands on such gadgets can afford such a big financial outlay. And for a retailer, the wholesale price of brand-new Apple tech isn’t so great either, with high wholesale prices leading to very small profit margins. So, is it better to take the hit by buying brand new wholesale Apple products, accepting your business won’t make much profit on sales but will keep at least some of your wealthier customers happy, or is there another way of stocking this type of electronics wholesale merchandise that will lead to increased profits while at the same time appealing to a much broader range of customers on tighter budgets?

Luckily, the answer to that question is yes. There is indeed a way of stocking your business with top-quality Apple tech without breaking the bank. Here’s why bulk-buying Apple liquidations from a top-tier liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation is a much better idea than stocking new brand new Apple goods.

What Is A Liquidation Specialist?

Unlike a traditional wholesaler or smaller-scale liquidation company, a top-tier liquidation specialist deals directly with some of the country’s biggest retailers, offering them space on a liquidator’s online liquidations sales platform through which they can sell their unwanted returns, overstock and closeouts direct to businesses at heavily discounted prices.

In practice, this means a top-tier liquidator’s online liquidation marketplace is bursting with top-quality refurbished and liquidated merchandise coming from some of the biggest manufacturers on the planet, and that includes Apple products.

Usually sold via live online liquidation auctions in pallets and box loads, the refurbished and liquidated Apple tech a liquidator sells can be bought for considerably less money than from other wholesale sources because, unlike a traditional wholesaler who usually buys large amounts of stock in bulk and then divides this stock into smaller units before adding a premium and selling them on, a top-tier liquidator merely facilitates the sale of unwanted wholesale stock, meaning they don’t buy what is sold on their marketplace and therefore have no need to apply expensive premiums, and this in turn means the goods are sold for a much lower price than a traditional wholesaler can offer.

A Huge Range Of Discounted Apple Tech

Thanks to the unique partnerships liquidators forge with big-name retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart, tech liquidators have a huge range of consumer electronics, in particular Apple tech. Customers return Apple products to big-name stores for a number of reasons ranging from the product not working to them simply changing their minds about their purchases. Retailers, meanwhile, sometimes have to dispose of large quantities of Apple stock because they need to make way for newer models, or they are closing a store or remodeling it and the Apple stock they carry has become surplus to requirements.

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All of this surplus stock would clog up the retailers’ warehouses were it not disposed of quickly, and that’s where a top-tier wholesale liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation steps in. A liquidator facilitates the sale of this surplus merchandise on behalf of the retailers, selling it via live auction or for a fixed or negotiated price direct to businesses looking for a cheap source of Apple products.

On a liquidator’s online liquidation marketplace you’ll, therefore, find liquidated and refurbished boxloads and pallets of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, MacBooks and other Apple products being sold on behalf of the big-name retailers.

In the case of the refurbished Apple products Direct Liquidation sells, all products have been rigorously tested and brought back to factory spec, all accessories are either present or have been replaced with new equivalents, all products come with either their original boxes or replacement brown or white plain boxes and all come with a 90-day warranty.

Why Buying Apple Liquidations In Bulk Is Best For Your Business

As we’ve explained, a top-tier liquidation specialist is a reliable source of top-quality refurbished and liquidated Apple products being sold on behalf of some of the country’s largest and most trusted retail companies.

So, what are the advantages of stocking refurbished and liquidated Apple products for your wholesale electronics retail business? Well, the principle advantage is, of course, cost. It’s no secret that Apple charges a lot of money for their highly desirable products, and the wholesale price of these products is also rather high. If your business doesn’t have the very deep pockets of a Walmart or an Amazon, in other words, you’re going to struggle financing buying brand new Apple wholesale merchandise, and the profits you’ll make are minimal.

By instead bulk buying liquidated and refurbished Apple products from a company such as Direct Liquidation, the entire game changes. You’ll still be able to get your hands on the latest Apple tech as well as older (yet still much sought-after) products, but you’ll get them at a price that actually means you will not only be able to offer customers great prices whatever their budgets might be, but you’ll also be able to much more easily make a healthy profit sourcing Apple tech this way. And with a steady supply of Apple tech arriving in a liquidator’s distribution center every day, you’ll have the peace of mind of not only knowing that you can buy as much or as little as your company requires at any given time, but you’ll also know that, thanks to the Apple products coming direct from big-name retailers, you’ll only be buying authentic Apple tech, not useless and illegal counterfeit goods.

Apple tech is not cheap, yet customers on a wide range of budgets are clamoring for it. Thankfully, there’s a way of bypassing expensive wholesale prices for brand new Apple tech, and that’s by bulk-buying refurbished and liquidated Apple products from some of the country’s biggest retailers via an online liquidation sales marketplace. It’s the smart choice for consumer electronics retailers who want to offer their customers some of the most highly desirable tech in the world at great prices, so why not check out what a liquidator can do for you today?

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