Buying Discount Truckloads Of Lowe’s Customer Returns

If you run a retail business specializing in buying and selling hardware and home improvement products in bulk, you’ll always be on the lookout for cheaper, more reliable sources of wholesale merchandise to cut down on your costs and increase the likelihood of making higher profits.

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One of the ways you can easily do this is by switching to buying discount truckloads of customer returns from the second-largest hardware and home improvement retailer in the world – Lowe’s. And to do that, you’ll need to sign up for a free account with Lowe’s’ liquidation wholesale partner, Direct Liquidation.

What Are Lowe’s Customer Returns?

Like all major retailers, Lowe’s is happy to accept customer returns. Every year, Lowe’s takes back products from customers for several reasons. Inevitably, the occasional product is found to be faulty when customers get them home, and they therefore return them back to Lowe’s for an exchange or a refund. Other products are found to be either slightly or visibly damaged and are returned to be exchanged for products in pristine condition. Other products are simply returned because a customer has changed their mind about their purchase.

No longer able to sell them as new products (even when they still technically are), these returns would pose Lowe’s with a considerable problem were they to be allowed to accumulate in their warehouses. After all, warehouse space is there to house new products, not secondhand goods. So, what does Lowe’s do? It turns to Direct Liquidation – a top-tier online liquidations specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Direct Liquidation sells truckloads of returns on behalf of Lowe’s direct to businesses via its online liquidation auction and sales platform. And because these are returns that Lowe’s wishes to dispose of quickly, the retailer is willing to take a hit on the price it makes from the sale of the returns, meaning business customers will pay considerably less than they would elsewhere.

A Huge Range Of Top-Quality Merchandise

Retailers looking for a reliable source of liquidation truckloads of Lowe’s returns are spoiled for choice when they purchase from the company via Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace. Lowe’s sells a steady stream of tested and untested returns in a variety of conditions via Direct Liquidation. Therefore, there’s always liquidation truckloads of returns to buy as and when your business requires them.

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You’ll find a huge range of hardware and home improvement products on Direct Liquidation’s site, from power tools and kitchen and bathroom fixtures, to generators and pressure washers. And you’ll find all the great brand name and own brand names you’d expect to find when buying from Lowe’s, names such as DeWalt, Kobalt, American Olean, Black & Decker, GE, Blue Hawk, Osram, Hubbell, The Hillman Group and many, many more.

Buying Discount Truckloads Of Lowe’s Returns

It’s easy to buy discount liquidation truckloads of Lowe’s customer returns via Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation auction and sales website. First of all, you’ll need to open a free account. This will require the production of a valid reseller’s license – a legal requirement in most states. 

Once you’ve signed up, simply navigate to the Lowe’s Hardware vendor landing page and see what truckloads are currently on offer. If you like the look of one, you usually have three purchasing options available to you. 

A lot of the truckloads of returns Direct Liquidation sells on Lowe’s behalf are put up for auction. If that’s the purchasing route you wish to take, you can set up an email alert which will notify you when the truckload you’re interested in purchasing is about to go up for sale on Direct Liquidation’s site. Once it does, simply enter bids up to a predetermined maximum bid amount and sit back and wait to see if you’re the winner. If you are, all you’ll have left to do is pay for your truckload of Lowe’s returns and arrange shipping.

On the subject of shipping, it’s always worth checking to see how much it costs to let Direct Liquidation arrange the shipping of your Lowe’s wholesale liquidation truckload before employing the services of a third-party courier. Often, Direct Liquidation can offer cheaper shipping costs, so be sure to check before committing to a third-party courier. You might save even more money this way.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to bid on a truckload of Lowe’s customer returns, you usually have the option to simply buy a truckload at a fixed price. If a listed truckload of returns has a ‘Buy it Now’ button, simply click on that and you’ll be taken straight through to payment.

Many bulk wholesale merchandise buyers find this the quickest and easiest way to get their hands on merchandise, and there are still considerable savings to be made purchasing this way. How so? Well, as an example, Direct Liquidation currently has a 25-pallet truckload of untested Lowe’s returns with an estimated MSRP value of $40,000 available to buy for just $3,605. That’s an astonishing 9% of the truckload’s estimated retail value. That’s just one example of the savings customers can make buying returns from Direct Liquidation, and liquidation truckloads just like the one described above arrive on Direct Liquidation’s site every week.

Finally, you’re always welcome to approach the liquidator with your own offer of what you think a truckload is worth. If Direct Liquidation agrees with your offer, that’s the price you’ll pay and you might make even bigger savings.

Buying discount truckloads of customer returns is a great way of getting hold of a large quantity of top-quality wholesale merchandise coming from one of the world’s biggest and most trusted hardware and home improvement retailers, usually for a fraction of the price the merchandise is worth retail. 

If your business is looking for top-quality stock bought for a price that will leave plenty of room to offer your customers fantastic prices while still increasing your chances of making plenty of money, look no further than what Lowe’s Hardware and Direct Liquidation can do for you. It’s the smart choice for any business looking to save and make money in the competitive world of hardware and home improvement retail.

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