Buying Liquidated Electronics for Resale from Direct Liquidation

Reselling sounds simple enough: buy a cheap product, sell it at a competitive price and you’re done! In the end, you get a large profit margin to enjoy. This is not that far from the truth, but you will only achieve this if you choose your source of merchandise wisely.

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Where To Find Cheap Quality Electronics?

When it comes to electronic retailing, becoming a top-notch reseller is all about getting the latest items and gadgets in good condition and at a good price. In other words, you need quality merchandise at the lowest possible price. However, this has become more and more difficult of late.

In the past, this was actually quite simple. Reliable wholesalers offered all the stock a retailer wanted at a fair price. Unfortunately, that era has passed. Now, when buying wholesale merchandise, you will soon figure out that their prices are not that different from retail prices. So how can you make a profit out of that?

Electronics From Liquidation Websites

A logical solution is to change suppliers and switch to a top liquidation expert like Direct Liquidation. You will find out that liquidated wholesale electronics sold through liquidation websites like Direct Liquidation are actually priced very cheaply. This gives you a chance to offer better prices to your customers and end up with a larger profit margin.

Before you go out and buy liquidated electronics, make sure that the liquidator you are buying from is reputable. To ensure this, do some research beforehand. In particular, check customer reviews. Customer experience is usually the best indication of the quality of any business.

Secondly, you’ll need to get accurate information about the retail prices of the products you are planning to buy. This will allow you to set your budget and estimate your potential profit margins.

Quality is Assured

The main concern resellers have when buying liquidated electronics is quality. Will the products be broken, old, or just a totally unusable electronic waste? Merchandise that is old or used will not be that easily sold. So this is a legitimate concern.

However, you can put your mind at ease when you’re dealing with a reputable liquidator like Direct Liquidation. Not all liquidated electronics you’ll find are used, and even fewer are damaged. A large proportion of the products you will find at Direct Liquidation consists of customer returns.

However, this does not mean that these items are used or in bad condition. In fact, there are many reasons people return products, and the majority of the items come back barely used if used at all. However, because retailers cannot legally sell these products as new, they need to find a solution.

That’s where Direct Liquidation comes in. Direct Liquidation offers retailers and manufacturers a platform where they can sell their customer returns directly to businesses. Because they want to dispose of the items quickly to recoup some of their value and free up storage space, they are willing to sell them cheaply.

Direct Liquidation has an exclusive partnership with some of the world’s largest retailers, including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and even Amazon. Because these companies are eager to protect their reputation – as is Direct Liquidation – they have no interest in selling products in poor condition. In fact, the contracts between Direct Liquidation and these companies set out high standards for the quality of the products sold.

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Refurbished Items and Guarantees

Returned products, especially electronic items, are reviewed, refurbished (brought back to fully-working conditions), repackaged and divided into pallets. Refurbishment is often done by the retailers and manufacturers themselves. But top liquidators like Direct Liquidation have their own department in charge of refurbishing used items in need of repair. This means that when you buy refurbished electronics, you will in effect be buying products that are as new but cost only a fraction of their original price.

Of course, not all products can be refurbished. You will find some pallets of damaged items, but these will always be clearly identified as such. Besides, you will always know what you are buying because each lot sold at Direct Liquidation comes with a manifest. This is a document that provides all details for each item contained in the lot, including condition.

Top liquidators like Direct Liquidation usually offer a 90-day warranty on any purchased merchandise. In some cases, you may even get an extended warranty and a full money-back guarantee from the retailers.

Sourcing Liquidated Wholesale Electronics

Not all products sold at Direct Liquidation are customer returns. Often retailers overestimate the number of items they can sell and need to get rid of the excess. This is what they call overstock, and consists of brand new items that are then sold on for a fraction of the price. These items are a great business opportunity for any reseller.

You may have already been buying liquidated electronics without knowing from your wholesaler supplier. That’s because some wholesale suppliers source their liquidated merchandise from retailers, take the majority of the products, and leave the scraps for small purchasers. With a liquidator, you get more, better and for a lot less money.

Because of the special partnership Direct Liquidation has with several of the largest retailers in the country, they can supply your business with all the first-rate electronic devices you will need to keep your customers happy.

How To Buy The Merchandise You Need

To get started, you need to sign up and create a free account with Direct Liquidation. You will need a valid reseller’s license to do this, for legal reasons. Then you can look for the merchandise you need and choose which pallets and truckloads would be best for your business. When they come up for auction, you only need to bid on them online, like in any other auction website. You also have an option to buy pallets or truckloads for a fixed price or a negotiated one as well.

If you win the auction, you only need to pay for the goods and arrange delivery. Delivery can be done by your own courier, but it may be worth it if you let Direct Liquidation handle it for you because it might be cheaper that way.

In conclusion, the best way to source top quality and cheap electronics for your resale business is to buy them in bulk from Direct Liquidation at less than wholesale prices.

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