Buying Liquidation Pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth: The Definitive Guide

Buying liquidation pallets to resell can be a great side hustle or full time business. Our guide to buying liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth will explain what liquidation pallets are, where you can buy liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth, and give you helpful information about the market for liquidation merchandise in the region.

Why Start a Business in Dallas – Fort Worth – The Numbers

The Market for Discount Merchandise in Dallas – Fort Worth

The Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex is a conurbation of 11 counties making up the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. This metropolitan area in northeast Texas is home to 7.63 million people. This number alone shows the market potential for any business starting in the area.

Source: US Census Bureau, 2020.

It is not just the massive number of permanent residents that contribute to your potential market, but also tourists and students. The Dallas – Fort Worth airport is the 4th busiest airport in the world, with 39.4 million passengers in 2020. On top of this, Love Field airport contributed another 13.3 million passengers in 2021. The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex also has the highest concentration of colleges and universities in Texas – a demographic famous for needing to budget by buying discount electronics, clothing, and homewares.

The Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex is wealthy, with an increasing number of billionaires – however, there are many deprived neighborhoods in the area:

Families struggling financially are always looking for discounted products. Buying liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth to resell enables you to help these families by providing low-cost products while still having room to make a living yourself. The southern area of the region is most suited to discount stores, flea market stalls, and other local sales.

The market for your business is not the only selling point for setting up a business in Dallas – Fort Worth; there is also a favorable tax environment. Texas charges small business taxes as ‘franchise taxes.’ A franchise tax is not based on income but is based on your entity’s net worth. Small businesses below a certain amount of income pay no franchise taxes. From 2021 onwards, the income amount is $1,180,000. This means smaller enterprises pay no business tax at all.

As you can see, Dallas – Fort Worth is a great place to start a business, especially a discount merchandise business. But what can you expect buying liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth, and where can you source them from?

Source: US Census Bureau, 2020.

What Can You Expect When Buying Liquidation Pallets?

Retailers have to deal with surplus merchandise for different reasons. This surplus merchandise can be purchased in four main formats:

Customer Returns

A customer return refers to a product bought by a customer, either in-store or online and subsequently returned. This could be for several reasons, such as buyer’s remorse or the item not working. When a product is returned, if it can not be put back on the shelves (or relisted online), the retailer is left with no choice but to liquidate it.


Overstock is brand-new stock that was never sold to customers, often due to seasonality or version upgrades. Also known as ‘store stock’ liquidations.

Shelf Pulls

Shelf pulls are items that have been taken off store shelves because they did not sell. These are often seasonal products, older versions, or end-of-life items as with overstock. Some liquidators call these ‘jobouts.’


Closeouts are products taken from stores that have closed, moved, or are undergoing renovation. This merchandise is also brand-new.

Where to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth

The area has more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the US. With this huge amount of retail (which is a major tourist draw), there are bound to be plentiful amounts of surplus merchandise. These are the top sources of liquidation pallets in the Dallas – Fort Worth area:

Direct Liquidation

7100 Oak Grove Road, Fort Worth, TX 76140

Again Gains Liquidations

10610 Newkirk St #202, Dallas, TX 75220

Local Liquidators

9330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75243

Big Deal Liquidation

1943 Golden Heights Rd Ste 120, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Buy the Pallet Too, LLC

4871 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76137

JC Woods Liquidation LLC

5819 Rendon Bloodworth Rd STE 230, Fort Worth, TX 76140

Source: Visit Dallas-Fort Worth, 2021.

Top Flea Markets and Swap Meets in Dallas

Flea markets and swap meets are ideal locations to sell discounted merchandise from your liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth, allowing you access to customers without the overhead of managing a full retail location. We’ve listed some of the largest here:

Harry Hines Bazaar

10788 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75220
Website | 1 323-924-1100

Bargin City Bazaar

735 N Westmoreland Rd, Dallas, TX 75211
Facebook | 1 214-330-8111

Garibaldi Bazaar

9334 E R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75228
Website | 1 214-367-8452

Gaston Bazaar

3035 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228
Facebook | 1 214-319-7600

Uncommon Market Dallas

100 Riveredge Dr, Dallas, TX 75207
Website | 1 214-871-2775

Traders Village Grand Prairie

2602 Mayfield Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Website | 1 972-647-2331

La Pulga Seagoville

1706 US-175, Seagoville, TX 75159
Website | 1 214-695-7719

Super Fiesta Bazaar

Blvd local 2 G, 712 S Walton Walker Blvd, Dallas, TX 75211

Irving Bazar

2800 W Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75061
Website | 1 972-457-0919

Flea Style

3009 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226
Website | 1 469-520-3222

Fashion Center Dallas

2050 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207
Website | 1 214-655-6100

Old Rooster Creek Flea Markets

4736, 10424 Co Rd 1099, Princeton, TX 75407
Website | 1 214-924-7360

City View Antique Mall

6830 Walling Ln, Dallas, TX 75231
Website | 1 214-824-4136

Pate Swap Meet

3545 Lone Star Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76177
Website | (817) 608-7293

DL Treasures Indoor Flea Market

203 TX-342, Red Oak, TX 75154
Website | 1 972-352-0572

Source: The Balance, 2020.

Storage Units in Dallas – Fort Worth

When buying liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth, you need space to store merchandise. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to use a spare room or garage to minimize costs. If you need more space but aren’t ready for a full warehouse, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of storage units in the area. We’ve listed 5 of the least expensive:

Peyton’s Place Self Storage

562 W Lawson Rd, Dallas, TX 75253, United States


5’x5’: $39 /month

10’x10’: $95 /month

10’x20’: $155 /month

Extra Space Storage

4114 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75204, United States


5’x5’: $45 /month

10’x10’: $126 /month

10’x20’: $396 /month

Macho Self Storage Dallas

1750 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220, United States


5’x5’: $52 /month

10’x10’: /month

10’x20’: $162 /month

Public Storage

2420 N Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX 75204, United States


5’x5’: $71 /month

10’x10’: $199 /month

10’x20’: $293 /month

Deep Ellum Self Storage

3215 Hickory St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States


5’x5’: /month

10’x10’: $150 /month

10’x20’: $209 /month

The Dallas – Fort Worth metropolitan area is a huge market of more than 7.63 million people, a huge number of students, and a large transient population. On top of this, there are many economically depressed areas with hundreds of thousands of families looking for discounted goods. Also, as a huge shopping hub, the metroplex has a large amount of surplus merchandise for sale. These factors add together a great environment to start buying liquidation pallets in Dallas – Fort Worth to resell.

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