How Can I Buy Liquidated Walmart Stock for Resale?

Did you know that with a couple of hundred dollars you could go right now to a liquidation website and buy a pallet full of merchandise returned to Walmart? Sourcing Walmart customer returns pallets is easier than you think. Walmart has contracts with liquidation companies to take this merchandise and resell it to the wider public.

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Buying products in bulk and then selling them on global platforms such as eBay or Amazon has become an increasingly popular business for many who are seeking to expand their sources of income. Online liquidation platforms are the best sources for purchasing liquidated merchandise for most people. These platforms usually sell these products via online auctions or for a fixed price.

In this guide we will tell you what you need to know about this billion dollar industry, including how to buy and resell these products.

The Benefits of Buying Returned Pallets from Walmart

  • Walmart’s returns pallets meet a wide range of resale requirements for entrepreneurs.
  • Walmart pallets of returns can be purchased for a very low price.
  • Buying from a platform such as Direct Liquidation allows you to choose your pallets, or even buy full-truckloads of Walmart merchandise.
  • You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the wholesale merchandise you get comes from one of the world’s largest and most trusted online retailers. 

What Are Walmart Returns?

Walmart, is one of the world’s most valuable retailers in the country, with over $500 billion in global sales, representing over 9% of all USA consumer retail spending. With the explosion of its online sales, which last year exceeded $27 billion, the number of product returns from its consumers has also increased. In general, e-commerce return rates are substantially higher than physical store returns, up to three times higher.

Every year, big retailers like  Walmart or Target receive returns on thousands and thousands of products. So what do they do with the returned items? They use liquidation platforms to liquidate their merchandise and sell it to smaller buyers, at prices well below the MSRP.

Stores such as Walmart don’t have the capacity to process all of these returns, or test them, or repackage them. As a result, much of them are liquidated. What does this mean? It means that the items are sold in bulk to liquidation companies, who take the products off their hands. This way Walmart gets to make some money back from the returns, without the huge logistical headache of re-processing all of these items in store, or in their warehouses.

Target, Walmart and other retailers are businesses set up on the premise of selling completely new merchandise. They don’t sell used or damaged items (with the small exception of some ex-display models).

So, when Walmart receives returns, they are almost never put back on the shelves, even when there are no problems at all with the item. This is why buying Walmart returned merchandise in bulk can be lucrative for resellers.

Not only is the merchandise in various conditions, as it has come from a top retailer, you can be sure to find items from top brands, such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, JVC, Beats by Dre, Philips, and much more.

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When you think of liquidation merchandise, you might assume that all of it is used, damaged or scrap merchandise. While this may be true in some cases, many of these items are in perfect condition, with their original, unopened packaging, basically new. On direct liquidation, we have 2 ways of listing products – either sorted pallets – which come with full manifests of what is included, their UPCs, and a description of their condition. In these cases you know exactly what you are getting, and there should be no surprises when you receive the shipment.

We also sell untested customer returns. In these cases you don’t know the condition the items are in, as the items have not been tested. This type of listing can either be sorted by product, and come with a manifest, minus the condition markings, or are completely unsorted, where you buy a high volume of returns, and you don’t know exactly what you are getting, or the condition that the items are in. These are also referred to as ‘raw’ returns.

Wholesale liquidation companies work with the country’s largest retailers such as Sam’s Club, Target or Walmart, and resell their surplus stock to businesses who are looking to buy these lots at competitive prices.

This gives you the opportunity to purchase high quality liquidation merchandise at prices well below the typical wholesale prices you would expect for new products, giving you a lower investment start point on which to build your resale business.

All these products can be obtained through live online liquidation auctions or through fixed prices on our website.

Why should you buy Walmart liquidated merchandise?

The simple answer is brand-name recognition, availability, reliability and price. Top-tier liquidation specialists like  Direct Liquidation, work directly with Walmart, which means we not only handle premium rate products from some of the most popular brands in the world but also can provide a steady stream of stock to meet our customers’ needs.

And why Direct Liquidation? As an established Better Business Bureau company, with more than a decade in the business, you can be sure of our reputation. We provide reliable manifests with a high volume of information contained within them, and top-notch customer service.

How to Buy Pallets with Returned Goods?

Once you are registered on our site, a process that only takes minutes, all you have to do is find the pallet of merchandise you are interested in purchasing. Once you find the lot you want, simply place your maximum bid, and let the auction run its course, as you would on sites like eBay. If there is a Buy-It-Now option, this allows you to purchase the lot outright, without bidding against others. There are more details on the signup and auction process here.

What about shipping? Enter your Zip into the shipping quote tool, you’ll find it on the auction page – this will give you an estimated price, if you let us handle the shipping. Many locations also allow you to pick up merchandise yourself in person – saving on the shipping fees. We charge no additional fees for this, though there may be vehicle restrictions to doing this – details on shipping and pickup will be on the auction page on the left-hand-side.

Direct Liquidation has distribution centers across the USA, and Canada that are close to the warehouses of our retail partners. Its USA locations can be found in Palmetto, Georgia; Frankfort, Kentucky; Greenfield, Indiana; Bentonville and Rogers, Arkansas; Spartanburg and Blacksburg, South Carolina; Las Vegas, Nevada, and more.

How Do You Make Money with Returned Goods?

There are many ways to earn money by reselling customer returns online. Many people choose to set up an Amazon or eBay store.. This gives them instant access to a huge global market for an affordable fee, but you will be a small fish swimming in a very large pond unless you can stand out from the crowd.

Alternatively, you may choose to open a shop on your own website, using platforms such as Shopify and Wix. Unlike Amazon and eBay, these types of sites allow you to try them out with free trial periods, which means you don’t have to set up initial or back-end fees while you review them.

For many people starting out, the best option is to start locally before launching on an online store hosting platform. Facebook Marketplace, Google Business and Instagram are great ways to alert people in your area that you have some good things to offer.

And then you could also sell through the local classifieds and Craigslist. These facilities will allow you to reach customers in your local area who will come to you, thus reducing your onward shipping costs and further increasing the profit potential of your new business. You may stand out from your competition by offering the brand-name products from Walmart, that other sellers in your area don’t stock.

Top Tips to Make Money Reselling Liquidated Merchandise

Do Your Research

Research is key for the success of your business. You need to research market conditions and what products would sell well in your target market. You can check, for example, the best-selling products on Amazon and use resources like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram to understand what products customers are most attracted to.

Find Your Niche

Reselling customer returns is a competitive business and some markets may already be saturated. So you shouldn’t necessarily choose the most popular products, because you may have to fend off many competitors that are already established. Instead, try to find a niche market, a market whose demand is not already being fulfilled by existing businesses, and invest in it.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Merchandise

Demand for certain products can come and go with the seasons, e.g. Christmas decorations, summer clothing, etc. You can take advantage of this by stoking up on this kind of merchandise after their season is over – and when they are liquidated for a fraction of their price – while waiting for their season to come back next year.

Engage With Your Customers

Customer service is key for the success of your business. Nowadays there are many ways you can interact with your customers, especially social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allow you to attract more customers and engage with existing ones. Also, customer feedback should never be ignored. 

Find the Best Websites to Host Your Store

Big stores like eBay and Amazon are great places to sell your products. However, you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively. Other websites like Shopify and BigCommerce offer you the ability to sell your products to a large customer pool for a much smaller fee. 

If you’re looking to make money by buying and reselling wholesale Walmart customer returns, the best place to buy your stock is an online liquidation marketplace. The leaders in the liquidation industry, like Direct Liquidation, are waiting for you to help you achieve your goals. So why not see what we have to offer your business today?

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