Can You Make Money With Liquidation Pallets?

Making money buying and selling wholesale merchandise used to be a fairly simple operation. Traditional, local wholesalers could be relied upon to supply retailers with a steady supply of good-quality merchandise that, even with their own markups added on to the price of a pallet, were sold cheap enough that profits could always be made when the time came to sell the goods on to customers.

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Those days, unfortunately, are long gone. As wholesale prices veer ever closer to retail prices, the chances of turning a profit on wholesale merchandise sourced this way have all but slipped away. And that’s not all. Many resellers are finding that traditional wholesalers are indulging in unscrupulous practices such as creaming off anything of any value in a pallet to sell separately for a profit and then passing off pallets of worthless junk as being worth buying. Add to that the practice of manifest manipulation where pallet contents are made to sound a lot better than they actually are and the idea that a reseller can carrying on sourcing from these types of suppliers is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

So, is there an alternative source of wholesale merchandise that won’t lead your business falling foul of unscrupulous practices and is still cheap enough to ensure your business makes money? Thankfully, there is. By buying liquidation pallets from a top-tier liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation, you can avoid unfair prices and unfair practices and, crucially, make money.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

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Liquidators sell wholesale merchandise in a completely different way to traditional wholesalers. Liquidators such as Direct Liquidation forge partnerships with some of the biggest retail names in the United States, offering them space on their liquidation websites through which the retailers can sell their unwanted surplus stock direct to businesses for a much lower price.

So, why do the big-name retailers have so much surplus stock they need to dispose of? There are several reasons.

By far the biggest category of surplus stock the retailers need to dispose of is customer returns. Every month, customers return purchased items back to stores for a number of different reasons. Products are sometimes found to faulty or slightly or very visibly damaged, for example, and customers return them to stores for a refund or exchange. In some cases, brand new, in-the-box, unopened products are returned simply because customers change their minds about their purchases. Whatever the reason for customers returning products, they can no longer be sold as new even if they technically still are, and that presents retailers with a problem.

As you know, the big-name retailers aren’t discounters as a general rule, and that means all these customer returns would sit on valuable warehouse shelves taking up space that should be used to house new products. Equally, overstocked and surplus-to-requirements seasonal stock, as well as stock coming from closing stores, add to the mountain of surplus merchandise that would clog up shelves were it not disposed of, and that’s where top-tier liquidators like Direct Liquidation come into the equation.

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Liquidators work directly with big-name retailers, selling their unwanted surplus stock in liquidation pallets direct to reselling businesses via live liquidation auctions or for a fixed or negotiated price. And because they cut out the wholesaler middlemen, retailers and liquidators can offer this surplus stock at a vastly reduced price, thus helping resellers make much more money by sourcing stock this way.

What’s On Offer From A Liquidator?

You’ll find a huge range of brand name and own brand products being sold on behalf of some of the country’s biggest retailers on an online liquidation wholesale marketplace. As you know, retailers such as Target and Walmart carry mostly brand name goods, as well as a wealth of own brand products. 

That means that the surplus stock they dispose of through online liquidation marketplaces is also mainly brand name and own brand products. So, when you look at Direct Liquidation’s site, for example, you’ll find products coming from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, manufacturers such as Apple, LEGO, Beats by Dre, Lenovo, HP, Fisher Price, Black & Decker, Microsoft, Samsung and many more besides.

And because Direct Liquidation has partnered up with Walmart, Target, Lowe’s Hardware and Amazon, you’ll also find liquidation pallets of fantastic own brand products such as Walmart’s popular Mainstays homeware and Blackweb electronics ranges.

You’ll find the huge range of liquidation pallets Direct Liquidation sells on Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s Hardware and Target’s behalf both on their own dedicated vendor landing pages and in the following comprehensive list of categories:

Automotive, Baby, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Fixed Assets, Food, Furniture, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Industrial Supplies, Jewelry, Office, Party & Occasions, Patio & Garden, Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Toys, Unsorted.

That covers pretty much everything most resellers will ever need, and there’s also a huge range of refurbished products also available to buy in bulk for resale from Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation sales platform, all of which come with Direct Liquidation’s 90-warranties for extra peace of mind.

Making Money From Liquidation Pallets

It’s easy to make money from liquidation pallets bought from some of the biggest names in US retail via online liquidation wholesale marketplaces. Each liquidation pallets a liquidator sells on behalf of its retail partners will, on average, contain 70% working products in a variety of conditions ranging from ‘as new’ to superficially or visibly damaged, meaning these products can be sold at a variety of price points to customers on a varying range of budgets.

Liquidation pallets of brand name and own brand stock are sold via online liquidation marketplaces for well below each pallet’s overall MSRP value. This means that resellers sourcing wholesale merchandise this way can offer their customers fantastic low prices, keep one step ahead of their competitors and, crucially, make the kind of profits that simply aren’t possible to make if businesses were to stick with overpriced traditional wholesalers.

In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to stay loyal to tired old wholesale suppliers. It’s perfectly possible to still turn a very healthy profit on wholesale merchandise as long as you know what to buy and where to buy it from. That means switching to buying liquidation pallets of top-quality merchandise direct from some of the biggest names in US retail from an online liquidator such as Direct Liquidation.

With a huge range of products on offer for well below their MSRP value, a liquidator can cater for just about any reseller’s need and help them to continue to make the profit that is the lifeblood of any business, so why not check out what a liquidator can do for you today?

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