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Computers have revolutionized the way children learn, and students have access to new, innovative learning tools. The computer lab teacher has an invaluable role in shaping the way children learn and access information. Of the many ways computer lab teachers influence students, the most important may be giving them tools to help them remain safe online. 

Equipping students with a thorough understanding of the risks as well as benefits of using the Internet and teaching them the skills they need, from proper computer techniques to Internet behavior to knowing the proper online etiquette, is paramount. 

Teachers must have the required tools needed to ensure that students use computers in a responsible yet effective manner. These include well-detailed strategies, classroom management software, and lesson plans to ensure that have basic computer and keyboarding skills, know how to search the Internet effectively, and understand how to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes safety. Finally, computer lab teachers must have access to resources that make their job easy, effective, and efficient.

Teaching Computer Basics

Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Keyboarding Activities and Games

Internet Safety for Kids

Guides for Teaching/Using Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint

How to Search the Internet

Educational Computer Lab Games and Activities

Programming Languages

Healthy Computing

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