Educational Computer Games For Kids

Solving math problems, learning about nouns, and writing stories are all fun! It might be hard to believe that learning could be something you look forward to, but with the right games, it’s possible. If you like racing cars, flying through outer space, swimming in the ocean, and solving mysteries, then you are going to love learning.

When you play educational games online you get to practice computer skills, explore history, experience science, solve problems, and memorize new facts. Games repeat knowledge you already know, so you won’t forget. Sometimes while learning something new, you start to think about other things like your favorite toys, sports, or movies; playing online games grabs your attention so you can focus on the subject on not get distracted.

Learning is about having fun, and that’s why educational games are so important for kids to play.


  • Airplane Multiplication – Fly a plane through the air, but only soar through the clouds with the right answers. You can do it in both English and Spanish for extra learning and a fun challenge.
  • Drag Race Division – This is a game you can play with a friend. Race each other across this fun course while dividing numbers.
  • Space Shuttle Launch – You are in charge of flying the space shuttle safely through the stars and planets. Answer the questions correctly to these math problems to avoid getting hit by asteroids.
  • Math Lines – You get to decide how high you want the sum to be, and then play a fun game of adding numbers together.


  • Build-A-Tree – Using roots, a trunk, branches, and leaves, you can build-a-tree. As you put the tree together, learn about what each part does to keep the tree alive and growing.
  • Invertebrates Balloons – A bear is flying through the sky holding onto nothing but a few floating balloons. Guess the letters of this invertebrate, but be careful, every time you mess up a balloon is popped.
  • Pavlov’s Dog – When dogs see food they begin to drool, but try out this game to learn how you can make a dog drool on demand.
  • Create Your Own Solar System – You get to make your own solar system with this fun planet-grabbing game. Choose a planet and put it in the universe. See if you can guess where it belongs.


  • Sammy’s Startshot – Shoot Sammy high into the bubbly water and pop the consonant sounds to give him energy. As Sammy gets higher and higher, you get more points. Be careful not to pop the vowel sounds!
  • Madlibs Junior – You get to help create funny stories by filling in the blanks as you read the book and enjoy the pictures. Make it fun by adding silly words.
  • Fairy Word Quest – The fairies need your help! Read the words quickly and find as many fairy words as you can before the time runs out.
  • Word Candy – The goal is to make words out of the letters you are given. Once a word is created, hit enter and grab the candy.
  • The Reading Game – With fun pictures to look at, pick the word and see if you get it right.


  • Get the Scoop – Being a news reporter can be fun, but you have to do the work to get the story. Now you get the chance to find the answers, interview people, and create a news story.
  • Comic Creator – It is time to create a fun comic with pictures and a story below. Fill in the blanks and start writing.
  • Word Blender – In this fun blender, you get to create a word by blending the beginning and ends together.

Spelling and Grammar

  • Noun ExplorerSome words are nouns, and this fun game will see if you can identify them. Each round you are given a worm, but you can only feed the worm to the fish that has a noun. Don’t feed the worm to the wrong fish!
  • Find the Spelling Errors – You finally get the chance to be the teacher. Read over your student’s paragraph and correct the errors with a click of a button.
  • Simple SentencesPull out your best grammar skills because in this game you will be putting sentences together the right way.
  • Clean Up Your Grammar – The beach is in need of getting cleaned, and it’s your job to sort the words in the correct bins.
  • Word Strips – In this timed game find as many words as you can. Make sure they are spelled correctly or they won’t count.


  • Name That Founding Father – See how well you know about the history of the United States by guessing who each of these men are.
  • Think Fast! About the Past. – You are given the chance to choose one of three missions. Once the mission is decided, it is time to explore the past and conquer the challenge.
  • Renaissance Connection – Go back over 500 years ago to a completely different time period and experience what life was like back then.


  • The Typing Factory – You are working at a factory, and the job is typing the letters as they come by on the belt. If you do your job right, the letters will begin to pass faster.
  • Spaceships – You have to defend your spaceship from being attacked, but the only way you can keep it safe is to type the letters correctly and quickly.
  • Fearless Frieda – Frieda is fearless, and will shout out a word as she skateboards. When she yells it, you type the word.
  • Barracuda Typing – Help the river stay clean by typing the words as they float by. You can choose how fast the words float by depending on your typing speed.

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