How To Find Furniture And Homeware Auctions Near You

If you run a business specializing in selling furniture and homeware, you are likely always looking for the most reliable source of wholesale merchandise at the lowest possible price to maximize your company’s profits. If you’re specifically interested in buying furniture and homeware from auctions near you, where should you be looking? The answer is to head online and buy pallets and truckloads of furniture and homeware from live auctions at Direct Liquidation’s online marketplace.

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The Advantages Of Buying Furniture And Homeware From Direct Liquidation

  • A huge range of furniture and homeware to choose from.
  • Furniture and homeware coming from some of the biggest retail names in the United States.
  • Lowest prices on the Internet and discounts applied to bulk purchases.
  • Several ways to purchase including live auction and buy it now options.
  • Cheap shipping deals to save your business even more money.
  • Distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada.

The Furniture And Homeware Markets In The USA

In the last year, the furniture and home furnishings market generated almost $120 billion in revenue in the United States. The industry’s share of e-Commerce total sales amounted to 12.1%. The homeware market, meanwhile, carries on growing in leaps and bounds fuelled in part by the Covid crisis. “The next wave of consumption will be in home,” says homeware company Alessi CEO, Daniel Talens. “We have noticed a huge shift towards people entertaining at home, and people are developing their home environment to better showcase their personality.”

Put simply, people have more time and more money to spend on their homes now that they’re not spending money on things like travel and restaurant dining. This means furniture and homeware are the growing markets in 2021. There has been significant interest in at-home hobbies such as cooking and baking during the pandemic. This has led to extra spending on certain types of homeware, in particular kitchen and dining items, as more us have started taking our meal preparation seriously. Social media has also played its part, as people head online to show off their cookery creations and their home improvements to growing numbers of followers.

For resellers, this growth in sales of both furniture and homeware offers an opportunity. Not all customers want to – or have the financial means to – buy brand new furniture and homeware. There are millions of customers on tighter budgets and bargain hunters both online and offline looking for cheaper alternatives to brand new items, and resellers are in prime position to cater to their needs.

To take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by the growth in furniture and homeware sales, you’ll need to fill your inventory with attractive stock sourced at the lowest prices to ensure both customer satisfaction and the maximum amount of profits. That’s why you should check out what Direct Liquidation can do for your business.

What Is Direct Liquidation?

Direct Liquidation is a comprehensive online wholesale marketplace where resellers can buy a huge range of wholesale merchandise at vastly reduced prices. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are one of the leading online wholesale suppliers in the country, offering our customers the chance to buy or bid on boxloads, pallets and truckloads of customer returns, overstock and closeouts at prices they simply won’t find elsewhere.

We sell the vast majority of the stock we carry via live auction where businesses are invited to bid for merchandise. The merchandise is then shipped to an address of their choice in the speediest turnaround time. This is helped by our network of distribution centers located throughout the country and their proximity to retailers’ warehouses, making purchase to delivery times some of the fastest in the industry.

A Comprehensive Range Of Furniture And Homeware

We have a huge range of furniture and homeware available to buy for vastly reduced prices on our online liquidation marketplace. The furniture we sell is available in the following categories:

Baby, Bedroom, Dining Room & Kitchen, Kids, Mattresses, Office, Patio, TV Stands, Wall Mounts & Entertainment Centers.

Our homeware, meanwhile, is available in the following categories:

Appliances, Arts & Crafts, Bath, Bedding, Cleaning Supplies, Décor, Heating & Cooling, Home Security & Safety, Kitchen & Dining, Lighting & Light Fixtures, Rugs & Mats, Smoke Alarms & CO Detectors, Storage & Organization, Vacuums.

As you can see, that’s a pretty comprehensive list fulfilling the needs of most furniture and homeware resellers. You’ll find some of the leading names in furniture and homeware manufacturing on our online liquidation marketplace.

So whatever you’re looking for, be it mattresses, kitchenware, home and office furniture, storage solutions or even full living room furniture sets, you’ll find it on our online liquidation marketplace.

Broadly speaking, the furniture and homeware we sell to business customers falls into three main categories – customer returns, overstock and closeouts. These categories break down as follows:

Customer Returns

The vast majority of the furniture and homeware we stock here at Direct Liquidation is customer returns sourced from some of the United States’ major retailers such as Walmart and Target.

Every month, customers across the country return products to retailers both online and off for all sorts of reasons. Some items turn out to be faulty; other items turn out not to be as described; some are found to bear damage and are returned for a replacement or a refund. Others are simply returned because customers change their minds about their purchases and return brand new, unopened products back to stores and websites. Whatever the reason for the return, the items themselves are often no longer classed and sold as new.

All of these monthly returns would quickly mount up in retailers’ warehouses and overwhelm the smooth running of a retailer’s day-to-day operations, were they simply allowed to accumulate. To prevent this, retailers regularly resell their returns to high-volume wholesalers and liquidators. They in turn sell these returns to their business customers for considerably less than the products’ suggested retail price.

The customer returned furniture and homeware we sell is sold by the pallet, truckload or in individual units (in the case of some of the furniture we carry such as individual sofas and beds). Our customer returns are sold in a variety of conditions from ‘untested’ to ‘like new’, from slightly or very visibly damaged to ‘tested not working’. This means buying an untested pallet of homeware, will yield about 70% for ‘retail ready’ goods, with the rest either needing some level of TLC or it will be classed as scrap that is either discarded or used for spares and repairs, such as for homeware appliances and vacuum cleaners.


‘Overstock’ is the term applied to wholesale merchandise that has come from retailers who have over-ordered products or have stock they no longer wish to sell because they’re seasonal or display models. The vast majority of overstock is seasonal, so in the case of homeware, resellers should watch out for seasonally themed merchandise. This type of stock tends to be brand new and thus can be sold at a premium due to its prime condition.


‘Closeouts’ refers to stock that comes from retailers who are closing down outlets or reorganizing them. Thanks to the pandemic, there are plenty of stores that have been closed, meaning there are a lot more closeouts than usual heading for liquidation and wholesale companies. Again, this is usually brand new merchandise that can be bought in bulk for way below their suggested retail price value.

We also sell refurbished furniture and homeware at Direct Liquidation. All of the refurbished furniture and homeware we sell has been through a rigorous testing and sanitizing process before it’s offered as retail-ready merchandise to our business customers.

Finding Furniture And Homeware Auctions Near You

As we’ve already mentioned, we have a network of distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada. This means we are likely to be local to you or close enough that the cost of shipping from one of our centers will be minimal.

The vast majority of the returns, overstock, closeouts and refurbished furniture and homeware we sell on our online liquidation marketplace is sold via live auction. Taking part in a live auction is just as easy as it is on sites such as eBay. Use our retailer vendor pages, drop down category menus and search functions to identify the lot you wish to bid on, enter bids up to an approved maximum bid and sit back and see if you’re the winner of the live auction. If you are, all that’s left to do is pay for your purchase and arrange shipping.

You’ll need to sign up for a free Direct Liquidation account before you can bid on furniture and homeware lots from Direct Liquidation. Sign up takes a matter of seconds and can be done in a matter of a few seconds here.

For those resellers who do not wish to take part in live auctions, we also offer the option to pay for a boxload, pallet or truckload of furniture or homeware for a fixed price. If a lot has a ‘Buy it Now’ button attached to it, you can buy that lot for a fixed price and be taken straight through to payment. While you’ll still be paying well below each lot’s suggested retail price if you choose to buy from Direct Liquidation this way, your business will receive wholesale merchandise to restock your inventory in as fast a time as possible without waiting for auctions to come to end. Some of our business customers prefer this method of buying from our online liquidation marketplace, which is why we include this option on many of the furniture and homeware lots we offer for sale.

Finally, you can always approach us with your own cash offer for one of our furniture and homeware lots. If you have a figure in mind and we like the sound of it, that’s the price you’ll pay. You might just save yourself even more money this way.

Shipping With Direct Liquidation Can Save Your Company Even More Money

If you live close to one of our distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada, you’re welcome to come and pick up your purchases. This will save you a considerable sum on shipping as, in most cases, all you’ll have to pay for is truck hire and gas.

For those customers whose businesses are situated further afield, we recommend checking out what Direct Liquidation charges for shipping before they engage the services of a third-party courier. We have long standing discount shipping arrangements in place with several courier companies due to our status as a high-volume wholesaler. As a result of these arrangements, we can pass on shipping discounts to our customers, meaning it’s often less expensive to let Direct Liquidation handle the shipping than it is to use a third-party to collect and ship your goods.

Each lot we sell on our online marketplace comes with a handy shipping calculator that will give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay if you let Direct Liquidation take the strain when it comes to shipping. So, be sure to check the calculator to see what prices we charge as we might just be able to save your company even more money.

The key to success in reselling furniture and homeware is to find the best, most reliable source of wholesale merchandise, at the lowest possible price to maximize your company’s profits. Direct Liquidation can supply your business with wholesale merchandise at prices you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, so when you’re on the lookout for furniture and homeware auctions near you, look no further than Direct Liquidation.

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