Why Your Toy Store Needs Overstock And Closeout Products To Resell

If you’re a toy store owner, you’ll know just how important it is to find a reliable and reputable wholesale supplier of toys who can supply your business with the stock it needs at a price that’ll make sure your profit margins stay healthy.

As every toy store owner knows, the toy business is an ever-changing market, with kids latching on to new trends just as quickly as they abandon the old ones. Keeping ahead of this can be a logistical nightmare. Luckily, not every toy goes in and out of fashion quite as rapidly as the latest yearly fads. There will always be staples such as board games, radio-controlled cars and cuddly toys that kids will always want regardless of what’s trending at the moment. But where’s the best place to source this type of stock?

Back in the day, most toy store owners relied on a local wholesaler to supply them with stock. This was fine when the gap between wholesale prices and retail prices was wide enough to still make a owners a decent profit, but that gap has narrowed considerably, and now wholesale prices are almost the same as retail prices, making margins much tighter.

There is, however, still a way you can source the stock you need for your business at a low price that’ll ensure your toy store continues to make a healthy profit. That’s by buying pallets of overstock and closeout merchandise from an online liquidation marketplace.

Closeouts And Overstocks – An Overview

Closeouts and Overstock are two of the categories of merchandise a liquidator offers its business customers, and they could be an ideal way for your toy store to stock up on toy essentials such as dolls, toy cars, board games and children’s scooters.

So, what are the main differences between closeouts and overstocked toys?


‘Closeouts’ refers to merchandise that a retailer wishes to dispose of, usually because it’s a seasonal product that’s taking up space that the retailer needs to free up for the next season. It also refers to merchandise that is being disposed of to free up space for newer product, merchandise that is being sold off quickly as a store is closing, and certain types of customer returns.

As a general rule, closeouts are brand new products that are being disposed of quickly by retailers. In the case of toys, this means you’ll find the same quality merchandise a traditional wholesaler can offer but at a vastly reduced price.

Look out for closeouts of toys in January and February – the traditional months when liquidators carry hundreds of lines of toy products fresh from the big retailers.

wholesale pallets


‘Overstock’ is a term applied to merchandise that retailers wish to remove from their warehouse and store shelves after purchasing too much it. It’s a common practice for the big retailers such as Walmart to over-order products, as knowing how much of any given product will actually sell is not an exact science. When it comes time to freeing up store and warehouse shelves to accommodate newer products or seasonal lines, this overstock has to be disposed of quickly. A liquidator offers the retailer an online platform to sell this overstock on its online marketplace to its business customers.

In the case of toy store owners, the overstock they will be looking out for will appear in the biggest quantities after the traditional annual Christmas rush. Retailers such as Walmart buy in huge quantities of toys before Christmas. After the season is over, this stock is surplus to requirements and will often end up in the hands of liquidators who can offer you, the toy store owner, pallets of it at prices you simply will not see elsewhere.

A Wide Range Overstock And Closeouts

Whatever’s trending with kids today, there will always be certain items that are a parent’s go-to products regardless of whatever it is their kids are clamoring for from one Christmas and birthday to another. Be it stocking fillers such as toy cars and puzzles, or be it larger items such as radio-controlled cars, scooters, LEGO playsets and board games, these are items that never go out of fashion. These are the items that you’ll find in the closeouts and overstock sections of a liquidator’s online liquidation marketplace.

Sold in pallets or truckloads, closeouts and overstocked toys can be bid for in live auctions which take place on a daily basis, or they can be bought for a fixed price. Many liquidators are also open to offers – especially when it comes to loyal customers – which means there may well be even greater savings to be made.

Whichever way you decide to pay, you’ll be assured that you’ll receive top quality, branded and unbranded merchandise for your toy store at prices you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Why Your Toy Store Needs Overstock And Closeouts

Let’s face it. Running a bricks and mortar business in the age of Amazon and eBay can be a tough nut to crack. Margins are tight and the competition’s fierce and growing by the day. The additional overheads that come with running a store such as business taxes, staff wages and rents mean the playing field isn’t an even one. As a result, it’s imperative that a toy store owner such as yourself finds any edge they can if they’re to stay one step ahead of the competition.

By buying closeouts and overstock from a reliable liquidator such as Direct Liquidation, you’ll get all the top-quality merchandise your store needs, and you’ll get it at a price which means you’ll still be able to turn a profit.

Now is not the time to be relying on traditional wholesalers. They simply cannot any longer be relied upon to supply the goods your business needs at an attractive price. By working with partners such as Walmart, Direct Liquidation can offer your toy business all the merchandise it needs at an excellent price. You can rest assured that with a reputation to maintain, a large retail partner’s reputation to maintain and a commitment to excellent customer service and support, the goods you buy will be the very best from the very best in the business.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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