How to Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise From Walmart

If you are looking to stock up your business cheaply, the options are plenty nowadays. From wholesale suppliers to closeouts purchases, each and every way you stock up brings its own advantages and occasional disadvantages. Merchandise quality is an often discussed topic. To stand out in the online marketplace you have to offer high-quality at low prices.

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Buying merchandise from dodgy suppliers will not cut it. You either purchase faulty merchandise or the prices are too steep to turn a significant profit, if any at all. Add to that the shipping costs and no guarantee on any of the products, you can see that business ship sinking quick.

But not all is doom and gloom. Whether you buy in person or online, there are ways of stocking up with high quality merchandise from top retailers at prices below wholesale. “Is that even possible?”, you might ask. Well it is, and the following article will let you in on the ways of buying merchandise from one of the largest retailers in the country: Walmart.

Why Buy From Walmart?

You are looking to buy high-quality merchandise for low prices. Buying Walmart merchandise enables to do you just that. There is a way to do this, where your profit margin will be significantly larger compared to when you buy from a wholesale supplier. The quality is also very high, which means you have ticked all the boxes in ‘how to run a successful resale business’ checklist. But as prices at Walmart are retail, you may think that this makes no sense. True, but this is because you are not buying the right Walmart merchandise. What you need is Walmart liquidated merchandise.

As soon as someone mentions liquidated stock, the quality questions start popping up. In reality, a lot of merchandise that is being liquidated is either customer returned merchandise or refurbished products. But this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, especially if you are working with a name such as Walmart.

Where to Buy Pallets of Walmart Liquidated Merchandise?

To buy customer return pallets of Walmart merchandise, you will have to look for a liquidation company. The trick is not to buy from just any liquidators claiming they are selling Walmart liquidation merchandise. In fact, never buy merchandise without verifying the source. The goal is only to buy from reputable liquidators. Luckily for you, Walmart has opened a storefront at Direct Liquidation, which can be accessed here. A storefront means that Walmart is using Direct Liquidation as a platform to reach a wide range of customers like you online. And all you have to do is simply register for an account on the website to be granted access to this merchandise. This is not an ‘exclusive club’ for special buyers.

With Direct Liquidation, a goTRG company, being only a platform, you are buying merchandise directly from Walmart through the storefront. You can buy small lots or truckloads of merchandise. In any case, you are guaranteed high quality products. No mediators like wholesale suppliers will buy large amounts of Walmart liquidations merchandise then break it up into pallets after going through all of it cherry picking the best products and selling the less desirable ones to you. This also ensures that the prices remain low, below wholesale, giving you the best chance of staying competitive in any market while counting a profit on every sale.

What’s Special about Walmart’s Storefront on Direct Liquidation?

You have every right to ask that question and we have to look a bit deeper into that.

Firstly, buying Walmart liquidations merchandise in itself is a guarantee of sorts for the quality of merchandise you are getting. Adding to that a reputable name in the liquidation business such as Direct Liquidation doubles the guarantee. How? Well as any reputable liquidator, Direct Liquidation ensures that the quality of merchandise sold through their online platform is of a certain standard, and the company sets the bar high. In addition, products get reviewed and all the details are put into the manifest that accompanies every pallet of merchandise you buy. If products are refurbished you will also get a full 90-day warranty from the liquidator.

Another advantage is the availability of merchandise, which can be an issue to seasonal buyers. While you can browse the liquidator for a wide range of products from toys to books and electronics, having a steady supply of seasonal products such a clothing can be a problem. This issue is solved with Walmart’s storefront at Direct Liquidation as a wide range of products, even seasonal products, is sold throughout the whole year.

This means you no longer have to worry if your supplier will have enough merchandise to cover your demand or whether you will be able to get your hands on any closeouts and overstock merchandise directly from the retailers before large wholesale buyers roll in and purchase by the truckload. There is always a choice.

For those asking why customer returns are interesting, we have to say that this type of merchandise is often the cheapest. The reason customer-returned merchandise gets liquidated is the fact that it can’t be sold as new anymore, no matter what the reason or in what condition it had been returned to the seller. Sometimes the buyers test out the product and return it because it is not to their liking. Sometimes the products get returned without being opened at all, meaning they are still in brand new condition.

This is certainly the case with end-of-season clearances and products that were pulled off the shelves to free up space for new merchandise. It has to be noted that there will be merchandise that is sold ‘as is’ because it was not tested after it was returned and prior to selling.

Another advantage of the Walmart-Direct Liquidation combo for people looking to buy pallets of customer returned merchandise is the fact that a whole team of Direct Liquidation advisors are doing their best to ensure you find the right merchandise for your business. The account representatives dedicated to the Walmart program will make sure you find the right products and you can always contact a representative either by leaving a message through the link that you see in the bottom right corner of your screen, by calling 1-888-883-2767 or scheduling a callback.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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