Buying Pallets of Walmart Liquidations in Spartanburg, South Carolina

When you are buying merchandise online, shipping costs can be a serious obstacle as they can raise the price of an item significantly. Keeping the purchase price as low as possible is the name of the game, and reducing your transportation costs helps a lot. In the this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to boost your business by buying Walmart returns from a liquidator with a warehouse near you.

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The Price Game

Let’s assume you are running an online resale business and would like to keep the procurement costs at the lowest levels possible. One of the ways to stock up your inventory is to buy in bulk. This generally allows you to buy more items in one go and secure a price reduction or a discount.

Buying in bulk is usually done through the wholesalers. And if you have been working with a wholesaler for a while and become a loyal customer, you are probably getting better treatment and can negotiate better deals and payment terms. But this still leaves you wondering how to stay afloat in an online market that is as competitive as ever. With prices edging ever closer to wholesale, even your well-developed network of wholesale suppliers is not enough to keep you ahead of the game.

This means your focus has to turn elsewhere: liquidated products. Walmart, as a retail giant, has a huge throughput. A sizeable amount of returned merchandise has to be liquidated in order to clear up space for new merchandise. This merchandise is sold at prices below wholesale and would allow you to stay ahead of the game, and make your time and effort worth it.

But is liquidated Walmart merchandise the only way to keep the price down? No. The delivery costs play a significant role in keeping the procurement costs down. This means that if you can pay less for delivery, or not pay anything at all, you can give yourself an even better chance for a higher profit margin compared to your competition. This means that once you find the source for your Walmart liquidated merchandise, look for distribution centers near you.

Buying Pallets of Walmart Liquidations in Spartanburg

If you are living in Spartanburg, or anywhere else in Northern South Carolina, you are in luck. Walmart has its own supercenter in Spartanburg and, if you are buying their liquidated merchandise, you can go pick it up yourself.

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But is it as easy as turning up at Walmart and buying a pallet of liquidated merchandise? Well, there is a catch. These liquidations are dealt with online, usually through wholesalers who turn up at the retailer and snap up truckloads of liquidated merchandise to resell it to smaller buyers further down the line with a wholesaler’s markup. This is not what you are looking for as you want to keep the price down.

This is why you have to look at Direct Liquidation, an online liquidation platform that forged ties with Walmart to make sure you can buy liquidated merchandise at prices below wholesale.

At Direct Liquidation’s website, you are able to tailor your search for merchandise to show you only pallets sold from the Spartanburg distribution center. But this is not limited to people living in Spartanburg. The distribution center sits on the I29, a U.S. route running north to south from Savannah River to Blacksburg spanning 109 miles. It connects to the Interstate 26 as well as I85 providing easy access to places like Greenville, Cowpens, Blacksburg, all the way to Charlotte or Columbia.

A well-connected distribution center means you drive from anywhere along the mentioned routes to the distribution center and pick up the merchandise yourself, or simply have it delivered at lower costs.

Benefits of Buying Walmart Liquidations

Walmart is a number one retailer and keeping that reputation is very important. Direct Liquidation is a platform looking to provide the best services to its customers. The combination of the two brings a level of quality to the deal that you can’t ignore.

Liquidated merchandise is mostly customer returns. But not all customer returns have been brought back to the retailer because of faults or blemishes and damage. Some customers take full use of the generous money-back policy and return merchandise within that period for a refund or new stuff. Some items get returned in original packaging, in brand new condition. And items that have certain faults get inspected, refurbished, brought back to their original condition, repackaged and readied for liquidation.

The best of all is the fact that you can buy exactly the merchandise you need at prices below wholesale. And you are even given the opportunity to buy from a distribution center near you. Basically, you are giving yourself every chance to maximize the return on your investment.

If quality is still of concern to you, here are a few more facts about liquidated Walmart merchandise. Once it is inspected and refurbished, the retailer slaps ona extended warranty and a new 30-day money-back guarantee. This is the confidence they have in the quality of their merchandise which means you are safe to buy and resell these items for a significant profit, listing them basically as new.

In addition to the warranty and money-back guarantee, each pallet of liquidated merchandise comes with a manifest. This is a list containing information such as the type of products, the quantity and quality of products contained in the pallet. This way you not only know what the condition of the merchandise is, but also know what you are actually buying.

Besides the quality and the price, as well as the proximity of the distribution center, there is another factor that goes in favor of Walmart liquidated merchandise. With the throughput that the company like Walmart has, you never risk being short on supply. The amount of merchandise sold by Walmart and the portion that gets returned, means you are always certain to be able to purchase stock for your business.

So, if you live in Spartanburg or anywhere near it, and do online resale in your spare time or as a full-time business, head on to Direct Liquidation and get your next pallet of Walmart liquidated merchandise. You can then go and pick it up yourself, keeping the procurement costs down, and your profit margins up.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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