About Direct Liquidation

In the past, online liquidators pawned off “as is” and “salvage-grade” merchandise to buyers as the best value available in the wholesale marketplace. Product misrepresentation, low-grade items, and a narrow assortment of tier-2 or 3 brands were commonplace. The ability to purchase small loads or retail-ready products was virtually unheard of. In addition, if you were “lucky” enough to win one of their auctions you could expect a further 7-15% “buyer premium” charge for the privilege of buying their junk inventory. Unlike all other online liquidators, Direct Liquidation offers:

  • An incredible range of products your customers are looking for
  • The tier-1 brands you demand based on exclusive relationships with top national retailers/manufacturers
  • Daily availability of all grades of products so you can stay in-stock
  • Smaller loads so you can test customer demand without tying up all of your resources
  • Six (6) convenient locations throughout the US and Canada allow you to quickly receive shipments
  • 90-day warranties on refurbished products to alleviate non-working issues
  • 2007Founded
  • 2009Open 1st integrated
    refurbishing facility
  • 2011Refurb Over One
    Million devices
  • 2012Expand to 5 facilities
    and 6 satellite
    locations throughout
    North America
  • 2014Expand product
    offering to include ALL
    retail categories
  • 2015Launch the NEW
    Auction platform

Reverse Logistics Experts

In a typical logistics model products are manufactured, distributed, and sold to the end user. In a perfect world, the product lifecycle would end when the product is purchased. However, we live in a world full of imperfection. That imperfection leads to customer returns, end-of-life product, and/or overstock that didn’t sell due to seasonality or underperformance. This is where reverse logistics comes into play and Direct Liquidation is an industry leader. We market customer returns, end-of-life, overstock, and refurbished products.

Yearly sales statistics

750,000 Video Game Software
1,000,000 Media Players & Accessories
1,500,000 Tablets & eReaders
1,200,000 Desktop/Laptop Computers
1,000,000 TV’s (LED, LCD, Plasma)
450,000 Digital Cameras & Camcorders
650,000 Video Game Hardware (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)
500,000 Headphones & Portable Speakers
700,000 Smartphones
1,800,000 Apple Products

In House Refurbishment

All product refurbishment is done at our in-house facilities. Returned items are processed to ensure they operate according to the manufacturer’s original specifications, are kitted with new accessories, warrantied, and placed in retail-ready/new packaging ready for resale. Merchandise is warehoused at one of our six (6) US and Canadian centers and is available for shipment to virtually anywhere in the world.

The Direct Liquidation Advantage

  • Tier-1 brand merchandise from top national retailers.
  • Over 100 product categories including: electronics automotive, tools, appliances, and much more
  • Steady stream of fresh customer returns, overstock, end of life and refurbished products
  • Real time bidding platform
  • Variety of load sizes from a carton through to full truckloads
  • No buyer premium charges after winning an auction
  • Real time shipping quotes (both for US and International shipping)
  • Real time market resale prices calculated using our Proprietary Intelligent Pricing Technology (PIPE™)
  • New buyers are fully vetted and confirmed before they are allowed to bid on an auction
  • Secure shopping cart and checkout process with multiple payment options

Our mission is to eliminate the middlemen that are cutting into your profits and provide buyers with a platform that connects them directly to inventory from top brands and national retailers. Get Started Today: Register a Free Account