How Can You Stock Your Music Store with More Affordable Equipment and Instruments? You Need Customer Returns

If you run a music store, you’ll know the importance of offering your customers the best quality products at affordable prices. One of the key things you need to get right in order to do this is to find a reliable supplier who can supply your music store with products at a wholesale price that will leave plenty of room to turn a healthy profit.

With competition fierce in pretty much every market thanks primarily to the explosion of eCommerce, it’s becoming less and less possible to carry on buying stock from a local wholesale supplier at a price that will help you achieve that profit. Indeed, with wholesale prices nearly on the same level as retail prices these days, the possibility to increase your business’s margins by buying from a local supplier is decreasing as every month goes by.

So, what’s the solution for a music store owner who needs to supply their customers with the very best musical instruments and accessories such as pedals, stands, microphones and speakers, but also needs to make a profit to keep the band on the road? Well, for many retailers – music store owners included – the answer is to buy customer return pallets from an online liquidation marketplace.

What Are Customer Returns?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of products are returned to big-name retailers by customers for a wide variety of reasons. Be they unwanted presents, a customer changing their mind about their purchase, or an item not working, these returns are part and parcel of the retail business. It’s what the big name retailer does with these items after they are returned that should be of interest to any reseller looking to make a profit.

With so many items being returned to stores such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Amazon, these products must be stored, and that’s where the problem for a big retailer begins. Unable to simply put these returns back on their shelves, they instead take up valuable storage space, and in the world of the big retailer, that’s valuable space that could be housing new stock.

This is where a liquidator steps in. A liquidation business provides big retailers with platforms to dispose of these unwanted returns quickly and easily via live auctions of pallets of customer returns on their online marketplaces.

Among the returns, a liquidator sells through its marketplace are musical instruments and musical accessories. And because they come direct from the big retailers and not from a traditional wholesaler, they’re available to buy at a much lower price point.

How Customer Returns Can Benefit Your Music Store

So, how exactly does buying returns pallets of merchandise benefit your music store business? Well, it’s very simple. By working with some of the biggest retailers and suppliers in the land, liquidators can offer your business a steady stream of instruments and accessories at prices you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Top tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation work directly in partnership with companies such as Walmart. Because a company like Walmart has so many returns coming back through its doors, there are always new lines of stock to be found on a liquidator’s website.

Sold in single or multiple pallets, the musical instruments and accessories you’ll find on a liquidator’s online marketplace are sold via live auctions. They can also be bought at a specific price or can be bought at a price you negotiate with the liquidator.

Usually sold as ‘untested’, these pallets of mixed instruments and accessories will contain everything from ‘as new’ products, to slightly scuffed items that are still in perfectly good condition, right down to ‘tested not working’ instruments and accessories that are particularly useful for those music stores that offer spare parts, a repair service, or both.

It’s this variety of product that will benefit your business, as you’ll be able to sell various types of merchandise in a variety of conditions at a number of price points that will benefit a large number of your customers who are all on totally different budgets.

By being able to offer such a wide variety of stock at prices all of your customers will find affordable, you’ll really feel the benefit of sourcing cheap wholesale merchandise through a liquidation business. You’ll have plenty of goods to sell, and you won’t have broken the bank when it comes to sourcing those goods.

Staying One Step Ahead Of The Competition

In this day and age, staying one step ahead of the competition is vital if your music store business is to stay afloat, survive and thrive. Competition has never been stronger than it is now, which is why it’s vitally important that you gain as much as an advantage over your competitors as you can.

The retail market for musical instruments in the United States is worth an astonishing $6 billion a year. Tapping into that market may be relatively easy; it’s staying ahead and taking a slice of the revenue that’s the tricky part.

However, by buying music store staples such as karaoke machines, microphones, speakers, keyboards, kids’ instruments, music software, guitars and drum kits from online wholesale suppliers such as a liquidation marketplace, you’ll be able to carve out a nice little slice of that market with ease. With this type of merchandise being sold by liquidators at a fraction of its MSRP value, there will always be profits to be made.

Customer Returns And Your Business

The advantages of buying a pallet or multiple pallets of musical equipment from a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation are clear. Thanks to the unique relationship a liquidator has with its partners in retail, they will be able to supply your music store business with all the top-quality stock it needs, whenever it needs it.

And by buying pallets of liquidated stock from a liquidator, you’ll have the peace of mind that you are buying from a company with a commitment to affordability and customer service; a company that prides itself on its flexibility, reliability, and efficiency.

In this fast-paced retail world, it’s never been more important to source the merchandise you need for your music business from a reliable wholesale supplier who will deliver the goods at the lowest possible price. A liquidator can do just that, turning pallets of customer returns into some of the most profitable wholesale items you can buy. So why not check out what’s on offer in a liquidation marketplace today? You’ll be glad you did.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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