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Own A Construction Business? Looking For Bulk Tools And Equipment? Here’s How To Buy At Rock Bottom Prices

Owning a construction business requires you to manage a number of different aspects of the job. These include from getting deals, doing construction to managing workers and providing tooling and materials. Tools are a major point of concern. You must have the tools at the ready at any given moment, and, due to the frequency and nature of use, it is not surprising that you have to buy new sets of tools often.

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If you are a builder and have your own set of tools, construction business owners are willing to give you a job. Companies can cut costs employing people with their own tools. This also allows them to direct funds elsewhere instead of buying tools for their workers. And this is justified if you see your workers carelessly tossing around tools simply because they were provided everything and know that once broken the tool kit will be replaced.

In any case, you need a quick solution and a source that will allow you to buy tools at rock bottom prices. Here’s how.

Where to Buy Liquidated Tools?

As a small contractor, you’d probably go to a retailer and buy your tools, piece by piece. As a company you can go to a retailer or a wholesaler because of the volume of tools you require. But there is always a middleman between you and the manufacturer, which would be the cheapest option. Manufacturers usually have very high minimum order requirements and stocking up with tools isn’t really in your business strategy or within your budget.

So, wholesalers provide you with options. You can buy in bulk, which reduces the price, but there is always that wholesaler’s markup you have to deal with. On the positive side, this means there is a source that wholesalers buy from in order to be able to resell the merchandise. This source is usually a retailer that is freeing up space in its warehouse or is having to get rid of merchandise that was returned by customers, for one reason or the other. Essentially, they are liquidating merchandise.

So, in order to buy tools at rock bottom prices, you have to look for liquidation platforms where retailers liquidate their merchandise. One of these platforms is Direct Liquidation, who gives retailers the opportunity to reach a wider audience online and sell their merchandise fast.

This way, the retailer is exposed to a larger number of buyers and the merchandise is cleared out fast, with no need for wholesalers to show up and buy by a truckload. One such retailers is the home improvement specialist Lowe’s. The company is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, but has a vast network or retail stores all over the United States and Canada.

In order to liquidate merchandise, the company has partnered up with Direct Liquidation to expedite the process. This means that your next tools purchase should go through Direct Liquidation.

What Gets Liquidated?

Lowe’s is a specialist in home improvement merchandise and the tools that go along with it. Due to the amount of merchandise they work with, it is inevitable that some of it gets returned. The reasons for merchandise being returned vary and can range from damage during transport to malfunction. In any case, the merchandise gets returned to the retailer. Following inspection, tools or any other products get inspected for damage, refurbished if possible and resold. But due to the fact that this is no longer brand new merchandise, it can’t be sold as new and has to be liquidated.

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Now, customer returns are not the only things that get liquidated. Merchandise like shelf-pulls also get liquidated or overstock merchandise. These are products that were either not sold or never go to the store shelves but only take up space in the warehouse. These products also get liquidated.

Benefits of Buying Lowe’s Liquidated Tools

The most important benefit, and the one you are looking for in the first place, is the price. Liquidated merchandise, in this case tools, gets sold at significantly reduced prices that are well below wholesale. This provides you with a chance to make some serious savings on your next tools purchase.

Additionally, Direct Liquidation and Lowe’s have their distribution centers spread out across the USA and Canada, meaning you can make further savings on the delivery costs.

The third benefit is that there is no limit to the purchases you are making. You can buy by the lot, by the pallet or even by the truckload, depending on your budget and the actual needs.

Does Buying Lowe’s Liquidated Tools Compromise Quality?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and not only when it comes to Lowe’s tools, but liquidated merchandise in general. The truth is that liquidated merchandise is often considered a synonym for used, damaged or scrapped items. However, over recent years, companies such as Direct Liquidation have pulled out all the stops to improve their service and the quality of products they provide. They have also partnered up with retailers such as Lowe’s to ensure that only quality merchandise is provided.

Yes, questions remains over the quality of customer returned merchandise, and as noted above, it can be returned for plenty of reasons. Some do come back with faults; others, on the other hand, get returned in their original packaging, brand new. Some items get refurbished and brought back to their original condition, repackaged and liquidated.

There are also items that are not in similar condition, but the benefit of working with, and buying through Direct Liquidation is that you are always provided with a manifest. This is a packing list showing you the type, the quantity and the quality of merchandise in the pallet. This not only means you know what you are buying, but also in what condition the tools are in.

So, next time you or your workers need a new set of tools, or you need home improvement items or appliances, make sure to head up to Direct Liquidation and get your hands on a pallet of merchandise at rock bottom prices.

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