Why Your Electronics Store Needs A New Type Of Wholesale Supplier

It can be easily argued that we’re living through a technological golden age. Thanks to the explosion of consumer electronics that began in the 1980s, blossomed in the 1990s and now dominates so many aspects of our lives as we head towards the end of the second decade of the 21st Century, there has never been a better time to make money from this exciting global market.

However, if you run an electronics store, you may not be fully enjoying the fruits of your labor thanks to a worrying trend you may have noticed of late. In recent years, wholesale prices have begun to line up with retail prices, oftentimes being almost on a par with them. Higher wholesale prices mean one thing – lower profit yields. And that can only spell disaster for the electronics store owner who relies on buying electronics wholesale.

So, how to combat this alarming new trend? Well, many electronics store owners are turning to online liquidation marketplaces. These are online wholesale suppliers who can still supply your electronics retail business with everything it needs at a price that won’t leave a black hole in your profits.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

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Unlike a traditional wholesale supplier, a top-tier liquidation business works with some of the country’s largest and most successful retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and Target. Liquidators provide the big-name retailers with a platform through which they can sell their unwanted customer returns, overstocked merchandise and closeouts to businesses such as yours.

Every year, retailers such as Walmart sell hundreds and thousands of consumer electronics through its stores and website to customers across the United States. Inevitably, some of this merchandise is returned to stores for a wide variety of reasons ranging from so-called ‘buyer’s regret’ to the product not working. These customer returns number in the hundreds of thousands over the course of a year for the big retailers, so what happens to returned items? Well, as they can no longer be sold as brand new products – despite the fact that in a lot of cases that’s exactly what they are – a big name retailer will look to dispose of this type of stock as quickly as possible to free up valuable shelf space for new, more profitable products.

As well as customer returns, big name retailers also regularly have need to dispose of what’s known as ‘overstock and ‘closeouts’. As you’ll no doubt be aware, ordering stock isn’t an exact science, and it’s often the case that a retailer – especially one of the size of Target or Walmart – over-orders lines of product. In the case of electronics products (where new versions of popular products such as laptops, phones and tablets arrive seemingly every five minutes), that means a big-name retailer will often have more stock than it can sell. The same applies to closeouts, which, in the case of electronics, refers to items a retailer needs to dispose of because they have taken the decision to close a store.

All of this stock has to go somewhere so it’s not taking up valuable warehouse shelf space. That’s where a liquidator steps in. They offer the retailers an online platform where the retailers can sell all of these overstocked products, closeouts and returned electronics for sale to businesses such as yours. And because they wish to dispose of this merchandise quickly, they’re prepared to take a big hit on price.

Better Products, Better Prices

Thanks to the unique relationship liquidators enjoy with some of the country’s biggest retail giants, you’ll find an astonishing array of top-quality wholesale electronics on a liquidator’s online live auction and sales platform. Because top-tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation deal with some of the biggest names in retail, you can buy bulk electronics from some of the giants of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Go to a liquidator’s site, navigate to the electronics section and you’ll find products from some of the biggest electronics companies on the planet – companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung. There’s a huge range of products to choose from, from wholesale laptops, computer monitors and PCs, to smartphones and tablets, quadcopters and drones, TVs, games consoles and accessories and much, much more.

Sold in a variety of conditions, you’ll find consumer electronics that are ‘as new’ and ‘refurbished’, right down to products that are classified ‘tested-not-working’, which, if you run a repair service in your store, are an ideal source of spare parts.

And best of all, because the big-name retailers wish to dispose of their huge quantities of electronics closeouts, customer returns and overstock as quickly as possible, all of these great-quality products can be bought in tested and untested pallets and truckloads via live auction or at a fixed / negotiated price for a fraction of their retail value.

What does that ultimately mean for your business? Well, you’ll be able to sell a variety of top-quality products in a variety of conditions at a wide range of price points to a large customer base coming from all income streams. And because you’ll have bought your liquidated stock at a much lower price than traditional wholesalers can offer you, you’ll be able to sell the merchandise you buy from an online liquidation marketplace at a very competitive price which will ultimately lead to better customer retention and, of course, wider profit margins.

Why You Need A New Type Of Wholesale Supplier

It’s an exciting time to be in electronics retail, but only if you buy wholesale electronics for resale from the right place. With wholesale prices reaching near-parity with retail prices, that means one thing – sourcing from a top-tier liquidator who can guarantee you top-quality merchandise at a price that won’t break the bank.

Liquidators can offer your electronics business everything it needs to keep your customers happy, and they can offer you what you need at a price other types of wholesalers simply cannot compete with. Lower wholesale prices mean better profits for your business – that’s pretty much the bottom line. So why not check out what a liquidator has to offer your electronics business today? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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