How to Make Money on Amazon Reselling Returns

Taking advantage of the growing number of people that buy online, Amazon has turned from an online bookstore to a global platform that sells practically everything. The company has basically become a leading online retailer, and anyone can get involved.

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However, many are reluctant to try this business model as the prices on Amazon seem to be very near wholesale. This means that there is a very small profit margin left to work with if you are stocking up your business from wholesale suppliers. Some are using Amazon’s affiliate program and advertising links to products selling on Amazon for a certain percentage of the sale. This is one model that can work but whether you’d make enough money to make your effort and time worth it is questionable. But there is a way, so, if you are looking to make money with Amazon, here are a few options to check out.

Ways of Making Money on Amazon

There is more than one way of making money with Amazon, one of which is its affiliate program that will see you earn a 10 percent commission for every sale you make. This means leading the buyer to a specific Amazon product by advertising links on your Facebook or Twitter account, for example. You can also sell labeled products on Amazon. This means you’d have to start producing something or create something and find a manufacturer to create it before selling it online.

There are also other ways of making money on Amazon. If you are not into finding wholesale merchandise to resell on Amazon, and you are more of a poet or a novelist, you could sell your books via Amazon Kindle. If you had written a book you can upload it on Amazon and sell it there. Your goal is not only to upload the material but also to market it and try to get some good reviews on the book because otherwise, you’d get no sales at all.

If you are looking to make some quick cash on the side, you could explore the Mechanical Turk, which connects business owners to people who can get certain jobs done quickly and cheaply. Most of the jobs on Mechanical Turk, however, are low paying jobs so if you are looking for somewhat substantial profit it is not an option for you since many jobs are evaluated in cents.

Buying and Reselling Customer Returns

We have a great guide to making money selling on Amazon, so make sure to check it out!

You could also turn to the increasingly popular method of buying wholesale merchandise and selling it on Amazon with a markup. As noted in the introduction, Amazon has become an online retailer as well as a marketplace for businesses to sell their merchandise. And it is not only Amazon, the likes of Walmart and Target are interesting also. This is due to the throughput these companies have. In percentage, 30 percent of the merchandise sold online gets returned to the seller for one reason or another.

Now, you might ask why would I look into the customer returned merchandise at all? Well, the thing is that the merchandise you are buying from wholesalers is the same customer returned merchandise that you are trying to get away from. The fact is that the merchandise that gets returned is picked up by the retailers dedicated departments, reviewed, sorted, repacked and then liquidated. This means that it gets sold in bulk at significantly reduced prices.

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Usually, wholesalers were almost the sole customers for this merchandise. They’d turn up with their trucks and buy everything they could transport. Once the merchandise is delivered to their warehouses, wholesalers go through everything, sort it and then sell it on to you, the next to last buyer, with a markup.

However, over recent years, retailers have found ways to skip the middlemen and sell their liquidated merchandise directly to smaller buyers, who could previously not keep up with the buying power of wholesalers. By setting up a storefront at an online liquidation platform, Direct Liquidation, Amazon, Walmart and Target are all able to sell their liquidated merchandise to a world-wide audience at prices below wholesale.

You will find that a number of liquidation companies are advertising Amazon liquidations, or Walmart or Target liquidations. The key is to find a reputable liquidation company to work with. Liquidated merchandise is still considered low quality, since the vast majority of merchandise is used, malfunctioning or even scrap.

However, with the names such as Amazon, Walmart and Target entering the game liquidators are looking to improve the quality of their services and the merchandise being sold. Amazon, and other retailers have dedicated departments that refurbish merchandise bringing it back to the original condition. This means the products are as good as new, and the confidence is reflected in the money-back guarantees given by retailers for their refurbished products and extended warranty.

Additional security is the fact that a reputable liquidation company like Direct Liquidation will provide you with a manifest for every pallet you buy. A manifest is essentially a packing list showing you the types, the quantity, the condition of the merchandise as well as descriptions. This means that you are able to purchase only the merchandise you are interested in and your customer base is after. You can also always make sure you are buying top-quality products that would not blemish your reputation.

And the best of all, prices are well below wholesale. This gives you the ability to stay competitive in any market and to make your efforts worth it. So, if you are not inclined to write your own book, and you’re not currently inventing something unique yourself, this is probably going to be your best option, and It has been tried and tested again and again to prove profitable.

Starting an Amazon Business

Websites like Amazon have enabled small business owners and online sellers to grab their share of the online sales market by providing a global platform. So do your research, pick the products that you like the look of the most, and go make money on Amazon!

We have a great guide to making money selling on Amazon, so make sure to check it out!

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