Make More Money Buying and Reselling Pallets of Liquidations from Lowe’s

If you run a home improvement retail business, you’ll no doubt be on the lookout for a reliable source of cheap wholesale merchandise sold at a price that won’t break the bank and will result in healthy profits for your business when sold on to your customers.

You’ll no doubt recently have noticed a rather worrying trend if you’ve been used to sourcing your home improvement stock from traditional wholesalers. Where they were once able to offer your business a decent price on the goods you sourced from them, nowadays their prices are pretty close to being the same as retail prices. That leaves you very little room to make a profit, and as profit is the lifeblood of any business, that could easily spell disaster unless you find a cheaper supplier.

Luckily there are still online wholesale suppliers who can help you out. They’re called top-tier liquidators, and in the case of Direct Liquidation, they’re offering pallets of customer returns from Lowe’s – the second biggest home improvement retailer in the United States.

What Are Lowe’s Customer Returns?

Every year, customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico return thousands of items to Lowe’s stores and its website for a wide variety of reasons. They may, for example, suffer so-called ‘buyer’s remorse’ – that feeling some people get that they’ve bought something they don’t actually need, and therefore return what they’ve brought back to Lowe’s. Other people discover the products they buy aren’t working and return them for that reason.

However products find their way back to Lowe’s stores, they share one thing in common – Lowe’s does not wish to try to resell them in its stores. Because these customer returns are no longer classified as brand new products – despite in many cases being exactly that – and because Lowe’s is not a discounter or a second-hand goods store, these products would, if it were not for liquidators, sit on the company’s shelves gathering dust and taking up valuable space in Lowe’s’ warehouses. And that’s space they could be filling with brand new products.

So, what does a company like Lowe’s do with its customer returns? It turns to a top-tier liquidation business it trusts. Direct Liquidation offers Lowe’s a platform on its website through which this giant of the home improvement world can sell its unwanted customer returns to businesses such as yours.

A Great Line Of Top-Quality Lowe’s Products

On Direct Liquidation’s site, you’ll find pallets of Lowe’s customer returns wholesale available to buy via live auction or at a set or negotiated price. There’s a great range of Lowe’s merchandise to choose from in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’ (for spares and repairs), which can be priced at an attractive range of price points to attract the largest customer base on a wide variety of budgets.

On Direct Liquidation’s site, you’ll find Lowe’s is offering pallets of merchandise ranging from kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, power tools, hedge clippers, chainsaws and much, much more that come from manufacturers such as Honeywell, Black & Decker, and DeWalt.

And because all this great-quality merchandise is customer returns that Lowe’s wishes to dispose of quickly to free up valuable warehouse space, you’ll find it all available to buy at a price you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Buying And Shipping Couldn’t Be Easier

Buying merchandise by the pallet through Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation platform couldn’t be easier. Pallets of Lowe’s home improvement goods are sold via live auction. Once you’ve located a pallet of stock you’re interested in, you can set up a live alert which will notify you when that particular pallet is coming up for auction.

Once the pallet goes live, you can enter bids and if you’re successful, the lot is yours. Of course, it’s always important to set an upper limit on what you’re prepared to pay for a pallet of Lowe’s stock. Don’t be tempted to go above your limit – with new Lowe’s stock arriving on the site daily, there’s sure to be another pallet of top-quality Lowe’s merchandise coming along soon.

You can also buy a pallet of Lowe’s liquidated stock at a fixed price via every lot’s ‘Buy It Now’ button. Or you can approach the liquidator directly and make an offer on the pallet of goods you’re interested in. Direct Liquidation is more than happy to hear what you have to offer, and you may just walk away with an even bigger bargain.

However, you choose to pay, shipping your goods is extremely convenient thanks to Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers being located alongside major highways across the States and Canada in the following locations:

Blacksburg, South Carolina,

Bentonville, Arkansas,

Rogers, Arkansas,

Greenfield, Indiana,

Frankfort, Kentucky,

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Many clients choose to handle their own shipping; however, it’s always worth checking the shipping calculator which accompanies each Lowe’s lot to see if Direct Liquidation can handle and ship your goods at a cheaper price.

However you choose to buy and ship your Lowe’s purchases, Direct Liquidation has a dedicated customer services team on hand to help you with any questions you might have, and they’ll also be there to resolve any problems in the unlikely event that any arise.

Making Money From Your Liquidation Purchases

Because you’ll get such a great deal on price when you source customer return pallets of Lowe’s merchandise from Direct Liquidation, you’ll have lots of top quality Lowe’s merchandise to sell through to your customers.

Retail is a fiercely competitive environment to be in these days, with competition constantly snapping at your heels. By sourcing Lowe’s merchandise for your home improvement business from Direct Liquidation, you’ll be able to gain an advantage over your competitors thanks to being able to offer your customers fantastic quality Lowe’s goods at attractive prices that will keep your customers happy; that will increase the chances of them returning to make further purchases and, most importantly, will leave you plenty of margin to make a profit.

Buying returns pallets of liquidated Lowe’s stock through Direct Liquidation can both save and make your business money, so why not check out Direct Liquidation’s site today and see what Lowe’s has to offer your business. We’re pretty confident you won’t regret it.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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