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Why Your Small Business Really Needs To Sell Overstock Items

If you’re running a small business that specializes in selling new, nearly new, refurbished and customer returned merchandise to your customers, you’ll know how vitally important it is to source the stock that’s the lifeblood of your business at the lowest possible price.

In this day and age, a small business’s options are no longer limited to traditional channels of buying stock from a wholesaler. Indeed, with wholesale and retail prices reaching almost parity, this method of stock sourcing is no longer viable for many small businesses, as profits are negligible.

So, where can you turn to ensure your small business has plenty of top-quality cheap wholesale merchandise to sell through to your customers bought wholesale at a price that won’t break the bank? Well, many small businesses have discovered the benefits of buying overstock items from online liquidation marketplaces. And it’s not hard to see why.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

Put simply, an online liquidation marketplace is a place where you’ll find pallets of high-quality liquidated merchandise at prices you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. So, how does it work? Well, unlike traditional wholesalers who usually buy merchandise direct from manufacturers, a liquidation business deals directly with both manufacturers and big-name retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy, providing a platform for these companies to dispose of their customer returns, closeouts, refurbished merchandise and overstock products.

By working in partnership with the big retailers, a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation can offer its customers pallets of top quality merchandise – a large amount of it ‘as new’ from some of the biggest names in consumer manufacturing – at prices traditional wholesalers simply cannot match.

So, is it worth buying merchandise by the pallet from an online liquidation marketplace, and is concentrating on buying overstock items right for your small business? In a nutshell, yes it is.

What Are Overstock Items And Why Should You Buy Them?

As well as selling everything from customer returns to refurbished products on their sites, top-tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation carry hundreds of lines of overstocked items. So what exactly are overstock items, and how do they differ from, say, closeouts or customer returns?

Unlike closeouts, which are usually items (often season-specific) that are disposed of throughout the year when shelf space needs freeing up in a retailer’s stores and warehouses, overstock items usually have never even seen the inside of a store.

Retail is not an exact science. Companies – even the biggest ones – can only ever estimate the amount of stock they’ll require. Having only a ballpark figure means most retailers will over-order stock from manufacturers. They hardly ever sell out of the merchandise they order, which means they will have plenty of merchandise left over when it comes time to order in new lines of products.

The merchandise they have over-ordered therefore becomes classified as ‘overstock’ and retailers such as Walmart will start looking around to dispose of this merchandise as quickly as possible to free up warehouse and storage space for new product. That’s where the liquidator comes in.

The 3 Main Advantages Of Buying Overstock

If you’re looking for a reliable source to buy pallets of merchandise from, the advantages of buying overstock merchandise from a reputable liquidator such as Direct Liquidation over sourcing wholesale pallets of stock from a more traditional wholesaler are clear.


A top-tier liquidator deals with some of the biggest retailers in the country. This means the goods they can offer their customers are of the highest quality, with plenty of big brand names from world-class manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony. And because this type of merchandise is classed as ‘overstock’, most of it will be brand new, in its original packaging and will have never even seen the inside of a store, let alone been handled by the public.


As we have already mentioned because liquidators partner with some of the biggest names in retail in the United States, the variety of merchandise they can offer their clients is second-to-none. Whether your small business specializes in selling consumer electronics such as wholesale laptops, or it specializes in supplying customers with discounted or top-of-the-range clothing and fashion accessories, you’ll find plenty of pallets of overstock items to suit all your requirements.


Thanks to the unique and exclusive relationships a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation negotiates with its suppliers, they are able to offer wholesale pallets of overstock items at a vastly reduced price. Sold via live auction, for a fixed price or for a price negotiated between the liquidator and their customers, the savings your small business will make on sourcing stock from an online liquidation marketplace simply cannot be matched by a traditional wholesale outlet.

Low prices mean one thing above all else – you’ll be able to offer your customers great quality merchandise at prices your competitors will struggle to match, and that means more sales for your business and higher profit margins.

Buying Overstock – A Great Way To Make Savings

As we have seen, liquidators such as Direct Liquidation can offer your small business a huge range of great quality liquidated stock to suit all pockets and types of retail businesses, from discounted clothing to top tech from some of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the business. And because it’s classed as overstock, the vast majority of this merchandise will be brand new.

Being able to offer your customers new and nearly new products at a lower price than your competitors can offer is just one way you can gain an edge in today’s challenging retail environment

As we said at the start of this article, with wholesale and retail prices converging, there’s only one way to keep one step ahead of the competition and keep your business’s bottom line healthy – by sourcing pallets of overstock items from a liquidator.

Many small businesses have discovered the advantages of using an online liquidation marketplace such as Direct Liquidation when purchasing their overstock merchandise. When you see what’s available to buy wholesale from a liquidator, such as a wide range of Walmart liquidations, we think you’ll be eager to do the same.

Looking for overstock items for your small business? Look no further than an online liquidation marketplace.

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