Where To Source Product To Maximize Margins For Your Discount Clothing Store

If you run a discount clothing store, you’ll know the importance of sourcing cheap wholesale merchandise for your business. There was a time when that meant dealing with a traditional wholesaler. However, this isn’t always the best way to source the cheapest, best-quality stock nowadays. Indeed, it can actually negatively affect your business’s profit margins. There’s now a much better way to ensure your business has a continuous line of top-quality merchandise, and it can save you a considerable amount of money.

A Better Way To Source Clothing

As retail prices have lowered to a point where they’re almost on a parity with the prices traditional wholesalers are able to offer their customers, the chances of turning a decent profit as a discount clothes store owner have rapidly dwindled. So, what are your options if you still want to make money from selling discount clothing? Well, there’s a very good alternative to sourcing your stock from a traditional wholesalerbuying merchandise by the pallet from an online liquidation marketplace.

Unlike traditional wholesalers, a liquidator works with some of the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the United States, providing them with a platform to sell their overstocked, customer returned and refurbished merchandise quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at the advantages of sourcing your stock from a liquidation business such as Direct Liquidation as opposed to a traditional wholesaler.

The Advantages Of Buying From A Liquidator

When it comes to cost, a liquidator’s prices are hard to beat. Why? Because unlike a wholesaler who will mostly buy brand new clothing straight from a manufacturer at a discount price and sell it on at near to retail value (thus slashing potential reseller profits down to pretty much zero), a liquidator stocks a huge range of new, returned and discounted clothing from a wide range of manufacturers that comes straight from major retailers looking to clear space in their stores and warehouses.

But doesn’t a liquidator just sell second-hand stuff and low-quality merchandise, we hear you ask? Not at all. While that may be the case for smaller liquidators, a top-tier liquidation business such as Direct Liquidation operates differently.

By providing a platform for such giants of the retail world as Walmart, Direct Liquidation can offer its clothing customers a massive range of liquidated stock, from big-name designer brands to budget lines. And because they’re cutting out the middleman that is the wholesaler, they can offer this stock in pallets or truckloads at a vastly reduced price.

The advantages of sourcing the stock you need from a liquidator as opposed to a traditional wholesaler are clear. You’ll get a constant stream of great-quality merchandise at a low cost that will make it much easier to offer clothing to your customers at a much cheaper price than your competitors are able to do.

Buying from a Wider Range Of Stock Options

Thanks to the unique relationship liquidators such as Direct Liquidation have with big-name retailers, you’ll find lots of options available when you log on to a liquidation marketplace. By partnering with retailers such as Walmart, a company like Direct Liquidation can offer your discount clothing business several different options. For example, hundreds of thousands of clothes are returned to stores every year for a variety of reasons. Rather than taking up valuable warehouse space, a retailer will look to offload this merchandise that they can no longer sell as new, even if it is, in fact, new, just returned.

The liquidator bundles all these returns into customer returns pallets, which can be bought from them via live auctions that take place on a liquidator’s site on a daily basis. You’ll find a huge range of different types clothing, from designer brand goods from some of the biggest names in clothing manufacturing, to discount attire that will suit customers on a tight budget. The pallets of clothing a liquidator offers can suit all kinds of businesses, from large retailers to flea marketers, from wholesalers to discount stores.

For the most part, each pallet of clothing you purchase will contain a large quantity of perfectly good, grade A merchandise that has been returned to a retailer for no better reason than the customer decided they didn’t like it, or it was bought untried and turned out not to fit when the customer got it home. In other words, each pallet contains large amounts of stock that is, for all intents and purposes, brand new. For a discount clothing business, these are some of the most profitable wholesale items you’ll find on a liquidator’s website.

Why You Need Closeouts

Furthermore, liquidators such as Direct Liquidation also offer pallets of closeouts. For a discount clothing business, this is a godsend because it means they’ll have the first pick whenever the big retailers need to either clear space in their stores and warehouses for new products, or dispose of seasonal product lines.

By keeping an eye on a liquidator’s site throughout the year, you’ll find an abundance of clothing as the stores change from winter lines to spring, and from summer back to winter. Such is the ever-changing nature of the fashion business, there’s always a new season just around the corner, and the stock a retailer such as Walmart that hasn’t manage to dispose of in sales winds up on a liquidator’s platform at a vastly reduced price.

If you’re looking where to buy closeouts by the pallet, look no further than an online liquidation marketplace.

Making Money From Discount Clothing

As we’ve demonstrated, it’s perfectly possible to make money in the highly-competitive world of discount clothing retail if you source your stock from a reputable liquidator such as Direct Liquidation. By keeping abreast of when seasonal clothing is going to come in, by keeping your eye out for big retailer closeout deals, and by researching and choosing the right pallets of discount clothing to suit your business’s needs, you’ll have a continuous and ever-changing selection of quality products to sell to your customers at a price that’ll beat your competitors, but will still leave you with a healthy profit.

If you’re on the lookout for great quality merchandise such as customer returns wholesale at a low price, you should consider purchasing pallets or truckloads of clothing from an online liquidation marketplace. By working with some of the biggest retailers in the country, a company such as Direct Liquidation is ready and willing to help you make the most of the opportunities it has to offer. Source from a liquidator and see what a difference it makes to your profits.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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Kersten Morrison

Kersten works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation helping businesses to source liquidation inventory from the world’s top retailers and manufacturers. Kersten works with single pallet, LTL and truckload buyers hand in hand to ensure their businesses stay stocked up with the highest quality merchandise year round.

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