Surplus Apple Merchandise Pallets For Sale: Save Thousands On Stocking

It’s been a mere twelve years since the late Steve Jobs held up a small black rectangle at the 2007 MacWorld Expo and introduced the world to the revolutionary iPhone. The iPhone changed the game completely, ushering in our modern era of apps, cloud storage, video calling, intelligent A.I. assistants and much more besides. 2010 saw the launch of the iPad – a tablet computer that seemed to come straight out of Star Trek. Again, this handheld device would completely change the game and now tablet computers can be seen in the hands of everyone from airport check-in clerks to medical professionals.

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Over the course of just twelve years, Apple has revolutionized the smartphone, watch and tablet market. Its products, the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, the Apple TV player and the HomePod speaker system, are some of the most desirable tech gizmos on the planet, helping the company become one of the richest technology companies in the world.

For resellers of wholesale electronics, having a steady supply of Apple products is a no-brainer. Customers, many of whom can’t afford the frankly astonishing prices Apple charges for its brand-new devices, are hungry to get their hands on discounted Apple tech. But where’s the best place to source Apple products if you’re an electronics reseller? The answer is to buy surplus Apple merchandise pallets from an online liquidation marketplace. Here’s why.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

Operated by top-tier liquidations specialists such as Direct Liquidation, an online liquidation marketplace is a type of wholesale supplier that operates on a different level from the usual, run-of-the-mill wholesaler. Top-tier liquidators forge unique partnerships with some of the country’s biggest retailers, offering them spaces on their online liquidation marketplaces through which the retailers can sell their surplus inventory direct to businesses at a much lower price than resellers can expect to find elsewhere.

Every year, retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart have large amounts of surplus inventory that they wish to dispose of quickly. This includes Apple products. Rather than have this surplus inventory clogging up valuable warehouse space, the big-name retailers prefer to dispose of it as quickly as possible. A liquidator sells this surplus to businesses on the retailers’ behalf, usually via live liquidation auctions that take place on a liquidator’s online liquidation sales platform on a daily basis.

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Sold in boxloads, pallets or truckloads, this surplus inventory is not only genuine branded merchandise, but it’s also sold in a variety of conditions ranging from ‘as new’ and ‘refurbished’ right down to ‘tested-not-working’. That last designation means the merchandise can be used for spares, repairs and to bring previously broken electrical units back to factory spec.

Sold for considerably less than MSRP value, buying surplus inventory from a liquidator is a great way to stock your business with some of the most desirable tech on the planet for relatively little money, thus increasing your business’s chances of making a healthy profit on stock purchased this way.

Your One-Stop-Shop For Surplus Apple Merchandise

On Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform, you’ll find pallets of Apple products and accessories being sold on behalf of Walmart, Amazon, Target and other vendors via live liquidation auctions or for a fixed or negotiated price.

Resellers looking to stock up on surplus Apple products really are spoiled for choice. From pallets of refurbished and graded iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads, to pallets of accessories such as iPhone, iPod and iPad covers, to pallets of MacBook laptop computers, resellers will find a wealth of Apple products in a variety of conditions that can be bought wholesale for well under their retail price and sold at a number of attractive price points to suit all customers’ budgets.

A liquidation wholesale marketplace truly is a one-stop-shop for consumer electronics businesses looking to stock up on Apple products without breaking the bank. And because these products are coming direct from some of the country’s most trusted retail names, resellers sourcing from tech liquidators have the peace of mind of knowing they’re buying authentic Apple products, not cheap counterfeit goods – a particular problem when sourcing from smaller scale wholesalers and liquidators.

Save Thousands By Stocking Up On Surplus Apple Pallets

If you’re on the lookout for bulk Apple products and you don’t want to spend a fortune on this highly-desirable tech, an online liquidation marketplace should be your first port of call. Thanks to national retailers such as Amazon and Walmart’s wish to dispose of their surplus Apple stock in as fast a time as possible, they’re willing to take a hit on the price they can reasonably expect to get for each pallet of Apple products. This is good news for resellers as it means they can buy pallets of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, Macs and more for a fraction of their retail value.

With everything from iPhone Xs to iPod Touches available to buy in bulk wholesale, resellers have a huge range of Apple tech and accessories to choose from. The low prices your business will pay for these products means you can stay one step ahead of your competitors while at offering your customers very low prices without taking a dip in profits.

As the title of this article states, your business will save thousands of dollars sourcing Apple wholesale merchandise from an online liquidation auction marketplace. That saving will help to increase the profits your business makes when it comes time to sell the Apple products you buy from a liquidator on to your customers.

If you’re looking to buy pallets of top-quality Apple products for the lowest price possible sold by some of the most trusted retailers in the United States, you’ll find them on an online liquidation marketplace. You’ll find all the Apple products your business requires, and you won’t have to pay over the odds for them, as is the case with smaller-scale liquidators and traditional local wholesalers.

Looking for a steady supply of Apple products at a fantastic price that will save your business thousands of dollars? Look no further than an online liquidation marketplace.

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