Where to Buy Pallets of Cellphones and Accessories to Resell Online

If you run a cellphone and cellphone accessories business, you’ll no doubt be on the lookout for cheaper, more reliable sources of merchandise, especially now that traditional wholesalers are offering much higher wholesale prices than they used to do. Indeed, cellphone businesses buying merchandise wholesale from these types of suppliers are finding they’re being offered wholesale prices that’s pretty much on par with retail prices, meaning there’s hardly any money to be made.

With competition forever snapping at your business’s heels, high wholesale prices can spell disaster for a small cellphone retailer / reseller. So what’s to be done? Is there anywhere your business can go to still get excellent-quality cellphones and cellphone accessories at a price that won’t break the bank and will leave plenty of room for your business to make a healthy profit?

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Thankfully, the answer to that question is yes. There is indeed somewhere a cellphone retailer can go to find top-quality cellphones and a huge range of accessories at prices your business will struggle to find elsewhere. That place is Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace.

A Different Type Of Wholesale Supplier

Unlike traditional wholesalers, Direct Liquidation is a top-tier liquidation specialist that has partnered up with some of the giants of the retail world to offer businesses such as yours the opportunity to buy wholesale pallets of excellent-quality wholesale merchandise at prices others simply cannot match.

Direct Liquidation offers companies such as Walmart, Target and Amazon platforms on its online liquidation marketplace through which they can sell their unwanted overstock, closeouts and customer returns direct to businesses.

For the cellphone and cellphone retailer that means they’ll find a huge range of top-quality stock in a wide variety of conditions varying from ‘as new’ and ‘reconditioned’ to ‘tested-not-working’. These can be sold at a number of attractive price points to suit a host of differing budgets. They can also be used to bring faulty products back up to spec, as well as for spares and repairs.

Unlike smaller scale liquidators and wholesalers, Direct Liquidation does not cherry-pick the pallets of cellphones and accessories it sells on behalf of Walmart, Target and Amazon. This means there’s no skimming the good stuff off the top and then selling unsuspecting customers pallets of useless junk – a common practice many retailers fall foul of.

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Instead, what you see on a Direct Liquidation manifest is what you’ll get and what you’ll get is a fantastic range of high-end wholesale merchandise coming from some of the most trusted cellphone manufacturers on the planet. And because these products are coming from companies such as Walmart, you’ll have the extra peace of mind of knowing you won’t be sold counterfeit goods, only the real deal.

A Huge Range Of Top-Quality Cellphones And Cellphone Accessories

Navigate over to Direct Liquidation’s cellphone and accessories landing page and you’ll find a huge range of wholesale cellphones and accessories available to buy via live auction, or for a fixed or negotiated price.

If it’s pallets of cellphones you require, you’ll discover an amazing range of phones for sale coming from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE. So, if your customers are on the hunt for an affordable iPhone and haven’t got $1000 to blow on the latest model, you’ll be able to offer them a more cost effective model by buying pallets of iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone X.

If it’s accessories you’re on the lookout for you’ll find headphone set, Bluetooth sets and ear buds from companies such as Jabra and Anker, wall-mounted chargers and batteries from Tzumi, and pallets of cellphone covers from trusted manufacturers such as Incipio and End Scene. You’ll also discover pallets of Walmart own brand accessory ranges from ONN, Blackweb and Duraband.

And thanks to companies such as Amazon Liquidation wishing to dispose of all this great-quality stock as quickly as possible to make way for new stock on their warehouse shelves, they are willing to take a hit on the price they receive for their goods. This means you’ll be able to purchase pallets of cellphones and cellphone accessories at prices that are well below their MSRP value. This will increase the likelihood of your business making plenty of profit as you will be able to offer your customers prices your competitors simply cannot match.

Where To Buy Pallets Of Cellphones And Cellphone Accessories

If you’re interested in purchasing pallets of cellphones or cellphone accessories from Direct liquidation, you’ll first need to sign up for an account. This means you’ll have to produce a valid resellers license. Once you do, you’re free to enter bids in live liquidation auctions of pallets of cellphones and accessories that take place pretty much on a daily basis. Any pallet you’re interested in can be flagged up via an email alert that will notify you on when the auction for that particular pallet is about to start. Then it’s just a matter of entering bids and seeing if you’re the successful bidder.

You can also usually buy pallets of cellphones or cellphone accessories for a fixed price. If that’s what you would prefer, lookout for the ‘Buy it Now’ button on a lot that’s eligible to be purchased this way. You also have the option to approach Direct Liquidation with your own offer. If it’s acceptable to them, that’s the price you’ll pay.

However you choose to purchase a pallet of cellphones or accessories from Direct Liquidation, shipping is made easy thanks to Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers being located next to major highways. Your chosen courier won’t have to waste fuel (and your money) tracking a center down.

The centers are also located close to partner companies’ warehouses, meaning warehouse to distribution center turnaround time is kept to a bare minimum. That means that when you buy from Direct Liquidation, your merchandise will arrive in as fast a time as possible thanks to this cutdown in turnaround time. Great news for any business looking to restock in a hurry.

You’ll find Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers in Blacksburg, South Carolina, Bentonville, Arkansas, Rogers, Arkansas, Greenfield, Indiana, Frankfort, Kentucky, and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

If you’re on the hunt for top-quality merchandise from leading cellphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, look no further than Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation sales. It’s your one-stop-shop for cellphones and cellphone accessories. We look forward to doing business with you.

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