Can You Really Make Money Online Selling Returns Pallets?

It’s a question many people looking for extra income or for a change in career ask themselves. Surely, they wonder, there’s no money to be made in such a crowded market, especially when sites like Amazon dominate the online retail space?

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While it’s true that the big boys of eCommerce call the shots, it’s simply not true that you can’t make money online. Indeed, if you do a few things right, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make money online, even with all the competition that’s out there.

So, how is it possible to make money online? The answer is by starting your own business selling pallets of customer returns bought from a reputable, Better Business Bureau-accredited top-tier liquidation specialist like Direct Liquidation.

What Are Returns Pallets?

The term ‘returns pallets’ refers to pallets of liquidated merchandise that have been returned by customers to either stores or online. In the case of top-tier liquidations companies, the term refers to pallets of goods that have previously been returned to large-scale retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, CostCo and Amazon. Here’s how it works.

Every year, the big-name retailers take back large amounts of products brought back to their stores or returned through the mail for a number of reasons. A customer might bring a product back because it’s broken, for example. Another one might bring a product back because there is superficial damage to the product or even the box the product comes in. Other customers simply change their minds and return brand new products back to the retailers.

No longer allowed to sell these returns as new – even if they are – the big-name retailers look to dispose of them as quickly as possible so they do not sit idly on their warehouse shelves, taking up space that could be used to house products they can sell at full price.

This is where a top-tier liquidation wholesale specialist like Direct Liquidation steps in. Liquidators offer big-name retailers space on their online liquidation marketplaces through which the retailers can sell their unwanted customer returns directly to businesses via dedicated liquidation auctions or for a fixed or negotiated price. And because this is surplus merchandise the retailers wish to dispose of in as fast a time as possible, they’re willing to sell at a considerable discount, making returns bought from liquidation specialists some of the cheapest wholesale merchandise available.

Of course, you’ll no doubt be wondering what’s in those returns pallets. Well, on Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace, you can buy pallets of top-quality customer returns in a huge range of categories that will suit the needs of most resale businesses. The categories of Direct Liquidation has are as follows:

Automotive, Baby, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Fixed Assets, Food, Furniture, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Industrial Supplies, Jewelry, Office, Party & Occasions, Patio & Gardens, Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Toys, Unsorted.

As you can see, that’s a pretty comprehensive list, and within those categories you’ll find a huge range of brand name products coming from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers such as Adidas, Fisher Price, Sony, Black & Decker, Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more. You’ll also find fantastic own brand products such as Walmart’s popular Blackweb electronics and Mainstays ranges.

Buying And Selling Returns Pallets

Buying pallets of returns couldn’t be easier. If you choose to buy from Direct Liquidation, all you’ll need to do is sign up for a free account. To do this, you’ll need to produce a valid resellers license. This is a mandatory requirement before you can start reselling returns to the public or to other businesses.

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, all you need to do is navigate to the categories you’re interested in, locate a pallet of returns and then place bids in an online liquidation pallet auction when that pallet goes ‘under the hammer’.

Before the auction starts, you’ll need to establish a maximum bid for the pallet you’re interested in. This should be calculated on what you think the contents of the pallet is worth, what it will cost you to ship the pallet to your address, what it will cost you to sell the contents (i.e. online store fees etc.) and what profits you’re likely to make from the pallet.

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This should bring you to a figure that you should under no circumstances go over. It’s tempting – especially if you’re just starting out – to go ‘bidding crazy’. Never be tempted to go down this route. Top-tier liquidation auction sites such as the one Direct Liquidation operates have new pallets of returns entering their distribution centers on an almost daily basis, so if the one you’re interested in goes above your maximum bid, rest assured that another one will soon be available to bid on.

Once you’ve bought a pallet of liquidation returns and had them shipped to your address, it’s time to get selling them online. Many resellers think that the best place to start selling their wholesale merchandise is through sites such as Amazon and eBay, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Both sites charge users fees at the front and back end respectively, meaning profits might not be as good as you expect. Instead, it might be preferable to start selling locally, advertising in Craigslist, for example, or heading to social media sites such as Facebook’s marketplace or building up a loyal following of customers on Instagram.

If you to want to open up an online store, instead of Amazon and eBay, you might want to give smaller store-hosting sites a try. Sites like Shopify and Wix offer users a free trial, meaning you won’t have to spend any money while seeing if such sites are a good fit for your business.

In the end, the important thing is to get your message out there, engage positively with your customers and, most importantly, offer those customers fantastic prices for great products. And that’s where buying returns from liquidators will help put your new business at a great advantage.

Making Money Selling Returns Pallets Online

If you’re looking to start up your own online business, reselling pallets of returns bought from a liquidator really is your best bet. Because national retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon are willing to take a considerable hit on what they expect to get when they sell through an online liquidation marketplace, the prices resellers pay for returned goods are considerably lower than at other types of wholesale suppliers.

This means your business will be able to offer potential customers not only a wide range of top-quality merchandise, but also offer that merchandise at a very attractive low price. Customers are always on the lookout for a bargain, and if you can provide them with that, not only are they more likely to buy from your online retail business, but they’re also more likely to both buy from you again and recommend your business to friends and family.

Also, the prices you’ll pay when sourcing from a liquidator means you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition and your business is much more likely to make a healthy profit thanks to the low price you’ve paid for the returns wholesale.

It’s perfectly possible to make money online if you follow a few simple rules, get your message out there, charge attractive prices and, most importantly, pay the right price for the best stock. An online liquidation website can supply your budding online retail business with all the top-quality returns you need, and they can do so at prices you won’t find elsewhere, so why not check out what a liquidator has to offer your business today? You won’t regret it!

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