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When looking at the merchandise that sells best online, you should look no further than the electronics department. No matter what you choose within the electronics market, you are off to a good business start, as electronics sell well. However, you must take note of a few things. The competition in this market is fierce, so you need to be careful. You also must know what to buy, how much to pay for it, how to price and sell it and how to stand out in the sea of other online sellers.

Understanding the Used Electronics Market

The electronics market is ruled by smartphones and laptops. With these items being so popular, you are going to find that the competition at the top is fierce and buying the right merchandise is key.

So, the following will reveal the types of electronics that are available to buy and sell, but it will also be a short presentation on what articles might give you the best chance of earning the most cash on resale.


The smartphone market is probably the most vigorous one at the moment. There is always a very healthy demand for smartphones, making them a good bet for your business.

However, purchasing the right smartphones for the current market is hard, especially if you are only starting out with your business. The best idea, if you are a novice, is to look at wholesale products from either manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung, or from top retailers that stock these brands.

To get the cheapest products and ensure you have a fighting chance in such a competitive market, you should look at wholesale or closeout electronics.

Closeout is a final sale of an item either by a retailer or sell off of a retailer inventory to either wholesale buyers, liquidators or even individual buyers. Reasons for a closeout sale can vary. Usually, they happen after the launch of a new product, when retailers want to clear out space by selling the older products at extremely low prices, even below usual wholesale prices. Closeout sales could also be the result of a store closing and the owners not wanting to have any products remaining unsold.

For you as a buyer, this means you can buy products, brand new, packed in boxes, at reduced prices, giving you a larger profit margin on resale. Bear in mind that, although this may mean stocking an older model, some buyers either can’t afford the latest products or their requirements are not as high as with those who have to have the newest and the best.


Laptops are a very close second behind smartphones, and they can also be bought very cheaply during closeout sales. The rules for the sale and purchase are the same as above. You can get various brands, new, never-before-used laptops, that have either not been sold by the retailer or are the outgoing model to be replaced by a new one.

If your customers are going to use a laptop at home for general purposes, checking emails, browsing the web etc., a one year-old model certainly has enough computing power to provide you with the best user experience. The specifications of these older models can sometimes be better than those of some of the brand-new units, which concentrate more on battery life and portability.


You might note that we have skipped tablets, and this is because the same rules apply to them as to smartphones. We will be talking about accessories instead because these are items that can help you establish a name in the market and get some experience before trying to play in the top tiers. They are the perfect item for those new in the business.

Electronics accessories, such as headphones, smart watches and others have their place on the market and customers eager to buy them. Unlike the big items like smartphones and laptops, the market for these is not as tightly contested. Especially if you are willing to put in some time and do a bit of research, you’d certainly be able to find a niche market that is not as well supplied as those mentioned above.

This would allow you to tap into a market with a healthy demand and secure a steady stream of profit, gain some experience and boost your earnings. You can then use the profits and experience you have acquired to invest in smartphones or laptops later. It may take more time, but you are giving yourself the best chance to earn as much cash as possible.

What Liquidated Products Should You Buy?

Everyone will tell you that having a reliable supplier is crucial to being successful in this business. Working with a premium liquidation company will allow you to take all the benefits of the electronics products being sold in bulk, meaning you will be able to purchase some top-tier closeout merchandise at very low prices. You should search online and find quality online liquidators,

A word of advice when buying from liquidation companies is to look at the condition of the products.

How Do I Make a Business with Liquidated Electronics?

wholesale pallets

There are some products that need advertising, while products like electronics advertise themselves. But, to make sure you have what it takes, look at your competition and the market dynamics to know how to set your price. Don’t expect to get your investment back with one huge sale, but rather prepare to make a number of smaller sales that will accumulate to a large profit.

If you manage to source the products at great prices you will still be able to offer competitive prices while making more money than your competition. So go look for some electronics and happy earnings!

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