Where To Find Liquidation Pallets Of Apple iPhones

It may have been around since 2007 and it may not be the all-conquering behemoth it once was as competition in the smartphone sector has increased massively, but there’s still no denying that the Apple iPhone is one of the most desirable consumer tech products on the planet. The latest iterations, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, sold in such huge numbers after release in September 2019 that the company had to order nearly ten million more units to meet growing demand.

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For retailers and resellers of wholesale electronics, tapping into the huge market for iPhones should be a vital component of your business strategy because there are plenty of customers out there who want to get their hands on an iPhone, but don’t they want to pay up to $1,499 for the privilege.

These customers are looking for slightly older Apple iPhone models or newer, refurbished models sold at a price that won’t break the bank. But where’s the best, most reliable source of liquidation pallets of iPhones for retailers and resellers who wish to cater to these types of customers? The answer is an online liquidation marketplace operated by a top-tier liquidation specialist.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

An online liquidation marketplace is a website through which retailers and resellers can buy wholesale merchandise at a vastly reduced price. This is because it is often surplus stock that is being sold on behalf of some of the biggest retailers in the United States who wish to dispose of it in as fast a turnaround time as possible. Liquidators sell pallets of wholesale consumer electronics and refurbished electronics every day, usually via live liquidation wholesale auction.

A Wide Range Of iPhones Sold In Bulk

Tech liquidators sell a huge range of Apple iPhones. As we’ve said, not all customers have the deep pockets required for an iPhone 11 Pro or an iPhone 8. Luckily for resellers and retailers who source from liquidators, those customers can be accommodated by the variety of pallets of liquidated iPhones available to buy from an online wholesale liquidation marketplace.

Liquidation pallets of iPhones fall into a number of categories. Many will be customer returns in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’ to ‘tested not working’ that can be sold at a variety of attractive price points, or used for spares and repairs.

Other pallets of iPhones are overstock. As newer iPhones come on stream, retailers usually find themselves in possession of stocks of older models that they no longer wish to sell. These are bundled into pallets and sold via online liquidation marketplaces, usually for a vastly reduced price. Similarly, you can occasionally find pallets of iPhones that are on sale due to retailers closing stores.

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The final category of iPhone available to buy via an online liquidations marketplace is refurbished iPhones. These are iPhones that have been inspected, cleaned and brought back up to factory spec. Refurbished iPhones come in a number of conditions separated into categories A, B and C. Category A refurbished iPhones are like new with no cosmetic defects whatsoever. Category B refurbished iPhones bear superficial damage such as slight scratches. Category C refurbished iPhones bear very visible damage, making them less desirable to customers, but also very cheap. Some customers who don’t care about visible damage will value the low price over aesthetic condition.

All category A, B and C iPhones come either in original or plain white or brown packaging with all original or replacement accessories present. They also come with all original documentation apart from the manufacturer’s warranty, which instead is replaced by the liquidator’s 90-day warranty for added peace of mind.

Where To Buy Liquidation Pallets Of iPhones

If you’re interested in buying liquidation pallets of Apple iPhones, it’s important to find a wholesaler who will supply your business with all the wholesale merchandise it requires at a price that will leave your business with plenty of scope to make a profit.

Direct Liquidation is a Better Business Bureau-accredited, top-tier online liquidation specialist with over ten years’ experience in the industry. Direct Liquidation has partner agreements in place with some of the biggest electronics retailers in the countryWalmart, Target and Amazon. This means you’ll find a huge range of customer returned, overstocked, closeout and refurbished iPhones available to buy via Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation auctions marketplace.

If you wish to buy pallets of Apple iPhones from Direct Liquidation, you’ll first need to sign up for a free account. To sign up, you’ll need proof of a valid reseller’s license. Once you’ve signed up, you can head straight over to Direct Liquidation’s dedicated Apple landing page. This page lists all the pallets of Apple iPhones currently on sale on the site.

Usually, customers choose to bid for liquidation pallets of Apple iPhones in an online liquidation auction. If that’s what you wish to do, you can set up an email alert that will notify you when the auction of that particular pallet is about to start. Once the auction is underway, you can enter bids up to a predetermined maximum bid that should be calculated factoring in what you can reasonably expect to sell the pallet’s contents for, plus things like shipping costs, taxes and overheads. If you’re the successful bidder at the end of the auction, all that’s left to do is pay for your liquidation pallet of iPhones and arrange shipping.

You also quite often have the option to buy pallets of iPhones for a fixed price. If a lot has a ‘Buy it Now’ button, you can click on that and you’ll be taken through to payment straight away. Or, if you have a particular price in mind that you would prefer to pay, you can approach the liquidator with your own price offer. If they like the sound of your offer, that’s the price you’ll pay.

Whichever payment method you prefer, you can rest assured you’ll be paying far below each liquidated pallet of iPhones’ overall MSRP value. This means you’ll be able to offer your customers great products, affordable prices, keep your competition at bay and, most importantly, make a healthy profit sourcing stock this way.

If you’re looking a for a reliable source of excellently priced liquidation pallets of Apple iPhones, look no further than Direct Liquidation. It’s the smart choice for today’s savvy electronics wholesale retailers and resellers.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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