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Looking to Buy Wholesale? You Need Liquidators to Turn a Profit

If you’re looking around for where to buy pallets of merchandise wholesale, you might be considering a traditional wholesale supplier or a small-scale liquidation company. This might seem like the best idea, but is it really? As many retailers have discovered recently, traditional sources of wholesale merchandise are struggling to offer their business customers the same kind of prices they used to do, and it’s often the case nowadays that the wholesale prices they offer are almost on a par with retail prices.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what that near price parity means – there’s less room to make a profit, and that can be disastrous for a retail business. So, what can you do to combat this worrying new trend? Well, for a growing number of retailers, the answer to this problem lies in sourcing the stock they need for their business from a reputable, top-tier liquidation business.

What’s The Difference Between A Liquidator And A Traditional Wholesale Supplier?

The main difference between a top-tier liquidation company and a traditional wholesale source is that a liquidator works directly with some of the country’s biggest retailers such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes, providing them with an online platform through which they can sell their unwanted customer returns, overstock and closeouts to businesses at vastly reduced prices.

A liquidator’s online liquidation marketplace lists a huge range of products from clothing, home supplies, and consumer electronics, to automobile parts, spares and accessories, sporting equipment and toys and games, all available to buy in truckloads or pallets via live auction, or for a fixed or negotiated price.

Unlike a traditional wholesale supplier, liquidators provide big-name retailers with a platform to sell their returns, closeouts, and overstock without the merchandise first going through the hands of a middleman who is more likely to cherry-pick the best stuff from a pallet of goods before selling on what’s left to a retailer.

On an online liquidation marketplace, you’ll find customer returns, overstock and closeouts coming straight from the big name retailers such as Walmart liquidations in tested and untested pallets and truckloads that will be exactly as described in the manifest found on a liquidator’s site.

This means there is always a good mix of top-quality products available to purchase from a liquidator in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’, ‘refurbished’ and ‘slightly damaged’, to ‘tested-not-working’, which is of particular interest to retailers specializing in bringing products up to spec and those who deal in spares and repairs.

And because there’s no cherry-picking or downright lies told on the manifest provided by a liquidator for every lot they sell (a growing problem, especially from so-called liquidation outfits that are nothing of the sort), there’s plenty of product from some of the biggest names in manufacturing such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft.

Great Products, Great Profits

As we have already mentioned, there’s a huge range of top-quality liquidated stock available for retail businesses to buy through a liquidator’s online live auction and direct sales platform. Every year, the big-name retailers have to dispose of thousands of unwanted products, be that because they have been returned in a variety of conditions by customers, or they are seasonal lines that are now taking up valuable warehouse space.

refurbished electronics

Big-name retailers such as Walmart and Lowes simply cannot have this – in many cases, brand new – product hanging around taking up space that could be used to house stock they actually want to sell. So that means they’re willing to take a huge hit in price when it comes to selling it on via a liquidator.

What does that mean? Well, it means that the merchandise you’ll find on a liquidator’s site is much cheaper to buy than that a traditional wholesaler or a small-scale liquidator can offer. That means that, say you’re running an online electronics business, you’ll find everything from wholesale laptops, smartphones and tablets, PCs, TVs, monitors and much more at prices that mean you’ll be able to sell what you buy from a liquidator at a much lower price, attract a broad customer base and keep one step ahead of the competition.

With competition at an all-time high, obtaining merchandise at the lowest price possible is key to staying competitive. A liquidator can help your business with that by offering you goods at a much lower price than traditional sources.

Why Your Business Needs To Source From A Top-Tier Liquidator

In this day and age, it’s no longer advisable to simply carry on sourcing stock in the traditional way if your business is to survive and thrive in such a fiercely competitive retail environment.

Making the right stock purchasing decision is vital to a retail business’ continuing success. Luckily, a top-tier liquidation company such as Direct Liquidation has formed a strong business relationship with some of the country’s largest retail names, ensuring its customers have the opportunity to buy a wide variety of excellent-quality merchandise in a range of conditions that can be sold to a wide base of customers from a broad spectrum of income streams.


This means that there’s much more chance for your business to make a profit as you’ll be able to offer your customers great products at attractive prices. You’ll be more likely to keep those customers coming back for more, and you’ll be able to keep up with the competition.

If you’re on the lookout for wholesale products such as a pallet of electronics that won’t break the bank and will ensure your business turns a healthy profit and keeps on growing in a tough, globally-competitive market, you need to source the merchandise you need at the right price.

A top-tier liquidation business can supply your business with everything it needs. And because you’re not just buying from a liquidator, but also from some of the country’s largest retailers, you’ll have peace of mind of knowing that you’re not being fobbed off with an inferior product at an inflated price.

And that’s not all. A top-tier liquidator such as Direct Liquidation also offers a 90-day warranty on all the goods a company such as Walmart sells through its platform, and a dedicated customer service team of liquidation experts is on hand to make sure your wholesale purchasing, shipping and handling experience runs smoothly.

Buying wholesale merchandise from a top-tier liquidator is easy, hassle-free and, most crucially, cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. If you’re looking to increase profits on the goods your business sells, look no further than an online liquidation marketplace. A liquidator is here to save your business money.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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Kersten Morrison

Kersten works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation helping businesses to source liquidation inventory from the world’s top retailers and manufacturers. Kersten works with single pallet, LTL and truckload buyers hand in hand to ensure their businesses stay stocked up with the highest quality merchandise year round.

Schedule a sales callback with Kersten right now and find out how he can help your business profit with liquidation merchandise.