Looking to Stock Your Business with Cheaper Automotive Products and Tools? You Need Customer Returns

If you’re in the business of buying and selling automotive parts, tools and accessories, or if you’re a mechanic who’s on the hunt for a cheaper source of parts for your shop, you’ll know the importance of finding a reliable wholesale supplier who can sell you what you need for your business without breaking the bank.

These days, sourcing the parts you need for your business isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. You may have noticed that wholesale prices are starting to line up with retail prices, and as the two prices converge, the automotive parts retailer is discovering there’s less and less opportunity to make a profit. And for the mechanic, a higher wholesale price is a price they’ll have to pass on to their customers. Unless you’re one of the national chains such as Monro Muffler, Meineke or Pep Boys, that’s a cost pass-on that might put some of your customers off using your services.

So, with traditional wholesale suppliers now unable to sell your business the parts, tools and accessories it needs at a low enough price, where should you turn? Well, for a lot of mechanics and automotive parts retailers, the answer is buying returns pallets from an online liquidation marketplace.

What Are Customer Returns?

Every year, hundreds of products – among them automobile parts, tools and accessories – arrive in a liquidator’s network of countrywide distribution centers. A lot of these products are customer returns – a term that refers to items returned by customers to a retailer such as Walmart. Unable to sell what are primarily brand-new, fully-operational products, retailers look to pass on these customer returns to outside sources to sell them on their behalf. As far as the retailer is concerned, customer returns take up valuable shelf space and must be disposed of to free up space for sellable new product. Thus, the returns are offered on a liquidator’s site at a price well below their true value.

Liquidators provide retailers such as Walmart with a platform to sell these customer returns on their websites via live auctions. Sold in pallets or truckloads, these customer returns can be bought by businesses such as automotive parts companies and mechanics for much less than they will be able to purchase them from a more traditional wholesaler.

Most often sold in ‘untested’ customer return pallets, most lots of automotive parts will contain parts, accessories, and tools that are categorized as ‘as new’, ‘slightly damaged’, ‘visibly damaged’ and ‘tested-not-working’. This final classification should be of particular interest to mechanics, as it is an invaluable source of spare parts to use for repairs.

The Benefits Of Buying Pallets Of Customer Returns

Whatever you’re on the lookout for, you’ll likely find it on a liquidator’s online marketplace. The variety of parts, accessories and tools available is astonishing, from replacement front bumpers for many of the most popular makes and models of cars, to headlight bulbs, diagnostic testing kits and luxury car seat covers, to a huge range of automotive tools from manufacturers such as Hyper Tough and Pilot Automotive.

And you’ll quickly discover the benefits of sourcing cheap wholesale merchandise from a liquidator when you place your first bid on one of many live auctions that take place daily on a liquidator’s site. Offered in pallets of untested customer returns, bidding for a pallet of stock for your automotive business couldn’t be easier. Simply set up an alert that will tell you when an auction is about to begin, enter your bid and, if you’re successful, you’ll have a pallet of top-quality tested or untested customer returns delivered to the address of your choice speedily and efficiently from one of a liquidator’s distribution centers located across the country.

Once you receive your goods, you’ll quickly discover the reason so many businesses are turning to sourcing from a liquidation business. You’ll have a pallet of top-quality automotive parts, tools and accessories bought at a price that’s far lower than the MSRP value of these products, with refurbished items also coming with a liquidator’s 90-day warranty.

The benefits of buying from a liquidator will soon become crystal clear when you can offer your customers premium-quality spares, parts, tools, and accessories at competitive prices that will make it more likely they will return to use your business’s services in the future. And because you’ve bought the merchandise you need for your business at such a low price point from one of the most reliable online wholesale suppliers on the Internet, you’ll be able to make a healthy profit and yet still offer your customers a low, low price. It’s a win-win situation.

Staying Ahead Of The Competition

There’s no getting around it – in this day and age, competition in pretty much every market is ferocious. When it comes to automotive parts, tools and accessories sales, you’re not only competing with companies such as Pep Boys, you’re also competing with local companies and, of course, eCommerce. Sites such as Amazon and eBay have led to an explosion in online retail, and while this may be great for your business as it helps you reach a wider selection of potential customers, it has also increased the competition exponentially.

That’s why it’s hugely important that, if you’re to keep ahead of the competition, you need a reliable supplier of top quality parts, accessories and tools. A company such as Direct Liquidation offers a huge range of automotive Walmart liquidations – alongside merchandise coming from other big-name suppliers – and it’s all available to your business at a vastly-reduced price thanks to the unique relationship a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation enjoys with its top-tier retail partners.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. This is why you need to source your parts, accessories and tools from a liquidator. Thanks to a steady supply of liquidated stock coming through a liquidator’s doors on a daily basis, you’ll always find the parts and tools you need. And because the liquidator cuts out the middleman, it’s parts, tools, and accessories you’ll find at a much lower price than you’ll find anywhere else.

Looking for cheap automotive parts? Then look no further than the liquidated stock on offer on an online liquidation marketplace. It’s the online wholesale supply solution that will put your automotive business on the road to a brighter, more profitable future.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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