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National Big Box Retailers – Where Do They Sell Liquidated Stock?

If you run your own retail business, you’ll know how vitally important it is to find a reliable source of cheap wholesale merchandise. Back in the day, for most retailers, this meant relying on a local wholesaler who was able to supply them with all the wholesale stock they required at a fair price that left enough room for the retailer to turn a tidy profit on goods purchased.

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Sadly, as many retailers are now discovering to their cost, this arrangement has all but fallen apart as the prices traditional wholesale sources offer have crept ever closer to retail prices. Without a suitable margin between the two, retailers are now struggling to make a profit on their wholesale purchases. That can very quickly spell financial disaster unless something drastically changes.

With very little profit to be made by sticking with traditional wholesalers, where can retailers turn for a more reliable, much cheaper source of stock? For many, the answer is to buy wholesale liquidated stock from big-box retailers such as Target and Amazon. It’s the ideal solution to solve the nightmare of wholesale and retail price parity.

What Is Big Box Retailer Liquidated Stock?

Every year, big box retailers such as Walmart and Lowe’s Hardware have to dispose of large amounts of stock for a number of reasons. This stock falls into a number of categories – customer returns, B-stock returns, overstock and closeouts. Here’s a brief overview of each category:

Customer Returns

Customer returns is the term used for merchandise that has been returned to a big box retailer for a number of reasons. This can range from the stock being faulty, the stock being superficially or visibly damaged or the stock being returned simply because a customer changes their mind. No longer classed as new stock, the big box retailer aims to dispose of this type of stock as quickly as possible to free up valuable warehouse space for new stock they can make a better profit from.

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B-Stock Returns

A specific category of customer returns, B-stock is merchandise that has been returned to store in brand new condition. Despite being new stock, the returned merchandise can no longer be legally categorized as ‘A-stock’ and therefore cannot be sold at full price. Instead, it is downgraded to ‘B-stock’ despite being new. Big box retailers look to dispose of this type of stock because they cannot charge full price for it, and they do not tend to be discount stores.

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Ordering stock isn’t an exact science, and because of this even the very biggest and most experienced retailers tend to over order stock. This type of wholesale merchandise is known as overstock. When this type of stock is no longer required – for example, seasonal stock that hasn’t been sold after the season it relates to has come to an end – retailers will look to dispose of it to make room for stock they wish to sell.


Similar to overstock, closeout merchandise is stock that is surplus to requirements, usually, because the store the stock housed is closing down. Closeout stock is also stock that has been hanging around in-store or in a retailer’s warehouse that the retailer needs to dispose of to make way for newer stock.

Buying Wholesale From The Big Box Retailers

So now you know what big-box retailer liquidated stock is, how do you go about buying it? Unlike ordinary wholesale stock, big box retailer liquidated stock is sold to businesses in a different way via online liquidation marketplaces.

Big box retailers such as Target partner up with top-tier online liquidation specialists, who offer them a space on their liquidation sales platforms through which the big box retailers can sell their customers returns, overstock, and closeouts direct to businesses.

On a liquidator’s online sales platform you’ll usually find landing pages for big-box retailers that display the pallets and truckloads of liquidated stock each big box retailer is currently selling. Liquidators handle a vast range of liquidated stock on behalf of big box retailers, so you’ll find a huge variety of products in a large range of categories from men’s, women’s and children’s fashions, toys and games and consumer electronics, to home improvement merchandise, food and drink, and even automobile parts and accessories.

And because these are big-box retailers selling liquidated stock, the merchandise they have to offer comes from some of the world’s most trusted and most recognizable manufacturers – companies with a proven track record for excellence such as Apple, Microsoft, LG, Black and Decker, Fisher Price, Sony, Google, LG, Bosch and LEGO.

Best of all, because the big box retailers wish to dispose of their liquidated stock as quickly as possible, they’re willing to take a hit on the price they expect to get for it. That means you’ll find all this top-quality liquidated stock being sold for considerably less than its MSRP value. And buying for less means there’s plenty of room to make a healthy profit on the big box liquidated stock you purchase via an online liquidation marketplace.

Buying pallets or truckloads of liquidated stock from a liquidator couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up for a free account with a valid reseller’s license, browse what big box stock is on offer and once you’ve found what you require, you can bid for pallets of liquidated stock in live liquidation auctions that take place on a daily basis. If you do not wish to bid for pallets or truckloads of big box retailer liquidated stock, you also usually have the option to pay a fixed price, or you can approach the liquidator directly with your own offer.

Then it’s just a matter of paying for your stock and arranging to ship. It really is as easy as that.

The Best Place To Buy Big Box Liquidated Stock

If you’re on the lookout for top-quality big box retailer merchandise, we recommend that Direct Liquidation should be your first port of call. With over a decade’s worth of experience in the field, Direct Liquidation is trusted by some of the biggest names in big box retail in the United States. On Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform, you’ll find merchandise being sold by Amazon Liquidation, Lowe’s Hardware, Target and Walmart.

Direct Liquidation has distribution centers located throughout the United States, as well as one in Canada. Located next to major highways and close to their big box retailer partners’ warehouses, you’ll find their centers in the following locations:

Blacksburg, South Carolina,

Bentonville, Arkansas,

Rogers, Arkansas,

Greenfield, Indiana,

Frankfort, Kentucky,

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

If you’re on the lookout for top-quality liquidated stock from some of the leading big-box retailers in the United States, look no further than Direct Liquidation. They’re looking forward to doing business with you.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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