Stock Your Business with Liquidated Customer Returns near to Indianapolis, from Greenfield, Indiana

Many find buying and reselling merchandise online a good way to secure an extra stream of income while others see it as a full-time job. What both groups of people have in common is the need to secure merchandise at the lowest possible prices without compromising quality. And one of the cost-cutting tactics is not only to buy cheaply but also to buy from locations near you that would either minimize or completely eliminate the delivery portion of the costs.

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In general, you are looking to buy from reputable sources and also to buy in bulk. This means you are getting more products delivered at once and buying in bulk often grants you a discount.

Usually, to buy in bulk you would turn to a wholesaler. While this is the traditional way and still quite common, there are a few flaws with this method. Wholesalers get their merchandise directly from retailers or manufacturers. They buy by the truckload, and once they get the merchandise to their warehouses, it gets cherry-picked and sorted so that the best items can go on to be sold individually at retail prices for a higher profit. The remainder gets packed in pallets to be sold to other customers. But the catch is that they sell it to you with a wholesaler’s markup.

Now, if you look at prices of individual items on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, you will find that a large number of products is listed for prices fairly close to wholesale. This leaves you with a very narrow profit margin to work with, but also gives you the hint as to where you should look for your merchandise.

Since the wholesaler market up the merchandise, it must mean they have got it for a price below wholesale. So, could you get it at that price? Definitely.

Buying Merchandise Below Wholesale Prices

The truth is retailers and manufacturers also sell the same merchandise to end consumers directly. Previously it was hard to get your hands on this merchandise due to high minimum order requirements. But in recent years some companies have established themselves as a reputable bridge between the retailers and end consumers, thus eliminating the wholesaler’s markup.

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We are talking about liquidation companies. They serve as platforms mostly for retailers who liquidate merchandise that has either been returned by the customers or has never been sold due to whatever reasons. But often you will find there is a lot of liquidated merchandise that is actually in brand new condition. This can significantly boost your business and provide that profit margin you desire to not only earn more cash but also to boost your competitiveness in the market.

warehouse of pallets

Buying Liquidated Merchandise Near Greenfield, Indiana

So what if you live in or near Greenfield, a city in Indiana’s Hancock County, which is actually part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area? The good news is that one of the most reputable liquidation companies, Direct Liquidation, has its distribution center in Greenfield. This distribution center deals with liquidated merchandise from top retailer names such as Amazon, Walmart or Target. This means you are also looking at merchandise from reputable retailers.

So, before we look into why buying from the Greenfield distribution center is a step forward for your business, let us see why liquidated merchandise is the thing you have to look into.

Why Choose Liquidated Merchandise?

Usually, buyers would run away at the mention of liquidated merchandise as they assume that this was a bunch of broken, used or end-of-life merchandise. Things have changed recently and there are companies like Direct Liquidation that aim to bring quality as well, all to the benefit of end consumers and small resellers.

All three mentioned retailers have a very generous return policy. You are allowed to return a product you buy within a 30-day period and get your money back for it, no questions asked. They also provide a longer guarantee period. While some people look at this as safety and quality insurance, others use it often as a way of trying out new things often.

But the question is what happens with the merchandise that gets returned? Well, it gets sorted, reviewed, packed up into pallets and liquidated. Some merchandise gets returned slightly used, some is returned with a bit of damage sustained in transport or through use, but there is also merchandise that gets returned new, in original packaging, unopened. Then there is also merchandise that was on the store’s shelves but didn’t get sold before the new collection came in, or maybe even never go to see the shelves and stood unopened in the warehouse.

Due to the throughput the likes of Amazon, Walmart or Target have, there is a lot of returned merchandise. Regardless of its condition, this merchandise can’t go back on the shelves as A-Stock but is rather liquidated as B-Stock. This means that the items are packed in pallets and sold at prices well below wholesale to free up space in their storage units because retailers don’t have any use for such merchandise anymore and it only takes up space.

This is where Direct Liquidation comes into the picture. To avoid wholesalers, Amazon, Walmart or Target have partnered up with Direct Liquidation and use its online platform to liquidate merchandise directly to a larger audience. Basically, get online, register for an account and you can browse and buy merchandise you desire, directly from the retailer.

The benefits are obvious. You are buying from a reputable, known source at prices below wholesale. And the best thing is that, especially if you live in Greenfield, you can also save on delivery costs. You can go online, look at available merchandise at the Greenfield distribution center, buy and go pick it up yourself, eliminating delivery costs. And even if you don’t live in or near Greenfield, you shouldn’t worry. Is is basically part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area. It has the interstate 70 running through connecting it to other major spots like Columbus, Ohio, and St. Louis Missouri. It runs parallel to the U.S. Route 40, the old National Road which means that the Greenfield distribution center is well connected and accessible.

In addition, there are a number of distribution centers spread around the country, like the one in Frankfort in the neighboring state of Kentucky.

Quality Shouldn’t be a Concern

Dealing with reputable companies like Direct Liquidation and retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Target should be a guarantee in itself. But if that is not enough, retailers will slap on a 30-day money-back guarantee and full warranty of its B-Stock that gets liquidated. In addition, before buying a pallet or a lot of merchandise, you are provided the opportunity to go through the manifest, which is essentially a list showing you what is inside each pallet, the type, the quantity and the quality of the merchandise. This means you can always buy only what you need and at the quality level you want.

And once you buy, head over to the Greenfield distribution center, pick the merchandise up and get it ready for listing.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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