The Top Online Resources for Amazon Sellers

If you ever considered buying and selling merchandise online, Amazon must have been at the top of your preferences. The platform has evolved from selling books to a global retail giant, having its own products, even its brick-and-mortar stores, TV shows and has recently taken over the Whole Foods chain. It also allows small businesses, and entrepreneurial individuals to reach millions of buyers almost instantly by selling their products on Amazon. Statistics show that over 150 million buyers visit Amazon each month in the United States alone in search of products to buy.

But to have the best experience possible on Amazon, you should look for various resources, whether these are websites, seller forums, Facebook groups, tools and reputable and reliable sellers that will deliver you the goods at low enough prices so that you remain competitive in any market, whether it is a specialized niche or one of the most competitive markets online.

Resources for Amazon Sellers

Anyone starting in this business will search for guides online and websites that provide valuable information when it comes to selling online. Any new sellers would also like to learn from their peers and from their experiences, meaning that top seller forums where regular sellers can discuss common topics are the place to be. Facebook has long become a valuable outlet for sellers to market their products, but Facebook groups also work like forums, with regular sellers debating common topics, seeking advice and discussing tools, software solutions and market dynamics, among other things. For this guide, we will focus on top websites, forums, Facebook groups and tools that you can use to maximize your profits.


Web Retailer

Founded by Andy Geldman, and owned and operated by Angel Internet registered in England and Wales, Web Retailer is a catalogue of educational material for online sellers and entrepreneurs looking to fight their way to the top in the realm of online marketplaces like Amazon. The website is divided into four main sections, including a Directory that looks into tools and software solutions as well as many other subjects. It also features a forum where you can discuss numerous topics and find peer reviews of tools and software solutions. It also has a Webinars section and an In Depth section with articles on various topics, all worth your time. If you are looking for well-researched articles packed with accurate information, Web Retailer is the right website to visit and it easily makes our list. In addition, joining the Web Retailer community is free.


Startup Bros’ is run by two friends, Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder, and has grown to become a team of entrepreneurs creating how-to guides and helping businesses to succeed. What makes the website interesting is the fact that it is run by people who have already gone through the journey of starting an online sales business and made it big in the marketplace. The website prides itself on the community it has created and the models it teaches are based on the success stories of their clients.

The website features a blog section where you’ll find a lot of helpful articles about running your business and selling on Amazon. You can also attend free webinars and work with the Startup Bros and their community in their ‘Let’s Work Together Section’. A ‘Secret Weapons’ section is packed with resources divided into a number of categories so you can easily find what interests you.

The ‘Free Stuff’ section is what the name says: free stuff. Namely, this section lists seminars and most popular free guides or eBooks.

Based on the success stories and the amount of information you can find on the website, it is easy to see why StartupBros made our list.

Full-Time FBA

The first look at the Full-Time FBA website will not blow you away. However, the simplicity of the design is easily made up for by the contents. If you are looking to succeed through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), this is the blog to visit. Run by Stephen Smotherman, the blog features a training section. However, these do come at a cost. Stephen also runs a Facebook group which we will discuss further in this article, and joining that group and discussing with Stephen and 6000+ other members ways of making money through Amazon FBA. While there are a number of affiliate links on the website and a lot of material is sold, the volume of the resources you can find on the website is amazing and a strong reason for the Full-Time FBA blog to make our list.


 Started by two British sellers in 2006, Tamebay is an intelligence & news provider for all businesses and business people engaging in online sales. The website provides information about all the major online marketplaces. The website has a dedicated section for Amazon, aiming to provide the readers with news, tips, solutions and analysis. The website certainly has a wealth of information available for experienced and novice Amazon sellers and is certainly worth having on your reading list.


SellerLabs is a website providing Amazon sellers with tools that enhance the automatic feedback requests as well as the buyer seller messaging. The company develops tools that provide product reviews, seller feedback, SEO and advertising solutions. However, it does not make the list because of its quality tools but rather because of the blog section. The blog is updated frequently and, along with tips and advice, it follows Amazon related news stories. It is also convenient that SellerLabs’ Amazon news roundup provides you with a list of articles with the newest information and speculations on a weekly basis. It is definitely a great website to have in your bookmarks.


Unlike the websites we have listed (which also may include communities and forums), the following list brings you boards that you can access for free and interact with people who are either just starting out in the business or are more experienced. The beauty of forums is the fact that you are exchanging experiences and advice about all things related to Amazon sellers.

The mandatory starting point is Amazon Seller Forums, which was specifically set up for Amazon sellers to discuss Amazon in general as well as selling on Amazon, Amazon FBA and other Amazon services.

In addition to Amazon Seller Forums, here are some more forum every online marketplace seller should consider joining and browsing through.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is not limited to Amazon sellers, but is a really great resource for information regarding online marketplaces. Discussions vary and every subject you could think of is at least touched upon. You can find discussions on search engine optimization, offline marketing, product reviews and a lot more.

The forum was established in 1997 and has since grown to over 1 million members from over 178 countries.

Besides member discussions, the forum features a ‘Learn’ section where you can read numerous blog posts and learn more about internet marketing in general.

Digital Point

Digital Point is another great resource do dig for discussions regarding all ecommerce subjects. It is a webmaster community, but it includes a forum with sections related to search engine optimization, payment processing discussions and ecommerce.

The community counts over 800,000 members and over 2,000,000 discussions on various subjects.


While not strictly a forum, EcommerceBytes is a great resource when it comes to learning about ecommerce in general as well as Amazon specific tips and tricks. The website, launched in 1999 as Auctionbytes by Steiner Associates, was renamed Ecommercebytes in 2011 as the scope of the coverage grew, turning it into a major source of news for ecommerce and online merchants.

The website is filled with blogs and other resources such as tools that will make your online marketplace life easier. The website does have a forum which easily makes the list because not only does it provide vast amounts of information but also its community is made up of active readers sharing their experiences and discussing all sorts of industry issues.

Facebook Groups

It was hard to determine which Facebook groups should make our shortlist simply because there are so many of them. That is why we decided to provide you with a shortlist of groups with the most members that are run by reputable and well-known Amazon Selling experts.

The Amazing Seller

Created and run by Scott Voelker, the creator of the Amazing Seller Podcast, the Amazing Seller Facebook group has 53,328 members at the time this guide was written. It is a great resource for information about various subjects. Make sure you search the page before asking any questions because the chances are many questions you have might have already been answered. The group includes a large number of seasoned Amazon sellers, Scott Voelker being one of them, so it can be said that the group is currently more geared towards the experienced seller. However, Scott’s podcast is also a great source of information and entrepreneurs just starting up should probably look into that for the basic information.

FBA Rockstars

This group is geared more towards those just starting up in the ecommerce world. The FBA Rockstars Facebook group has been created some two years ago and currently counts 42,230 members. The group was created by Charles ‘Chaz’ Leslie as a group of resellers to inspire each other to success, by sharing their experience and advice as well as to ask and answer questions. The group also links to Charles Leslie’s YouTube channel so if you prefer watching instead of reading, join 44,700+ subscribers.

Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Group

With 39,188 members, Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Group is growing significantly each month. The group was created three years ago by Greg Mercer, the creator of Jungle Scout. So, in addition to your regular questions about Amazon selling processes, tips and tricks, you can also ask questions about Jungle Scout.

We also have to give an honourable mention to the group, created by Jim Cockrum, an Amazon selling expert. The group has over 44,000 members and is created to connect online entrepreneurs and those who want to learn about selling on platforms such as Amazon or eBay.


We looked at what types of tools could be helpful to any seller, and picked some that would cover important aspects of your Amazon sales business. One of these aspects are your reputation, which is built through gathering positive customer reviews. Another important aspect is being able to keep up with the competition in terms of pricing. Having not only affordable prices but lower prices than your competition can increase the number of sales. With your sales growing, you need to keep up with the trends, staying on top of the stats. You should know what products and what brands  are in demand, and how fast you run out of stock in order to know how much and when to order new merchandise.

Feedback Express

This list starts with Feedback Express, a solution that takes care of the first important point we mentioned above: customer reviews. This tool is a sort of autopilot for feedback and product review requests. It will deliver messages to you when you receive positive feedback, and the deliveries can be triggered depending on your settings. It is a helpful tool for people looking to boost customer feedback and product reviews.


This tool made the list because of its ability to track price trends. Repricer Express will automatically keep your listings competitive, while at the same time providing Amazon Sellers and Amazon FBA sellers the ability to compete for Buy Box spots. This ensures that a larger number of buyers will see your products. Also, the tools allows you to follow the pricing of your products and their position compared to your competitors.


Along with feedback and your repricing tool to keep you competitive, you need something to keep you on top of your stats. You should keep track of the products and brands that sell, and a lot more. ManageByStats allows you to do just that. It will show you graphs of key data for seller accounts, brands, product lines, products and SKUs. You can also access and search transactions and customers, either by order ID, product, name, phone email address or any other relevant information. It will also keep track of your inventory and alert you when you need to order in new merchandise.

AMZ Scout

We always advise our readers to search for the market gaps, that niche segment that will allow them to exploit the demand and start their Amazon selling venture on the right foot. AMZ Scout is just the tool you were looking for. It provides you with sales statistics, it allows you to keep an eye on your competition and also enables you to track your sales history. There are several options it provides from revenue estimates, keyword explorer, trends viewer and ranking information. However, the tool is not free and the three versions can be purchase on a monthly or a yearly basis. The monthly price ranges from $19,99 for the Basic version, $29.99 for the Start version and $39,99 for the Business version. On a yearly basis the three packs costs $119.99 (basic), $179.99 (Start) and $239.99 (Business).

Amazon Movers & Shakers

While this is not exactly a tool, Amazon’s own Movers & Shakers section is a great way of tracking trends and biggest gainers in sales. The list is updated hourly and you can focus on a specific region by changing the country preferences of the website.


The website is a free tool that tracks Amazon prices in a simple and efficient way. Registration is free and you can use the Keepa extension with your browser to track best seller lists, review product information, track the list of top sellers. In addition, the data tab provides you with extensive product details, with all variations of the product as well as listing offers.

Sourcing Merchandise to Sell on Amazon

With all the information resources and tools, one needs what is probably the most important thing to ensure a healthy profit margin. Without cheap but quality merchandise, staying competitive in online markets is almost impossible as prices of single items on platforms like Amazon or eBay are nearing wholesale. To tackle the price issue, you must look elsewhere and liquidation companies are probably the best source to look at.

However, it has to be stressed that you should not jump to purchase any pallets of liquidated merchandise from any liquidation company you come across. Buying only from reputable sources drastically lowers your chances of hitting a bad batch of merchandise and, on the other hand, increases your chances of a healthy profit on resale.

While a large portion of liquidated merchandise is sold ‘as is’ without being tested prior to listing, reputable liquidation companies strike deals with manufacturers and retailers that require a certain level of merchandise quality prior to being listed. Yes, you will find merchandise that has also been tested and is not working, but a reputable liquidator will always provide you with information on each pallet in a manifest showing you the condition, the type and the quantity of merchandise.

What’s more, Walmart has opened a storefront at Direct Liquidation and is using this platform to boost its online reach.

This guide is a shortened version of resources, websites, forums, Facebook groups and tools to help you on your way to a successful online resale business. However, we urge you to keep exploring to find what suits you and what works best for you. Good luck!

Further Reading

While our list includes only a few resources we believe will be of significant help, there are various sources online you can look into for information, advice and knowledge about selling on Amazon. These include forums, websites and Facebook groups, where you might seek advice or pick the brains of professionals and other peers. Amazon itself is doing a lot to provide their clients and affiliates as much information as possible, and using their resources can be of great help in identifying new trends, items that sell currently and that are popular during a specific season. So, here are some more websites to visit:

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