How To Buy Liquidated Pallets And Customer Returns From Big-Name Retail Stores

Every year, big-name retailers across the United States are faced with a never-ending logistical headache. As each year, with its various seasons and holidays rolls, by, what’s left behind is a vast ocean of customer returns, overstock and closeouts the retailers must dispose of as smoothly and efficiently as they can to avoid clogging up their stores and warehouses and ultimately disrupting their supply chains.

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Hundreds of thousands of items, from faulty electrical goods, unwanted gifts, seasonal leftovers and so-called ‘buyer’s remorse’ returns end up back in the hands of retailers, taking up space the big-name retailers would prefer to use to house new merchandise.

Not being discounters, second-hand stores or repair stores, what do the big-name retailers do with all this stuff? The answer is they turn to top-tier liquidators who provide them with online liquidation sales platforms through which the big-name retailers can sell through all their unwanted customer returns, closeouts and overstock direct to retailers.

In the case of Direct Liquidation, that means merchandise coming direct from some of the country’s biggest retail namesAmazon, Walmart, Lowe’s Hardware and Target.

What Direct Liquidation Has To Offer Your Business

Thanks to the partnerships Direct Liquidation has established with some of the country’s largest and most successful retail names, you’ll find a huge range of goods on offer on Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform for prices you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Take a look at the Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon and Target landing pages and you’ll discover a world of choice covering pretty much every aspect of retail. You’ll find Amazon selling goods such as consumer electronics, books, wholesale laptops, clothing, outdoor and garden accessories and furniture, office supplies, food and much, much more.

On Walmart’s and Target’s landing pages, you’ll find merchandise like the latest electronic gadgets such as iPhones, Galaxy Tabs, games consoles and games, Walmart computer monitors, automotive tools and supplies, furniture, sporting goods and Sky Rocket toys.

And not to be outdone, over on the Lowe’s landing page, you’ll find the US’s second biggest home improvement retailer offering pallets of merchandise such as power tools, outdoor heaters and lighting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories, home décor and storage solutions.

Fire up Direct Liquidation’s partner landing pages and you’ll discover an Aladdin’s cave of merchandise to suit most types of businesses, and all being sold at prices well below MSRP value. No wonder so many companies are turning to liquidators such as Direct Liquidation when it comes to sourcing their stock.

Buying Liquidated Pallets And Customer Returns From Direct Liquidation

Buying pallets of liquidated stock such as Lowe’s customer returns couldn’t be easier. Most lots Direct Liquidation handles on behalf of its retail partners go up for auction. Live liquidation auctions take place on Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform on a daily basis, so there’s always something available to bid on.

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Once you’ve signed up for a free account using a valid reseller’s license and located a pallet of wholesale merchandise you fancy the look of, you can set up an email alert which will notify you when the pallet is about to go under the hammer. When it does, you can enter bids and if you’re the highest bidder, the pallet is yours.

Of course, not everybody has the time or the inclination to bid in auctions. If that applies to you, don’t worry. Most pallets Direct Liquidation sells on behalf of Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon and Target are also available to buy wholesale for a fixed price. If a pallet is available to buy for a fixed price, it will have a ‘Buy it Now’ button embedded on the lot’s page. Click on that button, pay the allotted price and the pallet is yours. And don’t worry, you’ll still be buying goods well below what they’re worth, so there’ll still be plenty of room to make a profit buying this way.

For the hagglers among you, there’s also the option to come to a negotiated price by approaching the liquidator with a figure of your own choosing. Direct Liquidation is only too happy to hear what their customers and potential customers have to offer. If they think the price offered is fair, that’s the price your business will pay. You may well find yourself getting an even better deal this way.

Shipping Your Purchases

Once you’ve bought a pallet of Walmart, Lowe’s, Target or Amazon wholesale merchandise from Direct Liquidation, you can either choose to arrange your own shipping, or you can let the liquidator take the strain. If you choose the latter option, you can work out your final costs by using the handy shipping calculator that accompanies each lot on Direct Liquidation’s site. Then it’s simply a matter of paying for goods and shipping while you let Direct Liquidation handle the logistics as they whisk your purchases to an address of your choosing in as swift a time as possible.

If you prefer to handle your own shipping, that’s no problem. Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers are conveniently located next to major highways, so your chosen courtier won’t have to go hunting around back alleys and out-of-town trading areas for hours, thus cutting down on fuel costs.

Direct Liquidation’s distribution centers are also situated close to their partners’ warehouses. This means turnaround times from warehouse to distribution center are kept to the bare minimum. Your goods will be available to pick up or dispatch in as fast a time as possible, meaning they’ll be in your hands and ready to sell in no time at all.

Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers can be found in Blacksburg, South Carolina, Bentonville, Arkansas, Rogers, Arkansas, Greenfield, Indiana, Frankfort, Kentucky and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Buying merchandise wholesale from a trusted, top-tier liquidator such as Direct Liquidation is the best way to ensure your business has a steady flow of top-quality stock on hand as and when required for a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re on the hunt for liquidated pallets and customer returns from some of the biggest names in US retail, look no further than Direct Liquidation.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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