Where to Buy Used Computers Wholesale Online?

If you are in the resale business you must know that there are some products that don’t need much advertisement. However, you should also know that such markets are often tightly contested and staying afloat, let alone getting to the top, is an achievement.

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The electronics market is certainly one of the markets that get the most attention, and electronic gadgets don’t need much marketing effort put into them. Even used items have their place. But the computers market is also hard to get into and hard to be successful in, unless you know what you are doing, or to put it this way, unless you know where to buy.

This article will look into potential sources and methods you could purchase used computers wholesale online and turn a profit by reselling them.

Sourcing Used Computers Online

While brand new computers may have the upper hand when it comes to appeal, there are still people that don’t need that much computing power in their day to day use. This is why the used computers market has potential. With the pace at which the technology is developing, a computer that was new yesterday will already be a bit old in a couple of months. This leaves behind a large amount of computers that have a lot of firepower but because the updates are coming in fast and because some people have to have the latest and greatest, you can buy used.

However, no matter if you are buying used computers wholesale online for personal use, or resale, price and quality are important determining factors. Getting them for the lowest prices possible without compromising the quality is essential. So, in order to buy wholesale, you should try finding a wholesale supplier that can deliver the merchandise you need.

Buying wholesale is the way to go, the issue at hand is which sort of wholesale supplier is the right one for you. You can have a look at traditional wholesale suppliers or liquidators. In both cases you will be able to buy pallets of used computers. However, there is one essential difference: price.

The price difference is the result of the way both wholesalers and liquidators operate. Wholesale suppliers buy merchandise that they sell on with a markup. While liquidation companies purchase a large portion of the merchandise you can find on their liquidation websites, you will notice that there is a large portion of merchandise advertised by retailers such as Walmart or even Amazon. This is due to the fact that liquidators are exploring a new business avenue that allows them to serve as a platform for retailers to liquidate wholesale electronics, and other merchandise.

So, when it comes to finding a wholesale supplier, liquidation platforms could be your best option. We will look further into the advantages of this method over any other, especially if you are looking to buy used computers to resell.

Buying Used Computers Wholesale With Liquidation Platforms

Over the recent years, retailers have opted to use liquidation websites to liquidate overstock pallets or merchandise returned by the customers. This way, the end customers, smaller buyers, benefit from avoiding the purchase through a wholesale supplier that would actually buy the same merchandise and sell it on to you for a profit. Buying through liquidation platforms eliminates the wholesaler’s markup and leaves you with a larger profit margin.

On the other hand, reputable liquidators have distribution networks in the United States and Canada and can ship merchandise from various parts of the country. Additionally, retailers that use liquidation platforms also have their own established distribution centers. When it comes to delivery and overall procurement costs, you can look to buy from the centers nearest to you to keep the delivery costs low, or eliminate them completely.

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One more benefit is the fact that retailers such as Walmart, or Amazon have a huge throughput so you are not really running the risk of ever ending up without stock.

And to cap off the advantages, quality is another aspect you have to look at. Usually, when wholesalers snap up liquidated merchandise they cherry pick the best items to resell individually. There is no cherry picking if you are buying through liquidation auction sites because the items are sold ‘as is’ and shipped directly by the retailers for the most part.

But, hearing liquidation, you might think that there is no quality in there. Usually, liquidators dealt with used, malfunctioning and scrap items, but things have changed recently. Retailers themselves now have dedicated departments that deal with shelf pulls, and customer returns.

Once a product is returned, it goes through a review process. If an item is repairable it will go through a refurbishment process and be brought to its original condition. This means that buying Amazon return pallets through tech liquidators is a great way to ensure you are buying quality used merchandise.

But, you may now ask yourself, how do I know I’m getting the refurbished computers, shelf pulls, overstock or customer returns that have been returned in their original packaging unopened? There is a simple answer to this question. With the reputation that both retailers and liquidators have to look after, making sure the customers are satisfied is the top priority.

Making sure you know what you are buying is on that list as well. When you find computer auctions website that you find interesting, you should always look for a manifest. This has a double benefit. First, a reputable liquidator will always have a manifest. If your source withholds any information, stay away from them.

The second benefit is the fact that a manifest is a packing list showing you the details about the pallet you are looking to buy. This includes product descriptions, information about the quantity, type as well as the product condition. You may want to familiarize yourself with the grading system, but in short, if you see as new, refurbished or grade A, you are pretty much safe when it comes to the purchase.

But, with the modularity of this sort of merchandise, and with some effort from your part (granted you know your way around computers), you may have a look at unsorted customer returns. These would include items that have not been reviewed by the retailers or liquidators. This is why these pallets can be bought for pennies on the dollar, but may include even brand new items in there that are worth more than you paid for the pallet. Additionally, you can combine parts and make sure that you bring back to life several units that can recover your investment. The remaining parts can be always sold individually.

In any case, buying used computers through liquidation websites, if done right, is a great way to make some cash and stay competitive in a tightly contested electronics market.

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