Finding The Cheapest Wholesale Suppliers Online

Running a retail business these days can be a very challenging but also very rewarding endeavor. Get things right, and you can soon go from running an online store in your spare room in your spare time to running a very profitable business taking orders from customers living all over the world.

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Of course, there are several things to get right if your business is to not just survive but thrive. These include making sure your business has top-quality goods for sale, having a steady supply of merchandise so you always have what your customers want at any given time, and having goods that are priced cheap enough to both attract the maximum numbers of customers while keeping both your competitors at bay and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

To achieve the above, it used to be a simple matter of finding a good local wholesale supplier who could sell your business good-quality wholesale merchandise at a low enough price. However, as wholesale prices have veered ever closer to retail prices, finding a reliable supply of cheap wholesale merchandise is getting harder and harder, and retailers must look elsewhere for the cheapest wholesale suppliers.

But where, exactly, is the best place to look for a wholesale supplier who can furnish your business with all the top-quality stock it requires at the cheapest possible price? The answer is to head online and take a look at what a top-tier liquidations company such as Direct Liquidation can do for your business.

Liquidators – Doing Wholesale Differently

So, what exactly is a top-tier liquidator? It’s quite simple. Unlike traditional wholesalers, liquidators work in partnership with some of the country’s best-known and biggest retailers. Liquidators operate online liquidation auction websites, and it is through these sites that the big-name retailers sell their unwanted surplus merchandise direct to businesses at a considerable discount.

Every year, the biggest retail companies in the United States end up with an enormous quantity of surplus stock they wish to dispose of quickly so it does not clog up valuable space on their warehouse shelves. Retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart find themselves with millions of dollars’ worth of surplus merchandise every year for a number of reasons.

By far the biggest source of surplus wholesale liquidation merchandise is returned products. Customers return products for a variety of reasons ranging from the products being damaged, the products not working, or the products being returned simply because customers have changed their minds. No longer able to sell these returned products as new – despite the fact many of them are new – the retailers look to dispose of them quickly as they are not discounters and to sell these products second hand would be to take up store space that the retailer requires for new, more profitable products.

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As well as returns, big-name retailers also need to dispose of their unwanted overstock and closeouts. Overstock is usually seasonal merchandise that retailers want to dispose of after each season ends, as well as merchandise retailers have over-ordered. Closeouts is stock that usually comes from a closing store.

All of these types of merchandise need to be disposed of quickly, and that’s why the big-name retailers partner up with liquidation wholesalers who handle the sale of this unwanted surplus merchandise on the retailers’ behalf.

A Great Range Of Products

On a liquidator’s online liquidation auction platform, you’ll find a huge range of liquidated goods wholesale that will satisfy the needs of the majority of reselling businesses. On Direct Liquidation’s site, for example, you’ll find goods for sale by the box load, the pallet or the truckload in the following categories:

Automotive, Baby, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Fixed Assets, Food, Furniture, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Industrial Supplies, Jewelry, Office, Party & Occasions, Patio & Garden, Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Toys, Unsorted.

In addition to this comprehensive list of categories, Direct Liquidation has vendor landing pages for its major retailer partners – Walmart, Lowe’s Hardware, Target and Amazon. This means you’ll find a huge range of brand name goods available to buy from these retailers from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, LEGO, Apple, Black & Decker, DeWalt and many more. You’ll also find popular own brand products such as Walmart’s popular Mainstays and Blackweb electronics ranges.

And because disposing of surplus wholesale merchandise is a year-round operation, there is always new product arriving on an online liquidation marketplace on a daily basis, meaning whenever your business needs to stock up, a liquidator can be relied upon to have what your business needs as and when it needs it.

The Cheapest Wholesale Suppliers

In an era of rising wholesale prices where profits are shrinking to a worrying degree, it really is time to jump ship and seek out a wholesale supplier who can be relied upon to supply your business with all the top-quality stock it requires for a price that won’t break the bank. This means that you can offer your customers attractive prices while keeping competitors at bay, all while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Thanks to the partnerships liquidators form with some of the biggest names in US retail, you’ll find customer returns, closeouts and overstock pallets, box loads and truckloads to buy at auction – or for a fixed or negotiated price – at a fraction of its MSRP value. 

The retailers want to dispose of their surplus merchandise as quickly as they can to free up valuable warehouse space. For that reason, they’re willing to take a hit on what they expect to be paid for this merchandise. You simply won’t find lower prices than those on offer via an online liquidation marketplace.

It’s important in this day and age to find the cheapest, most reliable wholesale suppliers if your retail business is to stay afloat in what is a highly competitive market. To do so, you’ll need to head online and check out what a liquidator can offer your business. With a huge range of top-quality merchandise coming from some of the most respected manufacturers on the planet being sold at a price you simply won’t find elsewhere, we’re pretty confident you won’t be disappointed!

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