How to Make Money Buying Pallets of Consumer Electronics Returns for Resale

There’s no denying it – we’re living in a technological golden age. From smartphones and tablets to quadcopters and drones, we’re surrounded on all sides by fantastic tech that just gets better and better as every year passes by. So, where should businesses who are looking for a slice of this lucrative retail market look for competitively-priced wholesale electronics? The answer is an online liquidation marketplace; specifically, by buying pallets of customer returned consumer electronics.

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What Are Consumer Electronics Returns?

If you’re considering sourcing customer returned consumer electronics or refurbished electronics with the intent to resell them to the general public, an online liquidation marketplace such as the one operated by Direct Liquidation is the best place to source this type of merchandise.

So, what is an online liquidation marketplace, and why is it the best place to source wholesale consumer electronics returns? Well, it’s quite simple. Unlike other more traditional wholesalers, top-tier liquidation specialists such as Direct Liquidation team up with the country’s largest retail names, offering these giants of the industry space on their online liquidation marketplaces through which the big-name retailers can sell their unwanted returns direct to businesses like yours. This means the middle man has been cut out. You’ll have access to a fantastic range of products at prices you simply will not be offered were you to source them from an old-fashioned local wholesaler.

What are customer returned electronics exactly? Every year, the big-name retailers take back thousands of products from customers for a wide variety of reasons ranging from products being faulty or damaged, to the customers simply changing their minds. No longer legally classified as new, these quite often brand-new products are instead downgraded to ‘used’ status, meaning they’re of no interest to retailers who only sell new products.

The big-name retailers therefore look to offload these returns as quickly as they can. That’s where liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation step in, selling what are in many instances brand new electronics products on behalf of the retailers via live liquidation auctions to businesses looking to get their hands on the latest tech at knockdown prices.

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A Great Range Of Top Quality Products

When you buy merchandise wholesale from a top-tier liquidation specialist, you won’t just be buying from some of the biggest names in US retail, you’ll also be buying products made by some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers.

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On a liquidator’s online liquidation sales platform you’ll find consumer tech from leaders in their field such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Sony, Google and many, many more. You’ll find consumer electronics in a wide variety of conditions ranging from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’. This means you’ll be able to charge a range of attractive prices that will pique the interests of a wide variety of customers on a different number of budgets.

If you’re on the lookout for a great range of top-quality merchandise to buy wholesale, you should definitely take a look at what Direct Liquidation has to offer. They’ve partnered with giants such as Walmart, Target and Amazon, meaning you’ll find all the best brands at prices you simply won’t find elsewhere. All of this comes with the peace of mind of knowing you’re not buying cherry-picked pallets with a hefty wholesaler premium placed on them, just all the best merchandise coming straight from some of the biggest retail names in the country.

Making Money From Your Liquidation Purchases

So, how can you make money from the top-quality products you buy from Direct Liquidation?

First of all, bring your skills to bear on your business. If, for example, you’re a dab hand at repairs, you can not only offer this as a secondary service to customers, but you can also use your skills to bring the ‘tested-not-working’ products you might find in pallets of electronics bought from a liquidator back to fully-working order, thus increasing the amount of stock you have to sell and thus increasing your profits. Anything you can personally bring to a business that helps increase the chances of it making more money should be something you should focus on.

Depending on your budget, you may wish to start your own store, selling liquidated electronics face to face. Being behind the counter of your very own store is a great way of building up a rapport with potential and existing customers, and the prices you’ll be able to offer them will increase the chances your customers will come back for more. Of course, you’ll have to take overheads such as rent, taxes and bills into account, but luckily, you’ll reduce at least one of your costs by sourcing from a liquidator instead of from a more traditional wholesale source.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to renting a store, you can always check out what your local flea market has to offer you. The rents are usually attractively low, and combining that with the lower prices you can offer your customers and the quality of the stock you’ll have on offer will increase the likelihood of making a handsome profit on the stock you buy from a liquidator.

If online selling is more your thing, then you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to setting up shop and selling to customers. There are, of course, the big boys such as Amazon and eBay, but you might also want to check out what smaller online store-hosting sites such as BigCommerce and Shopify have to offer. A lot of the smaller store-hosting sites offer attractive trial periods where no money needs to be handed over. This means you can give them a try without putting any of your own finances at risk, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

On top of setting up your online store on various platforms, you should also invest some time in your social media presence. Ignoring sites such as Instagram and Twitter in this day and age is basically ignoring free advertising, as millions of potential customers are there for the taking, and it only takes a bit of creative engagement for you to attract them towards your store. On top of this, Facebook offers targeted advertising for a reasonable price that will reach the exact sort of customers you want to reach. If you want to increase your customer base, you ignore social media at your peril nowadays.

By sourcing customer returned consumer electronics from an online liquidation specialist and then bringing your own expertise to bear, setting up the right sort of store, selling the best goods at the lowest prices and engaging with your customers, you’ll vastly increase your business’s likelihood of making money on the liquidated merchandise your business sells. Reselling wholesale merchandise is a great way of maximizing profits, so why not check out what a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation has to offer your business today? They’re looking forward to helping you grow your business.

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