Stock Your Online Business with Pallets of Surplus Electronics

If you are on the lookout for hot items to sell, wholesale electronics might be the next best thing you get into. Although this a highly-contested market, there are ways of earning some money by selling wholesale electronics piece by piece online through Amazon or eBay.

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Looking at the trends, smartphones and laptops are the top two products buyers are looking for. For you, this means procuring the hottest merchandise at the lowest prices to stay competitive and serve the trend. However, it has to be said that trends in the market nowadays seem to change on a daily basis, so this might not be as easy as it looks.

Finding the Right Market to Make Money Online

This is not just a matter of finding the top sought-after products for the cheapest prices to sell online. Sometimes it is worth looking at other market segments that might be less competitive in terms of sellers and very favorable in terms of demand.

Undersupplied niche markets are what you should be looking for. If you are sure you’d like to buy wholesale electronics to resell online, try researching the market segment by segment in order to understand the market dynamics. See whether there are products that are in high demand but where the supply is a bit short, and maybe you’ll find, for example that the wholesale car audio market is the right one for you.

Undersupplied markets have several benefits for someone who is looking to buy pallets of merchandise to resell online. First, you are entering a market that has a healthy demand for the product you are going to sell, it is only a matter of providing a competitive price and quality service. Additionally, the prices will not be as low as in some other, more competitive markets, as there is not as much downward pressure on them, lower number of competitors allows for the prices to stay above that cutthroat level.

In terms of running a business, undersupplied markets provide a safety net for someone who is just starting in the business. You are able to learn the ropes of the business, gather experience, build a customer base and apply the learned skills once you decide to upscale or move into a new market.

Taking advantage of this information is what will separate you from other sellers who buy wholesale electronics either because of an emotional connection to certain products or because that is the current trend. Following trends and emotional connections is not always a good thing, especially if you are looking to start an online business.

Sourcing Surplus Electronics for Your Online Business

Surplus electronics are a great way to start with an online resale business, but when looking for liquidation suppliers you have to make sure you are working with a reputable company. This will ensure you are getting high-quality products.

In addition, wholesale suppliers buy in large quantities from manufacturers and retailers directly and break up the merchandise in wholesale pallet lots in order to sell them to retailers or individual buyers. However, never buy a wholesale pallet without a full list of products contained inside.

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It is not unusual to buy a pallet of wholesale electronics that contain laptops, smartphones, accessories, with each and every being different. When selling to a specific market, you are looking to buy a wholesale pallet of maybe a single product or a group of products that are in high demand in a certain market.

You can work out deals with wholesale suppliers to deliver you specific products within a pallet. It has to be noted that the respect you build with a wholesale supplier can benefit both sides, you can get favorable deals, with maybe flexible payment terms, while the wholesaler gets a long-term customer.

An Even Cheaper Option: Buying Directly from Liquidators

As noted, wholesale suppliers buy merchandise directly from the manufacturers and retailers sell them in smaller quantities to other retailers and individual buyers for a profit. If they are making a profit, this means they must be sourcing the merchandise at prices below wholesale. One reason for this is the amount of merchandise they purchase, usually by the truckload. The other reason is the fact that they are buying merchandise being liquidated by large retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Target.

This may raise a number of questions, such as the quality of the merchandise but also the rationale behind buying liquidations and then selling them on. The answer is simple but has a few layers to it. First, retailers like Amazon have a huge throughput of merchandise, and a significant portion of it ends up returning. Amazon return pallets are handled by dedicated departments that receive the merchandise, review it, refurbish if needed and repackage it making it ready for sale. Traditionally, wholesalers would turn up and buy such merchandise by a truckload, sort it the way they think fits and sell it on with a markup.

However, over recent years, retailers have found ways to run wholesale liquidation without having to deal with wholesalers, and this is by using liquidation websites. Usually, these websites put up the whole Amazon pallet program on auction and the merchandise was sold to the highest bidder. Nowadays you are able to buy merchandise for a fixed price, without bidding. So if you are looking for wholesale electronics, at prices below wholesale, liquidation platforms are the perfect place to look.

Liquidation platforms combine the best of all worlds. You are getting top tier products at prices below wholesale and you don’t have to worry about the contents of a pallet since you can choose your products and buy pallets of one surplus product type. This is made possible through the information provided to you by the retailers and the liquidator in a packing list known as the manifest. This document provides you with all the information about the products contained within a pallet including the quality of the products. This way you can buy only the products of the highest available quality which will not only allow you to stay competitive in a market in terms of price, but also quality.

Following these steps will enable you to buy wholesale electronics at the cheapest prices, secure a healthy profit margin while staying competitive in a very attractive market. Everyone loves a nice gadget, especially if it is a bargain.

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