Why Buy Pallets Of Unsorted Customer Returns Online?

Buying wholesale merchandise and selling it to customers or to other businesses can be a very rewarding and very profitable way to make money. With the advent of online shopping, there have never been more opportunities to turn what for many starts out as a side hobby into a full-time business turning over considerable sums of money every year with customers from all over the world. The Internet really has changed the game.

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Of course, if you’re going to make the most of buying and selling wholesale merchandise, you’ll need to pinpoint the right wholesale supplier who can sell you good-quality products at a low enough price that there’s enough room to make a profit. Not so long ago, that usually meant sourcing from a local wholesale supplier. Unfortunately, the prices these types of supplier now charge have risen ever upwards, meaning that making money purchasing stock this way has become a lot more difficult.

So, with traditional sources ruled out, where exactly should you be looking for a reliable source of cheap wholesale merchandise you can make a profit from? One answer is to buy pallets of unsorted customer returns from a wholesale liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation.

What Is An Online Liquidation Specialist?

Unlike a traditional wholesaler who operates effectively as a middleman, top-tier liquidators work directly with some of the country’s biggest retail names, offering them dedicated vendor pages on their online liquidation marketplaces through which the retailers can sell their unwanted customer returns direct to resellers at a considerably lower price than they will find elsewhere.

So, what are customer returns and why do retailers need to work with liquidators to dispose of them? Well, it’s fairly simple. Every year, customers bring back (or send back) thousands and thousands of products to the big-name retailers for a variety of reasons ranging from products being found to be faulty to customers changing their minds about their purchases.

These returns would quickly mount up, taking up huge amounts of storage space that should be being used to house new products, were a solution not sought quickly. That solution is liquidators. The returns are bundled up into pallets and sold on the retailers’ behalf on liquidation websites. In this way, valuable store space is not being taken up, and businesses have the opportunity to get their hands on top-quality merchandise at prices they simply won’t find elsewhere.

What Is An Unsorted Pallet Of Customer Returns?

A lot of the pallets a liquidator sells on its retail partners’ behalf are sorted into categories such as wholesale electronics or liquidation furniture, for example. In the case of unsorted pallets of general merchandise, this is not the case. An unsorted pallet of returns arrives from a retailer and is sold ‘as is’. It will not have been touched by the liquidator before being put on sale, and will not come with a manifest, i.e. an itemized list of what’s inside the pallet plus a rundown of the condition of the merchandise inside.

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Unsorted liquidations pallets contain a mix of merchandise such as consumer electronics, homeware, clothing, etc., usually in a variety of conditions ranging from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’. Because there is no manifest, there is no way of knowing what’s in an unsorted pallet until it is bought via online liquidation auction, shipped, opened and sorted.

Why You Should Buy Pallets Of Unsorted Returns

So, what are the advantages of buying pallets of unsorted returns? Well, the principle advantage is cost. Because pallets of unsorted returns are a mixed bag of products in a variety of conditions, many buyers are wary of exactly what they’re going to get, and therefore prefer to buy pallets of returns that have been sorted into categories and inspected. This means pallets of unsorted returns are usually sold at a very, very low price, thus lowering the risk inherent in buying something without having any idea what’s in the pallet.

In practice, most unsorted liquidation wholesale pallets will contain a range of products in a variety of conditions. Typically, you’ll find products that are brand new, products that bear superficial or noticeable damage to either the products themselves or the boxes they come in and products that aren’t working or are beyond repair. This means, in a pallet of unsorted general merchandise, you’ll find products that can be sold at various price points depending on condition, as well as products that can be used for spares and repairs and products that are scrap.

The very low price you pay for a pallet of unsorted customer returns means you can sell the products found to be ‘as new’ at a higher price, the products found to be slightly or visibly damaged at a mid-range price and you might even be able to sell off the faulty or scrap products depending on what they are. This means that the overall prices you’ll be able to charge for the products in an unsorted pallet of returns will usually amount to more than what you paid for the pallet, meaning you’ll still usually make a profit sourcing merchandise this way.

There are risks to buying unsorted pallets of returns, of course. However, because the returns are coming from some of the country’s biggest retail names such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, those risks are lowered by the fact the retailers mainly deal in selling brand name goods and their own tried and trusted own brand products such as Mainstays and Blackweb.

This means you’re more likely to find products in a variety of conditions coming from manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, LEGO, Adidas, Black & Decker, Samsung and many more – high end names whose products can be sold for a higher price, thus lowering the risk that would otherwise be very high were you to source from a traditional wholesaler instead of a top-tier liquidator like Direct Liquidation.

Buying pallets of unsorted customer returns can be a great way for a business to get a mix of brand name and own brand general merchandise coming direct from some of the biggest names in US retail for an incredibly low price. If you’re interested in buying pallets of unsorted customer returns, you should look no further than an online liquidation marketplace.

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