Where to Buy Surplus Inventory Online? You Need Liquidation Auctions

Are you looking for surplus inventory for your online business? You may be considering purchasing from one the many traditional wholesale suppliers out there, but are these really the best places to source surplus inventory? The simple answer to that is no, especially at a time when the prices traditional wholesale sources charge are more likely to be nearer to retail prices, thus reducing the amount of profit a business can expect to make purchasing stock from them.

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So, if not a traditional wholesale source, where exactly should you go? The answer is to turn to wholesale online liquidation auctions, preferably held on the online liquidation marketplaces of top-tier liquidations specialists such as Direct Liquidation.

Sourcing Surplus Inventory From A Liquidator

What do we mean by the term ‘surplus inventory’? Well, in the case of a top-tier liquidation specialist, the term means customer returns, overstock and closeouts. However, these are no ordinary returns, overstock and closeouts.

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A top-tier liquidator such as Direct Liquidation works differently from a more traditional wholesaler in one very big way. Unlike those aforementioned wholesalers, a top-tier liquidation auction specialist works in tandem with some of the biggest retailers in the country, offering them space on their online liquidation marketplaces through which they can sell their unwanted returns, overstock and closeouts direct to businesses.

Here’s how it works. Every year, customers across the United States bring hundreds upon hundreds of products back to the stores of the big-name national chains for a wide variety of reasons. Items are often returned when they are found to be faulty, for example. Others get taken back simply because they have some damage to the box – understandable at a time when damage to particular boxes, such as iPhone boxes can actually devalue a product’s resale value. Other products are brought back simply because customers change their minds.

Toss in overstocked products such as seasonal items that are out of season and products that are surplus to requirements thanks to a store closing (hence, ‘closeouts’), and these returns, overstock and closeouts soon become a mountain of unwanted wholesale merchandise the retailers must dispose of quickly.

But why not just resell these products? After all, the products brought back by customers who have changed their minds are, for all intents and purposes, brand new products. Well, that’s not what the law says. Despite often being brand new products, returns in particular are not legally classified as being so. They are instead downgraded to the status of ‘used’, whether that’s true or not.

So, with a mountain of stock classified as second hand plus overstocked products and closeouts, the big-name retailers are presented with a considerable logistical headache. No longer able to sell these products as new, they look to dispose of them quickly to free up valuable warehouse space for new products. That’s where top-tier wholesalers such as Direct Liquidation step in.

A liquidator works in partnership with the big-name retailers, offering them vendor pages on their online liquidation auctions marketplaces through which they can sell all this unwanted liquidation wholesale surplus inventory direct to businesses. And, best of all, because this is stock the retailers wish to dispose of as fast as possible, they’re willing to take quite a considerable hit on its value.

This means the goods you’ll find on an online liquidation marketplace are sold well below their MSRP value. You’ll get much larger margin of profit when it comes to reselling surplus inventory to customers.

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Buying From A Liquidation Auction

If you’re interested in buying surplus inventory from manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Black & Decker, BOSCH, Samsung, LG and many, many more world-famous brands, and own-branded products such as Blackweb electronics and the Mainstays brand, the best way to do it is to bid for a box, pallet or truckload of liquidated surplus inventory on an online liquidation marketplace.

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Let’s take Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform as an example. There you’ll find individual vendor landing pages for some of the giants of the retail industry – Amazon, Walmart, Target and Lowe’s Hardware. Depending on the size and the requirements of your business, you can bid for truckloads, pallets or even individual boxes of surplus inventory, such as Amazon return boxes.

Once you’ve identified a boxload, pallet or truckload of surplus inventory you’re interested in bidding for, all you’ll need to do is sign up for a free customer account. You’ll have to produce a valid resellers’ license, which is a mandatory requirement before you can start reselling surplus inventory. Once that’s out of the way, it’s simply a matter of bidding on a box, pallet or truckload and seeing if you’re the winner.

You can set up an email alert on any box, pallet or truckload of surplus inventory you’re interested in bidding on. This alert will notify you when the auction on the goods you’re interested in is about to start. Then it’s just a matter of entering bids up to a predetermined maximum and seeing if you’re the successful bidder.

If you are the liquidation auction winner, all you’ll need to do after that is pay for your box, pallet or truckload and arrange shipping. Don’t forget to check if it’s cheaper for the liquidator to handle the shipping than a third-party courier. In Direct Liquidation’s case, they have low-cost arrangements with preferred couriers. This means you might get even more savings passed on to you, and so it might well be cheaper to let them handle the logistics than letting a third party do it.

Where To Go For Surplus Inventory For Your Online Business

Direct Liquidation has a network of distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada. Located next to major highways and close to their partner retailers’ warehouses, these distribution centres are easily accessed by couriers. This will save on fuel costs when arranging shipping. Their proximity to Direct Liquidation’s retail partners means warehouse-to-distribution center turnaround time is very fast. Your goods will be ready to ship or collect straight from the center if you’re close by in as short a time as possible.

You’ll find Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Blacksburg, South Carolina, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Bentonville, Arkansas, Rogers, Arkansas, Greenfield, Indiana, Frankfort, Kentucky, Palmetto, Georgia.

If your business is on the lookout for surplus inventory, it’s time to make the switch. Traditional wholesale suppliers simply cannot offer the range of goods a top-tier wholesale liquidation specialist can offer, and they cannot compete on price. If you want to buy the very best surplus inventory at the best price, look no further than an online liquidation marketplace. Buying surplus inventory from liquidation auctions will transform the way you do business.

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